Sinful Cyndi my little stepsis fucked hard
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Cyndi had been driving me crazy all week. My younger sister, I had to admit, was one of the sexiest women I had ever known, and she wasn’t modest about showing off her sexiness. She also wasn’t very modest about showing off her body, which was incredible. Cyndi’s tits were large and smoothly formed, some of the nicest tits I could imagine. And there wasn’t a time I could recall when I’d seen Cyndi’s breasts without firm, erect nipples. She was always turned on it seemed. I’d had plenty of time to see Cyndi’s nipples lately. Our parents were out of town for two weeks and Cyndi was taking advantage of her new freedom to be as immodest as possible. She pranced through the house with the skimpiest clothes possible, often just a T-shirt and panties, or one of her delightful little bikinis. Her boyfriend Rod had been spending nights over here. Cyndi and Rod shared my parents’ bedroom and I didn’t have any doubts about what went on in there. As a matter of fact, more than a few times I had watched them when they left the curtains open at night. My parents’ window was plainly visible from the balcony of my room, something I’d found out only recently, but something that gave me lots of entertainment since I’d come home for the summer. Now that my parents were away, I had to admit I much preferred watching my little sister. Those two were the kinkiest couple I’d seen in a long time.
They even rivaled me and Megan, though Megan and I did have a pretty wild time of it.
I called Cyndi my “little” sister, but I’m not quite sure why. She was only a year younger than me, eleven months, as a matter of fact and not a whole lot smaller. Her tits certainly weren’t “little” at all, and neither where those big sexy blue eyes-Mom’s eyes. But Cyndi’s sex drive was the biggest thing all about her. My little sister was the horniest slut I’d ever known, even hornier than her big brother!
I had left home to go to college just last September when Cyndi was a senior in high school and a virgin as far as I could tell. But since I’d come back for the summer, I’d come to realize that my little sister wasn’t anything like a virgin, nowadays. On the contrary, she was a much-fucked tramp! Not that I objected-especially since I could see through her window. And Cyndi wasn’t just a normal slut. She was kinky!
She liked it all ways, and some of them were quite enticing.
I’d watched Cyndi get it up the ass several times since our parents left. Rod seemed to love giving it to her that way and whenever they did it, the moans would have kept me awake even if I hadn’t been watching. She also liked it doggy-style. I’d watched Rod fuck Cyndi from behind more often than they’d done it face-to-face and that was quite often, to be sure. Cyndi also liked having Rod come on her face and her tits. She went wild with desire, rubbing the thick jizz all over her nipples and lips and covering her cheeks with it. She also really got into dressing up for him in leather and high heels most of the time, and once she’d even worn a dog-collar, just for effect, since they weren’t into bondage. And Cyndi wasn’t just kinky with Rod. She liked cheating, as well-she’d already had three other guys up to my parent’s room, and not just individually. Get this-she’d had two guys up there at one time! I didn’t wonder what they did in there! I knew!
Naturally, I had watched. At least, as much as I could. Steve and Al had gone up there together one night when Rod was working late-supposedly just to drink. But before long Cyndi was drunk and the two guys had her clothes off and were fucking her from both ends. Steve put his cock up Cyndi’s ass and Al entered her through her cunt-while Cyndi went crazy with pleasure! I could hear her moans and screams of ecstasy all the way downstairs-so I was duty-bound to watch her! I chuckled to myself as she went at it with them, giving them head, letting both of them eat her out, sharing her tits between them, the whole bit. If I’d had any doubts as to what a willing young vixen my little sister was, I gave them up that night. The sight of two cocks pounding into her had convinced me!
She’d also had Rod’s friend Doug up in my parent’s room, but she didn’t try to hide that fact. Doug didn’t have to drink with Cyndi to get her into bed. Cyndi came on to him, and before long they were fucking doggy-style. Cyndi really knew how to seduce a man, and Mom hadn’t raised her to let her talents go to waste.
Mostly, though, Cyndi fucked Rod. Every night, and usually in the afternoons. They liked to use the hot tub and the sauna, and sometimes the shower which joined our two rooms. In that big house, there were plenty of places to fuck, and they didn’t try to hide what they were doing. I’d stumbled upon them fucking in the window seat which overlooked the pool, in the garden, in the attic… they were a swing couple. And Cyndi wasn’t just kinky with Rod. She was plenty kinky on her own. After all, she had only met Rod a month ago, and she had several months before that to try out her newfound lack of virginity.
