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Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very hot black/white sex
By: Date: 2024.05.17. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , ,

This here a follow-up on me and that sweet white Maureen. I have
been seein Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very
hot black/white sex.

She just love my fat, black dick, and I can’t gets enough of her
hot white pussy. Some days we spends more time lickin and suckin
each other than actual fuckin.

Last …

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A teen girl meets an old black man
By: Date: 2024.02.07. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , ,

Sandy had just turned 21, but to look at her one would
think she was younger. She was a very pretty girl with a
nice figure and wore her hair in two blonde pigtails.
She had slight freckles on her cheeks with big blue eyes
that captivated the attention of everyone that saw her.
Small in stature at 5′-0″ and …

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Black Boss’s Big Boner
By: Date: 2024.01.26. Categories: Just Interracial Stories,Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , , ,

From the moment Tyrone McNeil laid eyes on the young
wife of his newest employee at the company party, his
mind had gone into overdrive to conjure up a plan to
nail Mike Melton’s beautiful wife. As Tyrone wasn’t the
kind of man that had women lining up to spread their
legs for him, he had to resort to cunning …

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Three blonde college girls have enjoyed alpha-bitch
By: Date: 2024.01.24. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

“Oh BA-by baby have you SEEN a-MY to-night?
IS she in the BATHroom? Is she SMOKin’ up, outside?”

I sang as I unpacked, my two cabin-mates joining in as we worked.
I loved this song, perhaps because I shared the name of the main
character. I nodded in time to the music, replaying the music
video in my mind as …

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First Meeting and the Basement
By: Date: 2024.01.21. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , ,

Let me begin by introducin’ myself: my name is Jefferson Daniel Atwater, everybody calls me JD. I’ve lived my entire twelve years right here in Centerville, Alabama. It’s a small town, the population is under 500. I live with my parents and two sisters: Daisy is sixteen, Rosie is ten… soon to be eleven. Things here in Centerville generally move …

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Ebony Confessions – The Black Experience
By: Date: 2024.01.20. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

I recently had sex with someone other than my husband for
the first time. What bothers me is that it was by far the most
exciting experience of my life.
I am a forty-year-old mother of two sons. I have been
married for nineteen years to a wonderful, caring and loving man.

Before we had children, Frank liked to take …

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Good luck at work and a birthday led to hot taboo sex
By: Date: 2024.01.18. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , , ,

A whole lot of good luck came showering down on my mom in one week, and some of it splattered onto me as well, making me feel very lucky and very happy. She went to work one Monday morning and by mid-afternoon she had in her possession a letter promoting her to a managerial position with a considerable hike in …

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Erotic interracial affair
By: Date: 2023.04.04. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , ,

Her husband’s e-mail arrived in mid-afternoon that
Monday, full of the usual. Some help with an unfamiliar
UNIX command and chatter about work, dinner and the
odds that he’d get soaked by a passing shower on his
way home. The last paragraph, though, was what really
caught her attention. “I’ve been wondering how many
licks it takes to get to …

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I witnessed a cuckolded husband
By: Date: 2023.02.09. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , ,

Recently, my wife and I attended a company event which has got me pondering about the experiences I encountered that night. We had a fantastic time at the country club, enjoying drinks, dancing, and mingling with friends and colleagues. During the night, I needed some fresh air and decided to step outside for a cigarette. As I was smoking, I …

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Swinging gone to the dogs 2.
By: Date: 2021.09.05. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Chapter One – The first day of the rest of our lives

With Jenna and Amy both three months pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and Bella about to give birth any

day, Tom, Max and I wound up intensely aroused with what seemed no outlet for our sexual frustrations. This became

an even greater problem when we spent sensual moments …

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