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Barbi’s cunt for horses
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“Look at his cock,” Mona said as she caressed the powerful horse’s side. Barbi’s eyes widened as she spotted Beauty’s giant prick. She gasped as her breath caught in her throat. She gulped back her pounding heart and realized that her virgin pussy was pulsing for the horse’s prick.
“Now you know why you get hot all the time while …

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Barbi’s Virginity – Cousin for horses
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Mona sat back on her haunches. “You ready to go out to the barn and learn why you’re so horny when you’re around Beauty?”
Barbi gulped, a tinge of fear gripping her as she ogled the woman’s large fleshy tits. “I’d rather stay here and use my mouth on you.”
“There’ll be plenty of time for you to enjoy my …

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