My Magical Lover

We sat out on the balcony looking at the people walking by on the sidewalk below. I was smoking a cigarette and lying in my lawn chair. “Anything else you need?” the little munchkin said sit- ting across from me, buttoning up his little pants. “Ummm…a real boyfriend?” I said sort of jokingly. “You big […]

Gladiator xxx

Thousand upon thousands of feet stomped on the ground above. Titan could picture the huge dust cloud that must be covering the landscape above as hundreds of men and women struggling to push against the tide entering the colosseum. The shouts of the crowd outside travel down into the pits below. Titan eyes the fresh […]

Tales of Green Fields

Hi, my name is Jessica Greenfield. You don’t believe me? Well, you’re right, I’m not going to tell you my real name. Maybe you’ve met me before or maybe you might meet me some day. And I really am quite shy – even though you probably won’t believe that after you’ve read my stories. Still, […]