Reuniting With daddy
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He was watching a movie in the basement, the flickering blue light making his face look a little alien. Mom had sent her out of the family room, she was having some sort of wine night with her friends. Daddy usually liked to be left alone on Mommy’s wine nights…something about estrogen levels being too high.

She knew he was a little grumpy today, but it had been so long since he paid attention to her. Her friends were at summer camp and she was bored and lonely. She came up to the couch and leaned against the back of it, idly scuffing her toes on the carpet. It was cooler in the basement, a welcome relief from the heat of the summer night upstairs, but she still shivered a little in her tank top and shorts.

“What?” His eyes didn’t leave the TV and she almost turned around and ran upstairs right then.

“Mommy told me I couldn’t sit with them.”

“So go watch netflix in your room or something.” He still hadn’t looked at her and she could feel the little bubble of courage in her chest pop.

“Okay daddy.” Her voice was quiet as she turned to go. He looked away from the TV then and sighed.

“What did you want Don Jacinto?”

“I just wanted to cuddle.” She turned to him hopefully, and he looked at her a minute, his face unreadable in the dim light of the TV.

“Fine, but close the door. Your mother and her friends are too loud.”

“Okay!” she said brightly, and scampered up the stairs to shut the basement door before running back down. She jumped over the back of the couch and snuggled down near his feet. He was sprawled across the couch, his big frame taking up the majority of the space.

She tried not to jostle as she got comfortable, he hated disruptions during movies. She watched the TV, it was a movie she had seen before and one of her favorite male actors was the lead. It was a historical action movie and the shirtless men running around on a battlefield was perfect eye candy. She had a feeling that wasn’t why her Daddy liked it, but she certainly wouldn’t object to the viewing material.

Once she settled in, the chill of the basement started to creep in and she shivered a little. She crossed her arms over her chest, the thin material of her top doing little to hide the pebbled peaks of her nipples.

“I thought you wanted to cuddle.” Daddy said, his eyes still on the TV.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you looked comfortable.”

“Come here.” Daddy held up the blanket for her and she hesitated for a moment. He was only wearing the shorts he had worn to the gym earlier. “Hurry up.” He still didn’t look at her but his tone broached no argument.

DJ crept over his legs and settled between them, trying not to jostle him too much. She sat a little stiffly and was just settling when he grabbed her arm and pulled her down in front of him, his arm curved around her chest and her butt settled right at his belly.

He pulled the blanket back over them and pulled her in tight to him, the hair on his forearm tickling her chest. His other hand settled on her stomach under the blanket.

His broad hand spread across the gap between her shorts and her tanktop and her stomach fluttered at the touch.

She tried to still her breathing and not move, focusing instead on the TV. The main actor was in battle and DJ felt her focus torn from the man behind her to the man on the screen. His muscles rippled as he did something cool with the sword. In another couple of minutes the battle was over and the next scene was him going into a tent and taking off his armor. DJ didn’t find it hard to focus on the screen as his torso was revealed and he started unlacing his pants, the tapered V of his abs glinting in the candlelight. DJ sighed and shifted her legs, her smooth ones, rubbing against Daddy’s hairy ones.

The character on screen was naked now and he was walking toward a busty brunette on a pile of furs. DJ couldn’t help but look enviously at the woman’s heaving bosom. She was sure THIS was more of the reason Daddy liked this movie. The woman kind of looked like DJ’s mom. All big boobs and and womanly curves.

Daddy probably couldn’t even feel DJ’s little boobs. His forearm lay directly across them, and while she was warmer now, cuddled up under the blanket, her nipples were still hard from the contact. The other girls her age were starting to fill out their bras, some of them looking like adult women, not girls. But DJ’s stayed stubbornly small. One of her friends told her that all the sports DJ played were the reason she wasn’t filling out much. DJ’s dad was the reason she played so many sports, he said she needed direction and discipline, not afternoons at the mall like the popular girls. But DJ wished she looked more like those girls and her mom. Her daddy obviously liked that.

