My Brother Made Me a Cuckold

It all began when the doctor revealed that my wife wasn’t getting pregnant because of my low sperm count. “You don’t have enough sperm and what little there is just too weak,” the doctor said in a professional tone, as my wife and I took in the disastrous news. He then discussed the various options […]

A Night to Herself in London

She’d been working hard in the lead up to this night for month’s. It takes alot of planning and discipline to look and feel as good as she did as she began to prepare. The day had been spent exercising, fasting and hydrating. As she stepped into the shower after finally finishing cleaning herself out, […]

Escort Helping Hand

I received a call from a woman saying her name was Miyu. She explained her husband and her were checking out ads and saw my profile online. Her husband was turned on by my pics and was interested that night. I of course said yes. *** Calvin was older big guy with grey sprinkled in […]

Morning & Waking Dream

This one is titled “This Morning,” and says plenty I think even in just a short time. I wrote this in 1996. ….I woke this morning, with my hands on my cunt, and a longing to feel your hands covering mine. Urging me on to the climax that was building inside me almost out of […]

Mean Mom

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Susan demanded, crashing into her son’s bedroom. Frustration and resentment, both sexual and non sexual had festered all morning. Frank, her husband of almost twenty years, had fucked her that morning, and like so many times in the last years, left her unsatisfied. Now this- Timmy, their only […]

Swinging gone to the dogs 2.

Chapter One – The first day of the rest of our lives With Jenna and Amy both three months pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and Bella about to give birth any day, Tom, Max and I wound up intensely aroused with what seemed no outlet for our sexual frustrations. This became an even greater problem […]

Swinging gone to the dogs

Amy’s pussy was soaking wet from being eaten out by our three year old golden retriever, Bella. Usually, at this point, Bella’s pussy was also dripping with my cum and I was recouperating for round two with my beautiful, petite, dark-haired, blue eyed wife but this time was different. Tomorrow we were going to embark […]