Lisa’s sexstory

I’d said it. We were past the point of no return, so I told Jennifer everything. I told her that about a year ago Matt had broken his leg, and since he couldn’t bathe properly with the cast, I had started giving him sponge baths. He was embarrassed of course. No eighteen-year-old boy wants to […]

Brother and sister discover each other

That night when it all started I woke up from a nice, but freaky dream. In the dream I had been fooling around with my old boyfriend Michael, when suddenly Michael was replaced by my big brother, Chris, you know in the way that people in dreams are suddenly replaced by others. Chris has a […]

Exercising with Sis

I liked to work out. It was interesting watching my body develop muscles, and it was good for me to stay in shape for my schools football team. I wasn’t, like, really into myself, though, like bodybuilders sometimes appear to be. I liked to work out, yes, and jog, and exercise, but I wasn’t totally […]

Unrequited love of an older sister

“I love you, Lars,” she whispered. “I always have.” Words, whispered with shaky voice. Words, almost drowning in the roaring sea of thunder. Words, painfully proven by the tight wetness that surrounded me. Words. The truest words. Haunting, cursed words they were, but nonetheless, I knew them to be true. I always have. My name […]

Cummers and lickers

Set in the same universe but in a far fling post apocalypse future. When one has to make a living including buying goods by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible and for just about anyone you meet on the street your whole life is an adventure and hers is just beginning… In a post […]

MILF Contract Closer

I heard the sound of our kitchen door shut and I reached out to see what time it was, it was 8:00 AM and my father was heading out to the golf course with his buddies, it was summer so he normally stayed out playing golf on Saturdays all until 7:00 PM. I laid in […]

Donna’s Sons

On a hot June day, Donna Mason watched from her living room window as a gardener trimmed the lawn in front of her Los Angeles home. He was stripped to the waist and had his chest covered with matted hair. This sight drove Donna crazy. The guy was in his fifties and didn’t even speak […]