He had been so obviously doting on her mom, taking her on dates and kissing her all over the house. DJ heard them at night, they didn’t seem to realize DJ could hear them. Her daddy made her mommy scream and she could hear some of the things he said to her when they had sex in the hottub outside DJ’s window. DJ’s daddy used to pay special attention to DJ. Her stomach rolled a little as she remembered the moments Daddy would pull her onto his lap, her mom in the next room as he whispered what a special, pretty girl she was while she felt him get hard under her. All the special ways daddy used to show her how daddy’s who REALLY loved their daughters showed them how special they were…

He used to pay so much attention to HER. And then…and then everything was ruined the day she got her period. She was a late bloomer, most of her friends had already gotten theirs. And worse, her mom had walked in the door after picking her up from school and just announced it to daddy. He had looked at her oddly before laughing with her mom about what a grown up she was. She had been furious with her mother, laughing about it with him as though she hadn’t just humiliated DJ. Ever since then, her daddy hadn’t touched her. He’d been so distant and he had paid so much special attention to DJ’s mommy. DJ couldn’t stand it. She hated being around both of them, preferring to spend time with mommy when daddy wasn’t around so she wouldn’t feel the surge of jealousy every time daddy slapped mommy’s ass or grabbed her for a kiss. He stopped coming to her room tonight, and she remembered the bitter tears she had cried the nights she heard him with mommy, knowing he wasn’t coming to kiss and hold her.

The woman on the screen was doing something to the man and DJ realized with a blush she was sucking his cock. This was definitely why daddy liked this movie.

The camera panned to the male actor’s face, and the tension in his arms as he pulled the woman up to him. DJ shifted her legs uncomfortably again, her legs running into daddy’s as she realized this was the closest they had been all summer.

“What, do you think he’s hot or something?” Daddy’s voice was low in her ear and she shivered at the closeness.

“Dad!” One of his legs looped over hers, pulling her tight into him and effectively trapping her against him.

“What?” It’s okay if you do, your mom thinks he’s hot.” DJ’s face flushed at the mention of her mother and she tried to squirm further away from him.

“Whatever, don’t be gross dad. He’s old.” Her father’s hand clenched into her belly and she squirmed even more.

“He’s old? He’s younger than I am, you know.” Her father’s voice sounded a little strange but DJ couldn’t turn to look at him.

“You and mom are old though.”

“Hm. And who would be more appropriate celebrity crush for you?” Her daddy’s hand was now moving against her stomach, running along the waistline of her shorts.

“I don’t know, maybe Nick Romero.”

“That little boy band twink?” Her father’s chuckle infuriated DJ. Who was HE to make fun of her?

“It’s not like I need a celebrity crush anyway. I have a real boyfriend.” DJ knew her defiance was an immediate mistake and she cursed internally as Daddy stilled behind her.

“Is that so?” Daddy’s voice had gone quieter, but she could still hear amusement there. “Your mother didn’t say anything about this.”

“Mom doesn’t know EVERYTHING about me.” DJ knew she sounded ridiculous but she couldn’t help continuing. “He asked me out last week. He’s the boy’s team captain for the club league I play in.”

“Oh?” Her father’s voice behind her sounded a little off but DJ continued, too caught up in the defiance of knowing a boy found her cute. Her father obviously didn’t want her, but Jake, handsome, tall, charming, Jake did. “I don’t know if I like the idea of you dating. I’m going to have to talk to your mother about this.”

“WHATEVER! Just because you don’t want me doesn’t mean other boys don’t!” DJ exploded and sat up, struggling to push his arm off her.

Daddy grabbed her and pulled her back down easily, shifting his body so he half lay looking down at her. She angrily refused to look at his face.

“Let me go! I hate you.”

“Shhhh, DJ, hold still!” He shifted his leg to hold her down and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Cute, do you think I don’t want you?” DJ wanted to crawl into the couch as she felt hot tears coming out of her eyes. She clenched her teeth defiantly.

“Answer the question DJ.”

“How can you even ask that? It’s obvious. You completely ignore me now, and all you can do is make out with Mommy and her big fake tits and fuck her in the hottub and all over the house. You know I can fucking HEAR you guys and it’s disgusting.” DJ tried furiously to blink her angry tears away. The hot burn of her father’s rejection not having eased over the summer one bit.

“Oh baby…” Her father shifted suddenly, sliding under her and cradling her body against him as he shifted the blanket back over them, the movie forgotten.

“It’s not that I don’t want you, it’s that I can’t… I just can’t anymore. It’s too dangerous baby.”

“Whatever,” she said stubbornly. “I bet Jake wants me. I bet he’d be happy if I do all those things I used to do for you for him.”

Before she could blink, daddy’s hand was under her chin, forcing her teary eyes to look at him. “Listen to me, DJ, you will NOT, allow that boy to touch you, do you understand me?”

DJ smiled a little, knowing her daddy was pissed. “I can do what I want.”

Her father sighed and released her chin. “Cute…Do you know why I had to stop playing with you? It’s too dangerous. I realized that day you got your first period how reckless I had been. Daddy was so caught up in you I didn’t stop to think about all the ways we could have been caught, or I could have seriously messed up your future.”

