Yesssssss, fuck me harder

“…in lechery there is at least something permanent, something that is truly founded upon nature and is not subject to the imagination, something that is present like a constantly live coal in the blood…if I didn’t have that, I’d probably have to shoot myself.” -Crime and Punishment “Hope all is well. Working in Boston for […]

A Stranger In The Field

Whenever I slept over at my cousin’s house, we always slept in the same bed. I had a huge crush on him and I always fantasized about what it would be like to kiss him. We often played games in bed. They were harmless for the most part, but one night, I suggested a guessing […]

Farewell School Life

When we finished high school, myself and a group of friends rented a huge house in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia. The place was decked out with pool table, bar area, huge yard and kitchen, it was just plain fantastic. What was also fantastic was that Kate, a girl I’d […]

The bad day

As a frequent jetsetter, I have for long fantasised about this exclusive club, which in reality probably has few authentic members who have genuinely screwed their way through the stratosphere. How can you manage to have-it-away on board a crowded airliner? Well recently I succeeded – and how! This amazing experience happened on the top […]