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Submission to a Slut – spanking and squirting
By: Date: 2024.04.14. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

I knew that there was something on Shayla’s mind when we went out to
dinner that weekend. Two glasses of wine later, she began to tell me
what she had been thinking about. I knew that she had been backing
off from her dominance in our relationship, and she admitted it when I
pressed her to talk.

“I know it’s …

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Melanie the nasty schoolgirl
By: Date: 2024.02.15. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

Melanie was about 5’6″ tall with well proportioned,
gorgeous legs, dark hair and blue eyes, and milky white skin.
Her small but well-proportioned breasts made her very attractive
to most men as did her tight little buttocks over which she wore
tight skirts, jeans, and shorts.

One day, she was invited to a party and decided that she was
going …

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After a few minutes he was spent, and his balls drained
By: Date: 2024.02.06. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Sean felt a bit guilty of what he did. Both from
masturbating, and from spying on Sandra and Petra making
love, for which he appolgised the next morning to Sandra.
To get his mind of things, that weekend he bought himself a
car, and spent the weekend driving around in his
convertible, sight seeing. He drove up the coast on …

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An affair with sis 2.
By: Date: 2023.11.02. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Linda was a nympho because she was born to suck and fuck, Al knew. Nature had generously given her all the sexy equipment in abundance – ripely curved tits, juicy plump ass, stunning legs. And the hottest, wildest pussy he’d ever fucked in his life.
Urgent moans came from Linda’s lips as he fucked her dripping pussy with a quickening …

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Susan gets spanked for bouncing checks
By: Date: 2023.09.24. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , ,

Susan was prettier than usual that morning. Her
neatly-brushed silky blond hair just brushed her shoul-
ders with a slight wave. My downstairs neighbor had
dressed for comfort in running shorts, a tube top and
sandals. Her clothing hugged her lush figure tightly,
just as I wished I could.

She seemed preoccupied, however, as we shared
our customary cup of …

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A wife has to be ‘nice’ to her brother in-law
By: Date: 2023.09.20. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , ,

To understand my predicament you have to understand one
thing: I love my husband very, very much. I would do
anything to make him happy. We’ve been happily married
for six years. My husband, John, has his own business
and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job.

Ian has been abroad for the past three years. He was…

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Gabrielle’s Spanking (M/F, cons, spank, humil)
By: Date: 2022.11.15. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , ,

I rubbed my neck and glanced at Joy sitting next to me at the nurses station.
“What a night! IV’s, blood hangs, ICU emergencies, cranky patients. Joy, I am
sick of sick people!” Joy nodded in firm agreement, then a big smile lit up her
face. Uh oh, I thought, here it comes. Joy and I had been in more …

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