DJ was quiet as Daddy’s words sank in. “But you were ALL over Mommy.”

“I know baby, but I had to put all that energy somewhere, and seeing you by the pool all summer and walking around the house in these tiny fucking shorts was driving me insane.”


“You think I didn’t want to touch you?” Daddy’s voice was incredulous as he pulled her tighter to him and suddenly DJ could feel his penis against her side through his shorts, he was definitely hard. “You think I didn’t want to touch your silky skin? Or hold you on my lap? Or feel your perfect little breasts?” Daddy pulled the blanket away from her chest and tugged on her tanktop until her nipple and the swell of her breast was revealed.

“Look at how perfect you are, baby.”

“But Mommy’s breasts are big.” Daddy chuckled.

“Of course they are, she made me pay quite a lot for those. Her titties used to be your size, maybe a little bigger. And when she had you, I promised her she could get new tits if she breast fed you long enough for you to get nice and strong.”

“Don’t you like her…tits?” DJ was distracted by daddy’s hands on her breasts, his finger lightly running over the tip of her nipple.

“They’re big, and fake, and they make her look like those dumb country club barbies she hangs out with.”

“Oh.” Daddy pulled her in tight to him and she could feel his hips moving against her leg, his cock pressing into her.

“You baby, are perfect. Even your little cunny is perfect.”

“DAD.” DJ squirmed. “The girls at school say pussy. No one says….that word.” Daddy’s hand traveled down her belly to the waistband of her shorts and slipped between her legs, his hand covering her slit completely.

“And what would you and your friends be talking about for you to know so much about what the right term is?”

DJ, realized her mistake, her face flushing. “Just girl stuff,” she muttered, turning her face into daddy’s shoulder. One of his fingers traced a feather light line up the lips of her pussy.

“Why don’t you have any hair baby girl?” He pulled the blanket up and pulled her shorts down a little bit to expose her soft mound.

“Dad! Brittany said I had to get waxed during the summer or else my bikini wouldn’t look right.”

“Is that so? And did Brittany take you to get this wax?” DJ nodded into her dad’s shoulder. She could feel the air against her mound as Daddy resumed stroking her.

“Your hair was so light, baby. You didn’t need a wax yet.” DJ shrugged, staying silent.

“As to my word choice….I can call your little cunt whatever word I want. But cunny is appropriate for you, do you know why?”

DJ shook her head again as one of her father’s finger’s found the spot he knew she liked, just to the side of her clit, and pressed down. “There are a few reasons. Cunny, perfectly describes that perfect pink of your little hole. And, I love the sound of your voice when you say things like ‘my cunny missed you Daddy.” DJ blushed and pressed her face further into Daddy’s shoulder.

“Say that for me baby.” He rocked his finger against her, another finger pressing against her hole, the rough tip teasing around her entrance.


“That’s it baby.”

“My cunny missed you daddy.” DJ’s thighs squeezed against Daddy as he slowly pressed the tip of his finger into her, the pressure on her clit making her want to buck.

“Well baby, Daddy missed your little cunny too. And Daddy’s cock also missed your cunny. Can you feel that I’m hard, baby girl?”

DJ nodded, the heat of his erection pressing into her thigh. The light of the TV in the background was casting strange light against Daddy’s face as he turned her so her back was against him, “Cute, pull down your shorts for daddy, I want to feel your sweet little slit better.”

In a trance, DJ shimmied her shorts down. She could feel the fabric of Daddy’s shorts against her butt as she settled back into him. He pulled the blanket up over them and his hand found her breasts through her tanktop again. She felt him shift and then suddenly she felt him hot and hard, the skin of his bare cock pressing in between her legs.

“Do you feel how hard daddy is for you? Don’t ever question how badly I want you again. Watching you all summer and not touching you has been torture. And even though i knew that now that you have a period I could get you pregnant, the amount of times I wanted to fuck you anyway nearly killed me. Remembering your sweet cunny wrapped around daddy in the dark of your room, those soft little noises you made when you came on my cock…”

DJ squirmed as Daddy’s fingers found her clit again, his arms wrapped tightly around her as his hips worked against her, pressing barely against her hole and then sliding past again, teasing her.


“What baby, did you miss me too? Were you jealous Daddy’s cock wasn’t filling you up? Were you jealous of mommy?”

DJ nodded, the pressure of daddy’s finger against her clit and the slow tease of his cock sliding past her entrance were creating that agonizing build she had missed from Daddy’s special touches. “I know sweet girl, Mommy isn’t nearly as incredible as you are. And I know we both love her, but she can never know how much I think about my sweet girl whenever I have to fuck her old pussy.”

