Bill get’s seduced into sex with another guy

Bill was one hot looking guy. Thick dark hair over a perpetually tanned face. Dark almost black eyes, aquiline nose, thin lips that easily smiled when he turned to look at you. A 26 years old, well built body, toned from many years of weight lifting for strength, not bulk. And lean from almost nonstop […]

Swingers Club” In New York

  For instance, last weekend, I went to the club and upon my arrival, I met a nice looking gentleman who works on Wall Street who wanted to spend a few hours in one of the Play Rooms. We had a few drinks, undressed and began to get it on. He was the type of […]

Unearthly story about sex

On awakening one dreary morning last winter, I felt more tired than when I had gone to bed the prior night. This lethargy continued for several days until I decided to see my doctor about it. Her comprehensive examination revealed no evident problem until she examined my penis. Her touch caused me to harden and […]

A threesome sex in a cab story – Fake Taxi story

The cab driver was only 23, and had been in this country for just sixteen months. He had emigrated from Russia, hoping for a chance to make it big in the USA. The young cab driver was trying to keep his eyes away from the rear view mirror, but the woman’s moaning made it difficult […]

Art Class

Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to Providencetown, I learned firsthand that often women can become pretty daring. While dancing, rotating my buns as I thread my way between the tables, I’ve had even the most prim-looking gray-haired ladies grope my crotch and go as far as to slip their nimble fingers […]

Amazons vs. MANROD

The pneumatic door slid open. His hard-on straining against his uniform trousers, Captain Hammer of the starship Patriarch strode through. Hammer was a massive man whose face seemed fixed in a permanent sneer of contempt. Hammer sauntered over to his king-sized bed, where a tiny six-year-old girl cowered. She was small and brown-skinned with her […]