An affair with sis
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When Linda Collins woke up this sunny Friday morning, she was fit to be fucked.
There was a hot tingle in her lush tits, radiating all the way down to her juicy, silken ass. At twenty, the blonde’s sexy-hot curves were in their prime, and so was her tight, luscious cunt. Slipping on a robe, Linda made coffee and smoked a cigarette for breakfast, toying with the urge to finger-fuck herself right at the kitchen table.
It was nearly eleven by the kitchen clock. Linda thought about her husband, now at work. They’d fucked like wild minks last night, but she still felt achey and hot. They’d been married a year now, and, so far, the ripe young blonde hadn’t even cheated on him. She patted herself on the back for that.
But ever since she was a teenager and Linda discovered the delights of her hot pussy, there was only one man in town who could really satisfy her.
He was married now, too. Linda chewed her sultry lips as she thought about him. Then she picked up the phone, and called him at work.
“Listen, Al, I want you to come by on your lunch hour, okay? I gotta talk to you, it’s important.”
He paused and said okay.
Linda hung up the phone, her cunt beginning to throb fiercely in anticipation. Al had a hard-on on him that could be used for a battering ram. She’d lost her cherry to him, in fact, on the night of her birthday. Now that was a birthday present she would never forget!
She drew a hot bath and got in, soaking luxuriously. Linda lathered suds on her tawny tits, making herself shiver with excitement as she played with her hot, rosy nipples. She propped one silken leg along the rim of the tub and moaned softly as she traced her juicy cuntlips with her fingers.
Christ only knew how many times she’d finger-fucked herself, thinking about Al’s massive prick, about the times they’d sucked and fucked for hours, sex-crazed kids in heat. Even at that tender age, the sexy blonde was aware of a wild, uncontrollable fire in her blood. She never seemed to be able to get enough cock. Al had trained her beautifully, coming in thick torrents in her mouth until she learned to get her rocks off just from having a guy shoot his load in her throat.
Or up her gorgeous naked ass. Linda loved being fucked there, too. In fact, the maddeningly hot blonde loved being fucked anywhere.
Al had really spoiled her, the hung bastard. She would have married him, except for one thing.
He was her own brother.
Now Al was married to a nurse, a stacked brunette with proud tits and stunning legs. Linda had seen her in a bathing suit, and, although the young blonde never felt a desire to make it with girls, Linda couldn’t help feeling a wild curiosity about Al’s hot, sexy wife.
Just the thought of sucking on the brunette’s juicy tits sent shivers up Linda’s spine.
At twelve-fifteen, Al showed up. Smiling in his easy way, he still looked a little nervous and hesitant. They hadn’t fucked in over two years, not since Al got married.
She hugged him fiercely, feeling his huge cock throb against her belly. She could feel his resistance, too.
“You said it was important,” Al reminded her in the living room. “I’ve only got an hour for lunch, Linda.”
Taking a deep breath, the panting blonde slipped off her robe. Her wide blue eyes pleaded with him.
“I need it, Al,” she whispered. “I need it bad.”
The rugged warehouse worker felt his long cock pound in his pants like eight inches of burning steel. Would he ever find another hot piece of ass like his own kid sister? They’d put all that action behind them two years ago, when he’d married Sandy. It could only lead to trouble in the long run.
The trouble was that Linda was a nympho. Al figured her marrying a nice guy like Jim would eventually solve that. But, watching his sister tremble and stroke her luscious tits, Al knew she’d never be cured.
At the same moment Al opened his mouth to explain why he couldn’t fuck her, Linda dropped to her knees and expertly unzipped the fly of his jeans. She uncoiled his long hot prick and, with a whimper, she licked up the thick wad of jism oozing from the purple crown.
“Oh, shit,” groaned Al, knowing it was too late now. Once his feverish sister began one of her incredibly wild blowjobs, he couldn’t stop with her a whip.
The blonde screamed softly in her throat as she began sucking her brother’s enormous cock. She jerked the lower half of his boiling prick in her fist, thrilled at the surging power of his hot cock. She never forgot the first wild blowjob she gave Al on the night of her birthday. She’d almost choked on the gigantic torrent of jism spurting deep in her throat.
After that, she couldn’t get enough of his hot come, sucking his cock every chance she got in her fiery young lust.
Cupping her head in his hands, Al groaned and gently fucked her juicy mouth. Her tongue was like a whip of frantic excitement on his cock, swirling around the knob eagerly. No matter how many passionate girls he fucked, and Al had more than his share since taking his sister’s hot little cherry, no one had ever been able to turn him on like Linda.
Not even his sexy, gorgeous wife, Sandy.