She kept a little diary of her lovers, which I’d peeked in to once or twice. I felt like a sneak thief, but my little sister fascinated me so much I just couldn’t keep myself away!
And Cyndi’s room was a veritable treasure chest of pleasure.
Cyndi liked dildos-I’d found an assortment of them, all enormous, under her pillow. Along with a cache of skin mags, both men and women.
They were all very explicit, showing everything. More of the magazines had women in them. I guessed that Cyndi was bi. The thought of Cyndi looking over those magazines and playing with herself till she came was almost too much for me. It made my cock throb to fuck her. And Cyndi also had a vibrator, nice big one with ten speeds. It plugged into the wall socket, so she wouldn’t have to worry about running out of batteries when she most needed her fuck. She hid the vibrator in her top drawer, buried under her sexiest underwear. Cyndi’s panties and bras simply made her drool. She had tight, lacy panties that hid absolutely nothing, and tight demi-bras with under-wire that pushed her tits up and together, accenting her tits deliciously. Even more interesting were her garter belts and fishnet stockings, which she wore when she was really going out to get fucked. I’d seen all these things on Cyndi, when I spied on her as she dressed. But more often when she showed them off, bounding through the house with her cavalier attitude about nudity.
My parents were very liberal and didn’t try to hide their kids’ bodies from each other-but Cyndi was ridiculous! I didn’t doubt for a second that she was something of an exhibitionist-it was plain from the way she reacted that she enjoyed showing off her body to her big brother.
Cyndi’s favorite sleeping attire was panties and a tank top-sometimes an oversized dress shirt-and she always made it a point to come out and say goodnight to me, with her arms at her sides so I could admire her tits and legs. And of course she always gave me a goodnight kiss.
Cyndi and I were very close-we always had been. I didn’t mind if she wanted to prance around the house with no clothes on. I was more than willing to help her satisfy her exhibitionist urges by watching her.
But I wasn’t about to come on to my own sister!
Of course, Cyndi and I were very physical. She hugged everyone a lot, but especially me. And she always told me everything-well, almost everything. When she’d finally lost her virginity, she had called me up at college and talked to me about it, describing the whole thing in intimate detail. Complete with a description of her giving head. It made me so hot that I jerked off immediately after hanging up. Cyndi must have known what kind of an effect she had on me. When she kissed me with those pert lips of hers-a chaste sisterly kiss, to be sure, I felt a surge of hormones go through my body and before long my cock would be standing on edge. We always trade gossip and stories-and hers were invariably sexual. Cyndi never ceased to astonish me with her horniness, or with what a slut she could be!
But then again, she always did outrageous things. And I got the biggest surprise of my life the day that Rod left to visit his own sister for a weekend. Mom and Dad would be gone for another week, so Rod had taken off from his busy schedule of boning Cyndi to go out of town.
Cyndi was spending the day out by the pool, stretched out in one of her incredibly tiny bikinis. The thing was so revealing that Cyndi might as well have been nude, though if she was, I might not have been able to control myself! She lay on a towel by the pool lawn with her legs slightly spread and her arms lifted so that her tits stretched nicely through the bikini. I was out on the deck, which overlooked the pool.
Cyndi didn’t know I was watching her, but I wasn’t exactly hiding.
Cyndi’s body was so incredible that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and that bikini didn’t hurt! The top came low into her cleavage and was very skimpy on the sides, so that the smooth, curved sides of her breasts were plainly visible and quite admirable. The bikini bottoms were tight and french-cut, tucked high up between the cheeks of her ass. Her buttocks were the most gorgeous I had ever seen. Cyndi’s ass was nicer than that of any girls I’d ever fucked, even at college.
Megan had a nice ass, to be sure, and it looked incredibly sexy curved around my cock when we fucked doggy style like Rod and Cyndi, but there was something special about my sister’s ass, something incredibly enticing. Maybe she just liked to show off, even more than Megan, which was difficult. Megan wasn’t quite the exhibitionist Cyndi was, but I’d seen both girls naked more than enough to know that neither one was very shy when it came to their bodies-especially their asses!
