Donna’s Sons

On a hot June day, Donna Mason watched from her living room window as a gardener trimmed the lawn in front of her Los Angeles home. He was stripped to the waist and had his chest covered with matted hair. This sight drove Donna crazy. The guy was in his fifties and didn’t even speak […]

Amazing Granny

I hired a full time home maker when she was released from the hospital, but that still left her unattended at night and the weekends. Being right handed, Grandma struggled with daily functions using her left side. Since both of us lived alone, I committed to take care of her because she raised me since […]

My New Passion

School had just left out for the summer and my friend Tammy asked me to stay the weekend with her, and our other friend, Katie. I knew Tammy’s parents were divorced and thought we would be staying at her mother’s place, so I was a little surprised when we drove in to an apartment complex […]

My Brother’s Wife

It’s funny that anyone should think me a hero, especially my brother and his wife just because I fucked her a week after the two of them started dating. Mona is not a moaner. She’s more of a screamer, and never the least bit hesitant to let the whole block know it when she’s having […]