A young white couple decides on a honeymoon in Africa

Kyra’s honeymoon to Africa has taken a horrible turn. After witnessing her husband’s death, she narrowly escaped into the jungle. Having survived the raging river, with the last of her strength, she collapsed on the muddy riverbank. Hours later, she woke up to find herself in someone’s home and bed. The décor was strange to […]

Black Boss’s Big Boner

From the moment Tyrone McNeil laid eyes on the young wife of his newest employee at the company party, his mind had gone into overdrive to conjure up a plan to nail Mike Melton’s beautiful wife. As Tyrone wasn’t the kind of man that had women lining up to spread their legs for him, he […]

Louis the Gangbanger

It all started when I attended an off campus party of a friend of mine. She had one of those huge house parties where people from all over the spectrum were invited. Coming from a small town in Iowa I’d never really met anybody from outside my social circle before. When I was growing up […]

Sara At The Center

Alone they could each be considered daring, but together they were just plain dangerous. The words of a toast and not his words, he thought, but true enough. Clearly his best man knew a little something about he and Sara. This, a second time around for both of them, was a merging of two who […]

Black Stripper Gang Bang

Harry licked his lips as he watched the vision of loveliness leave the back stage door of “The Strip Mall”. It was a warm summer night in the countryside lit by a full moon, and the tall, slender 18-year-old black girl dressed in a thin white cotton dress was the last dancer to leave the […]