One of the things that turned me on most about Cyndi’s ass was that I’d never fucked Megan that way. I had been going out with Megan for six months now, and she was just not in to anal sex. I wanted her to try it-the girls I’d fucked like that had all loved it, but Meg kept refusing. Now Cyndi… she was a lot kinkier than that.
Cyndi came in periodically to get a glass of lemonade or something.
Every time she got up, I moved into the living room, where Dad’s expensive stereo was playing, and lay down on the couch with a magazine. I didn’t want to make it too obvious that I was watching Cyndi. After all, I had some morals to uphold here. When Cyndi got up, I slid into the living room and quickly put The Who on the record player. I reclined on the plush couch and picked up one of Cyndi’s Cosmopolitans. I breezed through it until I found a perfume ad with a sexy woman in her underwear. No wonder Cyndi was always so horny!
Cyndi came into the room, smiling and holding a glass of lemonade.
“What’s up, brother?” she asked flirtatiously.
“Not much,” I smiled back, making sure my gaze didn’t linger too long on her body. Now that she was up close, she looked even better. The outline of each nipple was plainly visible through the bikini. “Trying to hide from the summer heat,” I added.
“Why would you want to do that?” she asked. “It’s gorgeous out there!”
“Uh-huh,” I agreed, glancing at her.
“Would you like something to drink, Ian?”
“Hm… what’s the sudden burst of charity?”
Cyndi rolled her eyes. “God! I’m just being friendly!”
“All right,” I laughed. “I’d love something. How about an iced tea?”
“With lemon?”
Cyndi walked out of the room, and I got a delightful view of her ass as she did. When she came back in, she was smiling again. She set down the tea and sat on the side of the couch, right next to me. So that her gorgeous, smooth midriff was right next to my face. I inhaled her perfume deeply-the perfume she wore always turned me on. I could even smell it over the magazine.
Cyndi stretched a little, rubbing her side. It drove me crazy when she did that. “I’m getting so horny,” she giggled, “I can’t believe Rod’s going to be gone for another three days!”
I chuckled. “You’re getting horny, are you? Well Megan won’t be here until Tuesday!”
Cyndi pouted. “It’s not the same. You’re a man. You can satisfy your own desires.”
“Oh, right.”
Cyndi giggled. “Just teasing,” she sighed. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you?”
I began to turn red, but only a little. “Nah.”
“How’s it going between you and Megan?”
“Fit as a fiddle. She’s the sexiest girl I know… well, almost.”
“Almost?” grinned Cyndi. “Who’s sexier?”
“I won’t tell,” I said.
“Come on,” giggled my sister. “Come on, Ian. You can’t lie to your blood relatives. I’ll tickle you. I know where you’re ticklish.”
“That’s not fair,” I said. “I won’t tell. Tickle away.”
Cyndi leaned over and began to poke at my stomach. I burst into a wave of giggles, then reached out and grabbed for her. I accidentally touched her left tit and felt my cock give a surge. No more of that!
“Be nice,” I said as she collapsed, leaning against me heavily and laughing.
“All right,” she pouted. “Don’t tell me. I won’t tell Megan…”
“You bet you won’t!”
Cyndi put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. Then she kissed me, a friendly peck on the lips.
“I’m so glad you’re my brother,” she sighed. “I really love you.”
She giggled a little, then kissed me again. This time, her lips lingered on mine, and I felt them parting a little. Then I felt her tongue dancing against my lip, and she almost frenched me. Almost. She remained sisterly-at least on the outside. I noticed that her nipples were jutting quite erect through the damp swimsuit.
“I’m going crazy,” she sighed, as she pulled back. “I get really lonely without Rod to keep me warm at night. I’m glad I have you here to keep me company-want to go dancing tonight?”
“Sure,” I said. “I’ll get some champagne this afternoon.”
“That sounds like so much fun,” she sighed. “I love spending time with you, brother!”
“Great, Sis,” I said hoarsely. Cyndi got up from the couch.
“But I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself if we go out. There are so many cute guys out there. And I’m really getting horny. It must be tough without Megan!”
“Oh, it’s real tough,” I said. Cyndi giggled and playfully reached for my crotch.
Her palm landed square on my erect cock and she discovered how hard I was. “Why, Ian!” she giggled, without moving her hand. “You really are horny. Tsk, tsk. I should trust my brother.”
