Drunken Beach Bash

Page was wedged tightly between her boyfriend, Roger, and one of his pals in the back seat of the jeep. The seat was made for two smallish people; with her petite frame, Page qualified, but the boys were former high school football players. Every bump down the dirt road to the isolated beach resulted in […]

The private orgy 2.

Beth West had never been so confused. The young housewife tried desperately to sort out all that was happening. After receiving a strange, anonymous invitation, she and her husband now found themselves with three other married couples in the parlor of a magnificent mansion watching a young “newlywed” couple make love on stage. The live […]

Barnes has a new boss and his wife wants him to ask for a raise

I was dressing to kill. My long blonde hair was brushed ’til it shone. I had sheer nylons covering my long, silky legs. The generous, rounded globes of my ass were encased in my very tight leather skirt and jiggled very nicely when I walked. Up above, my bulging tits were spilling out of a […]

Auntie’s home tuition 2.

Because uncle Robert went out and Silvia was tucked up in hospital due to her allergic reaction to her insect bite l had a bath and went to bed, but was woken by a hand around my cock, instinctively l thought it was Silvia and pushed myself backwards to feel a hard cock pressing against […]

A Night with a Craigslist tranny

Over the past few years, I had had several girlfriends but currently I wasn’t in a relationship, but my last one had let me fuck her anally, but she only let me do it if she was fucked up on cocaine. It didn’t last long but this experience had me thinking about gay sex, and […]