Sex and Feet

It all started at a big campout with my parent’s friends’ families that they hold every year but luckily not too many families go so it isnt too crowded and is usually the same crowd of people every year so me and the other k**s basically grew up together. Since everybody knew each other I […]

Eva’s old clothes

Eva is a 20 year old girl, slim, small ‘A’ cup breasts and dirty blonde hair. When she was a little girl her parents had trouble getting her to wear clothes. Most of the time she’d struggle as they were forced on her then she’d tear them off as soon as she could. Eva finally […]

Night of Hope

We have all fantasized about being with that certain someone, but because they are so much younger, we never pursue it, feeling we’d be laughed at, and ultimately embarrassed. However, we continue to think about having sex with that younger girl or that younger guy, to the point of obsessing about how nice it would […]