A minister, his wife and his son and daughter

As Dean Carter stood at the door of the church shaking hands with his parishioners he looked so nice in his dark suit with his wife Jane standing beside him in her light blue dress. After the service was over they walked the 100 feet or so to the house that had been provided for […]

Beth and Her Mom Break the Law

“Find anything?” Mom huffed. I turned quickly grabbing the older woman by a wrist, twisting it behind her back as I aggressively pushed her down on the table. “Who said you could move.” I barked. I was a little upset with her for moving from the line while also a little embarrassed that I forgot […]

My Cousin John and his Cock Tricks

John was my cousin, and I spend nearly every summer hanging around his place. His family has a pool, and my father’s always been too cheap to get one put in. So, I like to go over to my Aunt Martha’s and use her pool all summer. I was 19 years old the summer that […]