A Little fun in Key West

Here’s a little story that I got to tell about a little platinum blonde that I knew too well… Blair was this five foot two, curvaceous, platinum blonde that I used to handle my business with every Friday during the time I lived in Key West. I had to warn her all the time that […]

American Sportswoman

It was a hot summer afternoon, and by the seventh- inning stretch I was sticky with sweat, my terry-cloth shorts clinging to my crotch. I got up to take a little stroll down by the box seats, and as I stood there I heard a man’s voice say, “You’re Claire, aren’t you?” Turning around slowly, […]

I want you to watch as another man plays with my cunt

“Honey, we need to talk. Please don’t say anything because I promised myself that I would finally tell you what I have been wanting to say for years and I am scared to death to say it. Once you hear it, it can never be unsaid and everything concerning our life together hangs on your […]