Peep-show for Scott

Chrissy and Scott are brother and sister. They had separate bedrooms but their bedrooms were joined by a shared bathroom and in this bathroom there was a large bathroom mirror. Scott discovered, quite accidentally, one night, that if he left his bathroom door open a crack he could lay in his bed and see in […]

Swinging With Mommy

I have a fairly lean body, black hair and brown eyes. I am 5’8 inches tall. My mom has long black hair, brown eyes, and 5’7 inches tall. We look different from one anther, mainly because I look a lot like my father. Every part of her body was toned to perfection from all the […]

Four women at an exclusive club

Scarlett, Charlotte, Emily and Susanna called each other before they responded to the unusual invitation from the club. They knew it was from the club even though there was no phone number or return address, because of the magnolia logo on the card. But who was inviting them? And why billiards? None of them played […]

Pretty wife gives a little impromptu show for her neighbors

Having the right neighbors can stimulate showing off. We moved in late May and looked forward to the coming hot weather. Tom got some friends of his from work to help us move everything into our new apartment quickly. The complex was set up with four units in each building and a court yard between […]

Lukcy Night With Ashley

It was a new school year, one that I was looking forward to and even though I had a full class, there was one particular young lady that I wanted in my class, but unfortunately she was not assigned to me. Ashley was a thin Latina with long blonde highlighted brown hair, and she was […]

Chance Meeting

The night had started out pretty good. A friend with the local Medical Examiner’s office was celebrating his birthday and the drinks were flowing. Before going to the party we stopped by a convenience store to hit the money machine. As I walked back to my car I saw a Jag parked next to me. […]