“Oh, Sis, you beautiful little cocksucker!” gasped Al when the moaning blonde suddenly scraped her teeth gently across his blazing prick-head. His prick was vibrating massively in her mouth, and the prospect of his boiling cream shooting off explosively in her lips made Linda dizzy with obscene joy.
But Linda had given her brother enough blowjobs to know he wasn’t about to come yet. His colossal hard-on would swell bigger and hotter in her mouth with each passing minute, until she almost choked on the size.
Suddenly the panting blonde slipped his prick out of her mouth and held his cock upright in her fist, where his prick throbbed with savage power. She dipped her sexy lips down to his balls and licked feverishly at his hairy balls, showering kisses on them.
“Oh, baby, ah, Sis, you fucking angel!” groaned Al, shaking his head. There was pure magic in his sister’s luscious mouth. There was more where that came from too, in her frenzied wild cunt and tight boiling asshole.
After sucking on his balls for a minute and slowly jerking him off, Linda resumed her cock-sucking with frantic delight. Her pussy was growing hotter by the moment, cunt honey oozing down her tawny thighs. Linda resisted the urge to finger-fuck herself while she blew Al. Her brother always had enough to satisfy her in all three of his favorite places, her ripe mouth, her silky hot cunt and her plump, golden ass.
Al fucked his prick harder in her blazing mouth, feeling the knot of jism in his loins beginning to boil up. Getting sucked off by his sexy-hot nympho sister like this, with his pants and shorts pulled down just below his balls, was fantastically obscene and exciting. Any lust-crazed naked young blonde would have done the trick, but knowing it was his own kid sister made it a much hotter experience.
Once Linda sucked his prick into her mouth, it was like shoving his cock in a wet electric socket. As the young housewife moaned and sucked to an urgent rhythm, her juicy naked ass bouncing and weaving with her movements, Al had to get a grip on his wild thoughts. The consequences could be heavy for both of them, he realized.
They were both married now. Linda wasn’t the kind of fuck he could jump in for a quickie and then forget. She was a powerful habit, an obsession once she got rolling. His kid sister was pure California cunt, hot and tawny and insatiable, the kind he saw strolling in bikinis on the beach and fantasized about when he was fucking his own wife.
His sister’s husband was a close buddy of Al’s, too. The problem was that Jim didn’t even begin to suspect what Linda was really like. Jim knew she had fucked around before he married her, but what was unusual about that? In a small beach town like this he would have had to get down to the young teenagers and search hard before he found a genuine cherry.
Jim was unaware that his sexy young wife had lost her juicy hot cherry to her brother, and that they’d sucked and fucked almost nightly for the next two years, right beneath their parents’ noses.
Linda’s husband was also blissfully unaware that his gorgeous wife had fucked almost everything in pants in high school, including the principal and his son. Jim simply didn’t know his wife was an insatiable nympho with a profound hang up on her brother.
With her swollen tits heaving furiously, Linda sucked on Al’s prick with all the boiling suction her luscious lips could muster. The familiar, tangy taste of his cock excited her wildly, and she jerked the base of his prick in her fist rapidly to coax his thick come.
Jim had been twenty when he first shot off in his kid sister’s eager mouth. He’d never found a girl before or since that could blow him with the spine-tingling, ball-busting, savage excitement Linda could deliver with her blazing lips and hot, swirling tongue. Even his own wife, who wasn’t exactly a campfire girl when it came to a wild blow, couldn’t compare with Linda.
“Gonna come!” gasped Al, gripping her head tightly in his hands. He fucked her juicy mouth with sharp lunges while the kneeling blonde moaned with hot lust, jerking him off and tickling his hard balls as she worked her boiling lips with everything she had.
His fucking prick swelled hotter and grew rock-hard in her mouth. A moment later, Linda screamed in her throat when his first blazing gush flooded her mouth, followed by massive hot spurts of fuck-cream. She whipped her mouth in a frenzy of obscene joy on her brother’s bursting hard-on, gulping down the fiery stream eagerly. She loved the sticky hot fountain of Al’s jism gagging her throat and burning in her stomach. It brought back delicious, thrilling memories of long summer nights when she and Al had sucked and fucked for hours in her bed. Her big brother’s colossal cock was the most beautiful thing in the world to Linda.
No matter how many guys she went down on, and the sexy-hot blonde had lost count long ago, she would always be in love with Al’s long, thick prick.
He was still coming in lingering spurts in her mouth, surprised at his own lusty come-load. But he’d never had any trouble getting his cock up again and again with his own gorgeous sister. From the tips of her hot, lush nipples down to her golden-ripe ass, Linda reeked with passion. She was prime pussy, designed by nature for only one function, and whether she sucked him or fucked him, the tawny blonde got his rocks off with explosive pleasure.
