Granddaughter’s Fantasy

“So, Grandpa wants to fuck his sweet little Granddaughter, do you?” I can handle that. After all, you keep seeing me walk around in my skimpy nightie, and feel me sitting on your lap and rubbing my bum to get you hard. You know what a little cock-tease I am, even at this age. “You […]

Prim Wife Submits Fully

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly everyone who knows me. I consider myself very conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but until recently, fairly innocent. Mike, my husband, […]

The Last and First Time

My old girlfriend was about to go into the Air Force, and as we had not spent any time together in several weeks, I called her on a Friday night to get an evening together. I figured it may very well be the last one. When I got her on the phone, she sounded like […]

A counselor who finds that a counseling session goes all wrong

It had been 5 long years and more than enough relational trials and tribulations but finally, at last, with God’s leading and guiding, marriage finally became a reality. Let me explain. In 2010 I met Brian, a wonderful man who had just lost his wife of 20 years. It was a storybook relationship, one that […]

My new boss and the big gangrape

Michael and his co-workers had a pretty sweet operation going before Ms. Wilson showed up. They were able to forge timesheets, sales records, skim a little off the top every once in while, but then the company hired Ms. Peggy Wilson. Ms. Wilson started by “cleaning house” as she called it. Four of Michael’s friends […]