Cyndi squeezed my cock playfully, and a wave of pleasure ran through my body. I almost got up and pulled her back onto the couch to fuck her right there, but she was my sister! My face turned beet-red and I looked down.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, pouting again. Cyndi sat on the side of the couch and put her arms around me. She hugged me again and touched my lips with hers. “I’m just teasing you, Ian. I can be such a bitch sometimes!”
Cyndi slipped off of the couch and swayed toward the door, her ass luscious in those bikini-bottoms. I found myself panting heavily with relief as she left.
I almost pulled off my dong and jerked off right there. But I figured I should save myself for Megan. My girlfriend would be plenty horny when she got here on Tuesday.
When I was sure Cyndi was downstairs again, I moved out to the balcony with an issue of Playboy, rather than her Cosmo. I stretched out on the chaise lounge, watching my sister.
I reclined on the balcony, looking down at Cyndi as she basked in the sun. She usually sunbathed nude, though she always made a show of wearing a swimsuit out to the pool so I could admire her in it. Now, as I watched, Cyndi began to strip.
She sat up slowly, her face calm beneath her sunglasses, and began to untie the front of her bikini top. I watched, licking my lips, as Cyndi unfastened it and pulled the sweaty material away from her breasts. I held my breath, feeling my cock get hard in my tight shorts. Cyndi slipped out of her top and set it on the lawn next to her, then stretched in the sunlight so I could see her firm, coffee-colored tits.
Cyndi had a nice tan-she worked on it enough! Her nipples were still bright pink, especially when they were hard, so they contrasted nicely to her dark skin.
Cyndi sat up and began playing with her breasts, feeling them lightly with her fingertips. My cock gave a surge of energy as I watched her doing that-suddenly she pinched both nipples at once and then bit her lip. I gasped in desire-I couldn’t believe what was happening. My little sister was touching herself right in front of me!
I wondered if she knew I was watching. It wouldn’t stop her if she did, though she’d be hornier if she knew.
Cyndi smoothed back her sun-blonde hair and lay back down on the towel.
She tucked her hands under he ass and lifted it off the ground, pulling down her bikini bottoms.
I watched enraptured as Cyndi slipped her bikini down her shapely legs and over her feet. She set the bikini bottoms-which must have been damp from sweat and (maybe) other things-next to her top. Then she stretched out nude on the towel, her hands returning to her breasts.
Cyndi began to stroke her tits sensuously, caressing her hard nipples with her thumbs and making sure to give the rest of each breast ample attention. I had watched Cyndi play with herself many times, when she left her door open a crack, or when I managed to push it open, or when I’d spied through the hole in the wall I’d drilled between our two rooms. But it never had quite the effect that it had now! Now that Cyndi had come closer than ever before to coming on to me, I found she turned me on still more. I watched, my hand dropping to my cock, as Cyndi covered her breasts in tiny finger-strokes. As I eyed her, Cyndi’s hands slowly moved downward. She pinched her nipple with her thumb and forefinger. The other hand traveled slowly down past her breasts, across her smooth belly. Cyndi spread her fingers as she parted her legs slightly, lifting her ass and exposing her tawny pubic hair.
I breathed heavily as Cyndi spread her legs. I could just see the pink slit of her cunt. She bit her lip as she played with her tits and let her free hand drop closer to her pussy.
Then, as she slid her hand over it, her cunt disappeared from view. She covered her pussy with her palm, and her middle finger slowly extended its way. I felt my cock jerking as Cyndi’s spine slowly arched. Her finger disappeared into her tight young slit. Gradually, Cyndi began to ease it in and out.
I watched my little sister finger-fucking herself slowly, savoring each movement she made. Her spine arched and then fell, so that her ass lifted rhythmically off of the grass. She worked her finger faster as she got wetter-her finger moved quite easily in and out of her wet cunt. She must have been well lubricated… I wondered if I had anything to do with it. Cyndi’s hand moved in small circles over her breasts, playing with the nipples and occasionally pinching them as her finger slipped in and out of her cunt. Then, as she got more worked up, she extended a second finger and put that into her cunt too. It was harder for her to get both in. I could tell my little sister was very tight. She started finger-fucking herself with both fingers, picking up speed as she got hornier.
