My Brother Made Me a Cuckold

It all began when the doctor revealed that my wife wasn’t getting pregnant because of my low sperm count. “You don’t have enough sperm and what little there is just too weak,” the doctor said in a professional tone, as my wife and I took in the disastrous news. He then discussed the various options […]

Cindy Goes Black

As we had discussed and planned, I am sitting silently in the hotel room awaiting Cindy’s return from the hotel lounge. The emotions racing through my mind and many and varied. Among them are fear, jealousy, excitement, disbelief and surprise… but most of all… arousal. Fear that we have stepped headfirst into a fantasy that […]

A Big Catherine Bell Fan

Another Saturday spent with my girlfriend partaking in her favorite activity, shopping at the mall. I loathe the mall, and try to avoid it at any cost. We were walking through the department store when I noticed someone in the lingerie section who I thought looked familiar. As she turned around I knew it was […]

A 30-year-old divorced woman ventures out to a local Honky-Tonk

One night when I was living in an apartment in Mobile, in my early 30’s, I decided I wanted to go out. I didn’t want to go by myself so I called Rose and Betty and got them to go with me. We went to get a bite to eat at what used to be […]