Jenny Becomes A Stripper

I like a lot of men, fantasize about my wife Jenny having sex with other men. She has a fantastic body. She is 5′ 5″, 115 lbs, Blonde just longer than shoulder length hair, very firm boobs, only 34 C and that is being generous. She is a very proportional 34-25-35 body. Jenny is 22 […]

Am I Dating My Sister?

Life can take you to some strange places. What I noticed are parallels. I was 19 years old, met a girl at a party, and we hooked up. Nothing grand, or romantic. She was cute, stacked, a little buzzed, and ready for fun. So was I, and fun was had. Three weeks later I got […]

Night at the Movies

This is something I’ve promised myself for God knows how long now. I’m 19 and I’ve never had sex, or had a serious girlfriend. I’ve never even seen a naked girl except in the magazines I’ve purchased but had to furtively throw in the bin before I reached home in case my rather austere mother […]