Moaning, Linda milked his cock in her fist and sucked up every last molten drop. The taste of her brother’s pungent come always triggered a frenzy in Linda. His jism didn’t taste like any other guy’s come, not to her anyway. She used to love having Al tit-fuck her and spurt all over her heaving breasts so she could sensuously rub the sticky fuck-cream over her nipples and lewdly lick her fingertips. She finally slipped her lips away from his semi-stiff cock, lavishing a grateful kiss on his prick-knob. She didn’t actually have an orgasm when she went down on a hung stud like her brother, but it gave her a deep sense of satisfaction unlike anything else.
“How was I?” she asked eagerly, still working his cock with her fingers as she stood up. “Still the best, Al?”
Heaving for breath, he nodded.
“Better than Sandy?” Linda asked, rubbing his cock-head to her curly, golden cunt-hairs.
“I can’t lie about it,” Al grinned. “You give the greatest blowjob in the world, Sis.”
“Hurry up and strip,” Linda said in a husky whisper. “I’m hotter than a firecracker! My cunt feels like it’s gonna explode, honey!”
In for an inch, in for a mile, Al thought as he glanced at his watch. He would take a late lunch. That one frenzied blowjob had triggered an irresistible lust in his own blood. For two years he’d fucked his kid sister’s hot little pussy practically every night along with her sweet mouth and luscious ass. He hadn’t fucked Linda since he’d married Sandy, and he was anxious to see if his sister was still better in that department, too.
“God, that prick of yours turns me on,” moaned Linda, her eyes blazing as Al stripped. “Remember the first time you shoved it up my ass, in the shower, Al? It felt like a shotgun going off!”
“How come you’re so hot all of a sudden?” Al asked as he unbuttoned his shirt. “Isn’t Jim doing his duty?”
“Yeah, sure, he’s great,” Linda said, frowning. “I just can’t help it, Al. I guess I’m so used to different guys, to a lot of variety, that I’m horny.”
He stared at the naked blonde thoughtfully. “Have you been fucking around on Jim before this, Sis?”
“No, I swear it!” blurted Linda. “I’m not a tramp, Al. It’s just that when I gotta have it, I go crazy. And as long as I had to cheat, I thought of you.” She traced a fingertip along her trembling cunt-lips to make herself shiver. “I mean, it’s not really cheating, is it? After all, you’re my brother, so that’s different than cheating. It’s all in the family, right?”
“Yeah, sure,” Al said, cupping and gently squeezing her hot tits in his fingers. Linda Frenched him on the mouth and rubbed her dripping cunt urgently against his massive hard-on. An electric current passed between brother and sister like a tiny shock of lust. They both knew it wasn’t just a quickie. There was a deep, unbreakable bond that was forged the night he took Linda’s luscious cherry, and once they started fucking again, married or not, they would keep it up on a regular, lusty basis.
Linda tore her lips from his. “Oh, Jesus!” she gasped, shaking her head. “I want your hot prick so bad, Al, I hardly know where to shove it! Dog-style, so I can feel every fantastic inch, okay?”sisfuck
“Any way you want it,” Al said hoarsely. He watched the trembling blonde hunch her belly over the arm-rest of the living room sofa. Her naked, voluptuous ass jutted out, her rosy cunt-lips sucking eagerly beneath, framed by golden curls. Only Linda, his own madly hot little sister, had an ass like that, so sexy he could almost shoot his rocks off from looking at those plump, tawny cheeks.
“Fuck me, darling,” whimpered Linda, weaving her ass obscenely. She panted wildly, digging her nails into the sofa beneath her, holding her breath, waiting for that first thrilling fuck of raw cock deep in her tingling cunt.
He stood behind her, gripping her silky ass in his fingers, playing with her ass to tease her until she begged for his cock. Al guided his prick-knob into her sucking cunt-lips. He caught his breath instantly when Linda sent ripples of hot excitement through his prick, clamping her juicy cunt on it with lewd power.
“Oh God, Al, it’s so big and hot, so good!” wailed the naked blonde, shuddering from head to toe. “Nice and steady, like the old days, honey, ooooooo! Oh, Al, my pussy feels SO wild! Oh, honey, fuck me, lover, fuck me!”
Al didn’t need any coaxing. That first fiery thrill as he fucked his long cock in her tight cunt made him roll his eyes and grit his teeth. He’d almost forgotten what an incredibly hot, ball-tingling piece of ass his sister was.
“Ah, Sis, your wild little cunt!” gasped Al, beginning to fuck to a steady, relentless rhythm inside her boiling cunt-flesh. He squeezed the flesh of her satiny ass as he fucked his prick in deeper by cautious degrees. It wasn’t just that the lust-crazed blonde was tight. She had an exotic way of massaging his cock with her juicy pussy, sparking ripples like gentle shock waves through his prick and balls.

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