A program that teaches teens about safe sex, the hard way

“I just don’t know what to do with Dickie,” said Mrs. Plymer. “I’m at my wits’ end.” “Don’t you fret, Mrs. Plymer,” said Mrs. Roberts. “You’ve come to the right place. We’ll solve your problem this afternoon.” “I just don’t see how,” said Mrs. Plymer. “Look at him sitting there, all sullen and rebellious. He […]

Allison is a he

I sat down at the only unoccupied table in the entire coffee shop. I like coming here even though it was always crowded. The coffee was good, the ambience was excellent, and people left me alone so I could read. “Hi. May I join you?” I looked up in the direction of the voice and […]

Your Wish – My Command

I met Samantha (Sam) in Jr High. We really hit it off, and soon we were going steady. Going steady meant that we’d sit together in the cafeteria and walk home from school together. After graduating from Jr High, we both took Driver’s Ed over the summer. When we passed, our parents drove us the […]

Wife places husband in a compromising situation to get his attention

Ramona was sick to death of anal, every night, anal, anal, anal. When she married Ralph, she knew he was a good salesman and proud of his persistence. But even he knew that you can’t sell every customer. She must have told him a thousand different ways by now that no matter what he said […]

Wife wants husband to eat her after he cums in her but he is reluctant

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Madge said. “I didn’t say it did,” said Everett. “But you don’t object to eating me out,” she said, “and you even seem to enjoy it.” “I wouldn’t put it that way,” he said. “To be honest, what I taste and smell down there are not pleasing to me. What […]