Crazy Beauty

I’d known Alissa Violet for all of five minutes before she and I were making out in front of everyone at the party, carrying on like two love struck teenagers on the living room dance floor. To be fair, we were both as drunk as each other and acting on pure impulse, with me walking […]

Dream #1

My regiment had fought and died those days in early July, 1944. Yet when we finally entered Caen, tired half-starved people began to cheer. Not only that, a few brazen and obviously relieved civilians ventured forth and embraced and gave us hastily picked flowers. Many civilians were weeping, more were dazed from the fury of […]

My Sex Secret

I squinted my eyes at the evening sun poised outside the window. I rolled over and buried my face in the sofa cushions, wishing I didn’t have to wake up but knowing I’d be awake til three in the morning if I napped any more. I felt sticky in my tee-shirt and sweatpants and my […]

Nancy seduces friend for good sex

Nancy is my current squeeze’s ex-roommate from college. Nancy was a graduate student (30) while Karen was an undergrad (24). Many of Karen’s friends are bright, earthy, funny people but Nancy and I had a special bond between us. Being the same age we had gone through some of the same changes at the same […]

All the boys wanted to get into Penny’s pants

CHAPTER 1. THE GYM Penny wished that cheerleading practice would end. Her brother was coming home that afternoon on his first leave since joining the Army. She hadn’t seen him for six months and missed him a lot. She looked down at the court and saw that basketball practice was almost over. The boys were […]