Amy always gets her man

Amy was getting her ass fucked. Hard. She buried her head in her pillow and muffled a scream. She wished it didn’t feel this good. She wanted to hate it. She wanted to despise every part of sex that night. Because she despised the man who was doing it to her. But she had become […]

Cummers and lickers

Set in the same universe but in a far fling post apocalypse future. When one has to make a living including buying goods by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible and for just about anyone you meet on the street your whole life is an adventure and hers is just beginning… In a post […]

Wife and Buddy part 1.

It was Memorial Day weekend and we were headed to our friends – Davis and Tonya’s lake house (or should I say mansion). There were four married couples and several single friends invited for the long weekend. Everyone was excited to escape the city and enjoy the next three days on the lake boating, fishing, […]

Cum medicine

My wife Kellie and her sister Kristin sat in the doctors office waiting for him to return with results for Kristin’s recent blood work. She had been losing weight recently which wouldn’t be a big deal if she wasn’t already so petite. Kellie was worried enough that she had demanded that Kristin see the doctor. […]

Dod’s Mum

I arrive at my friend Dod’s house but he’s not home, and his mum answers the door, who I’ve always sort of had a crush on, secretly. She lets me in and tells me that Dod will be home in about an hour, but I’m welcome to sit and wait and watch some TV with […]

Sweet Ass

Casey’s fingers skimmed across her stomach, delighting in the minuscule flinches his touch was causing, travelling down and ever closer to the top edge of Jess’ jeans. Jess shifted her weight slightly, whether intentionally or not, lifting her ass a touch and allowing Casey’s fingers to slip easily underneath her waist band. A small involuntary […]

One pussy, one cock

“That was fun,” Kendra said to Dave. Dave, standing behind her, reached up her shirt and squeezed. “I couldn’t wait for them to leave. I haven’t seen you in a week, and neither has my cock.” Kendra turned to face him and he touched her face, and she couldn’t help but feel her entire body […]