As I watched my sister’s gorgeous body jerking up and down with ecstasy, I unzipped my tight cutoffs and reached for my cock. I slowly peeled down the damp material of my underpants and exposed my prick. I curved my fingers around it and slowly began to work it up and down, concentrating on the motions of Cyndi’s hands in and out of her pussy and imagining my young sister giving me a hand-job. Cyndi must give great hand jobs, I thought. She had plenty of practice before she lost her virginity. Why didn’t I have her give me one while she was at it?
I grunted in pleasure, watching as Cyndi slowly rolled over. She got to her knees, bent over halfway. She was almost in the doggy-style position-hers and Rod’s favorite, as well as mine and Megan’s. I could see the pink slit of Cyndi’s cunt, it was plainly exposed between her white thighs. Cyndi’s fingers darted in and out of it as she leaned down, her ass still lifted but her tits and shoulders against the towel so that she could work with both hands. She turned a little, exposing one breast, and began to play with it with her free fingers. Her other hand stayed working on her cunt, getting her ever closer to her orgasm.
And Cyndi didn’t take long. Within minutes I knew she was going to cum from the way she was moving her body. I’d watched Cyndi get fucked often enough that I could tell when she was going to come. And that was now.
I dropped my cock out of my hands. It wouldn’t do to shoot my load before my sister came. I was on the very brink myself, my cock throbbing with a thick load of come. Ready to shoot into my sister’s cunt. Too bad she was all the way at the pool!
Cyndi’s head moved around in big circles, sending her luscious blonde hair dancing around. I saw her back arching and her ass jerking back and forth-she was going to come. Then I watched her body jerking and squirming and swaying in orgasm as my little sister had her incredible climax. It must have been incredible in that gorgeous body.
I just lay there watching Cyndi as she sprawled out on the towel, stroking herself with her cunt-covered fingers. She rubbed her tits with the hand she’d used on her cunt. I knew her nipples would now taste like her pussy, which I guessed was delicious. Slowly, Cyndi got up and climbed back into her swimsuit. Then she walked toward the house, bouncing with new energy in her stride.
I quickly got up and tucked away the magazine. I put Ravel’s Bolero on the stereo and reclined on the plush couch, panting and throbbing. My cock was so hard as I tucked it away I thought I’d go crazy, but Cyndi was about to come in the house. I breathed slowly, trying not to think of Cyndi’s gorgeous body. Cyndi came in the room, her swimsuit askew and sweaty.
“How’s it goin’, bro?” she asked in her most friendly manner as she came over and sat next to me again.
“Great,” I said nervously.
“It’s so gorgeous out there,” she sighed. “But it’s so hot!”
Cyndi reached up and stroked her cleavage with her hand. She pulled her fingers away dripping with sweat-she was indeed hot. She’d sweated up a storm masturbating out there, her tanned skin looked very sexy all slick with sweat. And I could smell her pungent sex-it made my cock stay quite hard as I talked to her.
“Yeah,” I said. “It is getting hot.”
“And I’m so horny! I just can’t stand to lay there without anyone! It’s driving me crazy!” she giggled. “What do you do when you can’t take your mind off sex?”
“Um… why, what do you want to do?”
Cyndi put her arms around my shoulders and hugged me. She held herself there, her tits pressing against my chest. She let her hand drift across my chest through my tight tank top. Cyndi stared into my eyes and sighed.
“What I want to do would be… bad.” She looked down sadly and then giggled a little. “Wouldn’t it?”
“Why,” I grinned. “What do you want to do?”
Cyndi playfully reached down and tweaked my cock again. This time I grunted in pleasure. She looked surprised but then laughed.
Cyndi got up, stroking my chest one more time briefly as she did. She looked down at me and smiled.
“I want to take a cold shower,” she said softly. She walked toward the door and paused.
Her ass looked curvaceous and beautiful the way she was standing. She smiled. “Or maybe a hot one!”
I gulped uncomfortably. I sat up on the couch.
“What do you think, Ian?”
“Take a hot one,” I said softly.
Cyndi smiled vaguely, then gave me her sexiest coy stare. She licked her lips suggestively. “All right,” she said. “I’ll take a hot one.”
She turned slowly and said, “I’ll leave the bathroom door open.”

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