Brother returns home, gets drunk with his sister and the has sex with her

After over four years away from home, I finally returned to Pennsylvania. I was supposed to be in a friend’s wedding so that was really the only reason I come home after all the years I’d been away. Most of my family had moved away as well; all except my sister, who had just moved […]

A housekeeper finds more than one use for her vacuum

Billie felt the hand slide along her side and across her warm tummy to cup her breast. The hand played with her nipple for a few seconds, and then a rough, early morning, male voice said, “Honey, are you awake?” “Mmmph,” was all the reply she could manage. The hand squeezed her breast and the […]

Beth and Her Mom Break the Law

“Find anything?” Mom huffed. I turned quickly grabbing the older woman by a wrist, twisting it behind her back as I aggressively pushed her down on the table. “Who said you could move.” I barked. I was a little upset with her for moving from the line while also a little embarrassed that I forgot […]