Mind Control Conditioning

Despite being fully clothed, her heart was racing. She smiled, looking up at him as he laid down on the floor beside her. Fully twice her age, but handsome, strong. In control, above else, he was always that. He had weaponized his smiles, his frowns, and simple words. Her stomach spun in knots every time […]

Cum control

Life is tough as a high school boy, especially when you fall into the geek or nerd category. No, I wasn’t some 300 pound, thick glasses wearing, heavy breathing troll of a nerd. I was a skinny 150 pound, average height of 5’10”, average looks kid. I got lumped into the nerd category though early […]

Unrequited love of an older sister

“I love you, Lars,” she whispered. “I always have.” Words, whispered with shaky voice. Words, almost drowning in the roaring sea of thunder. Words, painfully proven by the tight wetness that surrounded me. Words. The truest words. Haunting, cursed words they were, but nonetheless, I knew them to be true. I always have. My name […]

My Doctor cured it

I received my annual check up letter from my old family GP; only this time it also announced the surgery had been taken over by a new doctor as my old one had now retired; further more it stated that all annual medicals would now take over an hour and a half so would be […]