Daddy shifted behind her and suddenly the tip of his cock was pressing against her entrance. The thick head felt just as big as the first night he had taken her virginity, the slow press was agonizing as he rocked a finger against her clit.

“Oh my sweet baby girl, you’re just as tight as I remember. Your mommy’s pussy is nothing compared to yours.” DJ felt a flush of pride at his words, even as she squirmed at the sensation of his girth pressing into her. He always had to go so slow to work it in….his big frame dwarfed her normally and she was never more aware of it than when he was slowly working his cock into her.

“Daddy…” she gasped.

“Oh baby girl, Daddy needed this.” The growl of his words covered her gasp as he thrust into her sharply, his unusually harsh thrust making her squirm away from him, but his arms caught her and held her against him, his thickness deep inside her.

“I’m sorry baby, I lost control for a minute, I know it takes you a minute to get used to Daddy, I just couldn’t hold back, you feel so good baby, I’ll make it better.”

Daddy pulled her face around to him and kissed her, shifting his finger against her clit again until he felt her squeeze around him.

“That’s it baby, you’re doing so well. I know daddy neglected your little cunny and that’s why it’s so hard for you right now. But you’re doing so well and daddy is so proud of you. Daddy is so fucking proud of you baby…” The pain of daddy’s thick cock pressing into her was easing into a pressure that she could handle, slowly she let herself relax and press into him, the pressure against her clit making the swell of pleasure return, her breath hitching as daddy moved his hips a little.

“Oh god baby girl, it’s been too long since I’ve been inside you. I’m so sorry, Daddy should never have let it get this bad. I know you need me just as much as I need you baby.”

Daddy pulled his hips back until the tip of his thick cock was barely inside of her, working the sensitive entrance of his pussy as he rocked his fingers against her clit, slowly building the pressure he had learned how to create over the many nights he had snuck inside her room.

“Daddy, do you love me?” DJ needed to hear the words, the hurt from the months of having him ignoring her needing to be soothed by his words. The pleasure of having him inside her while her mother was upstairs cackling with her friends wasn’t enough to erase the doubt and angst months on end without Daddy’s special touches had created.

“Of course, you’re my baby, always, DJ. I created you and held you the moment you entered this world and now I get to hold you and fuck you, you’re my own special girl and you were made for me. I know because I made you.”

Daddy pumped against her and DJ gasped. The pressure of his thick cock working her entrance combined with his fingers against her clit and the sick sense of victory over her mother was building to something that begged to be unleashed.

“Oh my sweet baby girl, I can feel your cunny squeezing, you’re so close…” DJ’s hips pressed back as he maddeningly continued working her entrance. “Cute girl, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull out, your pussy is so tight. Daddy is going to have to cum inside you, I’m sorry baby but you’re driving me fucking crazy with your tight little cunny. Fuck…” His words trailed into a growl and DJ realized he was going to cum inside of her.

“But daddy, you could put a baby inside of me! Jake said that’s why I could only give him a blow job!”

Daddy froze, his hips stilling inside of her. Suddenly he flipped her onto her back, he shoved the blanket off them, his body hovering over hers, his cock poised above her hole.

“You gave that little teenage prick a blowjob?” She could feel daddy’s rage as his hand tangled in her hair, roughly pulling her to look at him. “Answer me!”

“No daddy, we just, we’ve just been texting…”

“If that little prick thinks he’s getting anywhere near you….” Daddy’s face was a furious mask of shadows and he knelt back on his heels. “Turn over.”

“Daddy I’m sorry…”

“I Said turn over, DJ, now.” DJ scrambled to turn over and daddy pulled her down toward him on the couch, her legs were squeezed together and he straddled her, his hairy thighs tickling her as he deliberately set his cock against her ass crack, the thick length heavy against her.

“Cute girl, I made a mistake, and I stopped fucking you when you got your period because I was being an idiot. But make no mistake, that will not happen again. You’re in my house and you’re my little girl. Your cunny is mine, and you’re not to let anyone else touch what is mine.” Daddy shifted his weight and pulled her butt cheeks apart, pushing his cock against her cunny before letting go and leaning over her.

“Put your hand under your stomach and touch your clit.” He ordered, his words ragged as he slowly pushed inside of her. He held still as she found her clit and began working it again. The pleasure blossomed as his weight settled against her, the epicenter his cock, pressing her into the couch.

