Swinging gone to the dogs 2.

Chapter One – The first day of the rest of our lives With Jenna and Amy both three months pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and Bella about to give birth any day, Tom, Max and I wound up intensely aroused with what seemed no outlet for our sexual frustrations. This became an even greater problem […]

Pro-football player likes the ladies, in this case a hot black cougar

Being a hotshot football player back in High School had its advantages. The advantages being all tha babes I wanted. Not that it always came easy. Sometimes it did. Girls my age – even College girls – would make a move on me before I even set my sights on them so it saved me […]

The beginning of my cuckold life

After 15 years of marriage I decided I didn’t want any more children so I have a vasectomy and at the same time I got diagnosed with high blood pressure. I then developed erectile dysfunction and couldn’t always have my weekly fuck with my wife. We started including sex toys to our relationship and I’m […]

Power to the Pussy

She had been working for the Deveraux family for more than a year now. She wasn’t enthusiastic about her position as their part-time nanny, but it was her way through college and she refused to be a stripper like some of the other girls in her classes, she couldn’t dance one bit; so she did […]

My First Time

I remember my first times each and every one of them. My first kiss, my first blow job given and the first time I was taken to bed. My first kiss was with Larry. Larry lived next door to me and we played with each other everyday when he lived there. We’d play hide and […]