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The Nursing Facility
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For years I worked as a geriatrics nurse, specializing in
relaxation techniques. I had a wonderful and prestigious job at a
very posh facility, with patients mostly aged 70-80, (still well
enough to care about life.)

Mr. Peterson was a dear old fellow about 72 years old, who
enjoyed my company and conversation. He liked to hear about my
life, …

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Free sex story – Amelia’s husband and his big cock
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Amelia’s husband smiled, he wanted her back badly. If she could excite him
like that maybe she was worth hanging on to. After all, he could make a lot
of money out of her, he reasoned. “I’ll never treat you badly again, I
promise you that.” He took a deep breath before asking her, “Are you ready
to return home …

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A businessman tries out a new “adult company” lounge and finds it very much to his liking
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I was flipping through the alternative paper, and I ran across a
coupon for a new place had opened in town, the “VIP Lounge”. No cover
charge and only $21 an hour before 10pm. I had heard something of
these places on the net but I was interested to see how they worked in
practice. It was that rarity in …

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Mature woman seduced a teen boy
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She was sitting in the sand, looking out toward the end of the jetty. The
waves were huge, frothing up as they swept down the breakwater. The beach was
crowded with people, busy walking and running up and down the beach and it was
only five-thirty. She had just finished her three laps of the beach and was
perspiring freely. …

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Submission to a Slut – spanking and squirting
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I knew that there was something on Shayla’s mind when we went out to
dinner that weekend. Two glasses of wine later, she began to tell me
what she had been thinking about. I knew that she had been backing
off from her dominance in our relationship, and she admitted it when I
pressed her to talk.

“I know it’s …

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A Golfer’s Dream – A Sixty-Nine to Start
By: Date: 2024.04.10. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

The approach shot was long, straight and hard. Hitting a golf ball takes very
little physical effort but a lot of concentration. The ball grabbed hard and
really sucked back. Dave MacDonald was left with a four-foot birdie putt here on
the eighteenth hole to shoot 69 and set up a possible victory in the first
tournament of the year …

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Hill’s the Boss : She Takes a Licking
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I arrived at the Hotel Z, half a mile from the
Capitol, promptly at 2 p.m. The Secret Service
ushered me discreetly to her door. They knew me by
now, as I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover.

When I arrived, the Senator gave me a big
open-mouthed kiss and grabbed my already-hardening
cock through my pants.

“Same rules as …

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Watching the secretaries and making love to my boss
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You just never know what you’ll see on a sunny and cool spring afternoon
when all the sexy secretaries congregate, dressed in their sexy business
suits, or your prim, proper and very cool boss.

I admit it, I love to watch the legs of the secretaries downtown as they
take their lunch breaks. I love to watch them cross their …

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X-rated lady cop
By: Date: 2024.04.01. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

Laurel Blakely was as excited about meeting Dean Kennedy at the Blue Goose bar as she ever had been about anything in her young life. There was something about the way the handsome, youthful vice squad officer looked at her that sent shivers up and down the gorgeous twenty-year-old’s spine.
Parking her beat up Ford in the Goose’s lot, Laurel …

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