“Listen to me very carefully little girl. You are never going near that Jake boy’s little prick.” Daddy pulled his hips out and pressed his cock again slowly as her fingers pressed into her clit. The slow drag of his cock was killing DJ’s thought process as his rough cheek pressed hers and he let his weight fall against her fully, his hips sinking into her with heavy slow thrusts.

“You’re daddy’s sweet girl DJ, mine and mine alone. Understand?”

“Yes Daddy.

“Your cunny is mine and my cock is the only one allowed inside it. Understand?”

“Yes Daddy,” DJ gasped, the building pressure in her cunny making it hard to speak. “Oh god daddy..”

“That’s it baby… Daddy’s cock was made for your cunny and don’t you forget it. I’m going to fuck you as often as I can, I don’t care how many times I cum inside of you. I don’t care if you’re dripping cum every day of the week, daddy needs your little cunny and I’m going to fucking use it.”

“Daddy!” DJ cried and suddenly Daddy pressed her face into the couch to muffle her cries as he furiously pumped her.

“Oh fuck, mommy’s upstairs, she can’t hear,” Daddy grabbed DJ’s hair, his hips now slamming into her, the girth of his cock filling and stretching her exactly as she remembered. Her little fingers still worked her clit furiously. Daddy’s hand came down on the couch in front of her face and she watched the veins in his hand swell as he grabbed the couch, his hips suddenly thrusting deeper and deeper into her, she knew he was close to cumming. He was going to cum inside her, right into her unprotected little hole.

His cock knew, even if his brain didn’t, that her tight little hole was the infinitely better choice than her mommy’s old cunt. In that moment, DJ didn’t even care if her daddy came inside her, she wanted his cum to mark her. The press of his body against her back and the furious working against her hips was too much and and DJ’s little cries were muffled by the couch as her cunny clenched her daddy’s raging cock.

Feeling the squeeze and shudder of her body beneath him, he lost it, his cock deep inside his baby girl as the same cum that had made her, shot deep inside of her.

“Fuck baby girl, I’m so sorry…I can’t stop, I’ll never stop, this is where I belong, inside of you.”

DJ rode her orgasm as the twitches of daddy’s cock inside of her let her know he was filling her up like never before. The thought of his cum deep inside her gave her sick sense of satisfaction as particularly loud laughter filtered in from upstairs.

Suddenly the door to the basement opened and the noise intensified. “Fuck!” Daddy grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them, turning them so DJ was once again cradled against his front facing the TV.

“There you are! Having fun down in the man cave with Daddy?” DJ’s mother’s voice was achingly loud in the darkness of the basement. Daddy’s cock inside of her pussy jumped, and she could feel his cum seeping out around their joined bodies as they furiously fought to control their breathing. The aftershocks of her orgasm were still pulsing through her body even as her heartrate shot up at her mom’s entrance.

“Yeah mom, we’re watching the movie with that super hot actor you like, I think I see why you like him, he’s AMAZING in this movie.” DJ could feel her daddy’s hand squeezing her stomach, warning her to behave.

“Well you two have fun, the girls and I are going to Gina’s house to look at her new kitchen and the new wine cellar. You two have fun, don’t wait up!”

Mommy leaned over the back of the couch and ruffled DJ’s hair before leaning down to give daddy a peck on the lips. DJ viciously squeezed with her pussy as she did and Daddy’s hands clawed at her tummy in response.

They waited with baited breath, Daddy’s cock still inside of her now leaking pussy, for her mother to go upstairs and the door to shut.

The second it did, Daddy’s cock was moving inside her again. “God fucking dammit DJ!” That was too close!”

“I don’t care Daddy! I fucking loved having you inside of me, when she came downstairs. I loved having your cum leaking around your cock knowing my pussy is tighter than hers will ever be. You’re MY daddy, and she kept you away from me all summer!”

Daddy was moving inside of her furiously, “You can’t do that shit! If she ever caught us…God you’re killing me DJ!”

Her pussy squeezed around him, sick satisfaction at his need for her filling with her even more of a high than her orgasm had. “My daddy, mine!” She said brattily, her fingers squeezing into his arm, her pussy squeezing his cock.

“My daddy, my cock, my cummies, all for my tight little cunny, isn’t that right daddy?”

With a muffled cry, once again, his hips pressed into her and she could feel him jerking inside of her.

“Mine…” she whispered, the glow of the TV creating strange shadows over her fingers clutched against Daddy’s arm. Filled with two loads of her daddy’s cum deep inside her tight little cunny, she knew she was his special girl again. Daddy loved her and he would never let her go again, she’d make sure of that.

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