Amanda’s Park Lesson
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“Do we have to do this, Daddy?” Amanda asked as they walked the paved pathway through the park. Already she felt ogling eyes fixing on her body, barely covered by the tiny sundress Daddy had insisted she wear today. She liked dressing like a whore sometimes—plunging necklines, tight gym shorts to highlight her round ass—but that was on her own terms.

“You brought this on yourself,” her Daddy replied. He gripped her wrist gently as they walked abreast. She knew better by now than to force him to tighten his grasp.

“But it’s normal, Daddy!” She sounded exasperated.

“Normal for a girl to touch herself to dirty smut? Normal for her to gag herself with her own panties while reading about getting molested in the principal’s office for breaking the dress code?”

Amanda was silent. She felt her face flush. What if someone overheard her? What if one of the men or women leering at her bouncing tits heard her Daddy talk about how she played with her pussy thinking about being disciplined? She hated how the thought made her nipples harden.

“And worse,” Daddy continued, “you did it while I was home. You tried to keep it a secret from me. You can’t even keep yourself quiet.”

He shook his head as his hand moved from her wrist. Still walking side by side, his fingers traced with a tingling gentleness across her forearm, up to her exposed shoulder, and then down the side of her dress to her covered, flared hip. He gripped her there.

“Daddy,” she gasped. His fingers dug in tighter.

“You’re going to be a good girl today,” he said. She looked up at him, but he was still facing forward. “Learn to stay quiet if you can.”

She felt herself dripping into her panties. She hated that this made her wet.

When they neared a field Daddy liked, he took them off the path to a spot just under the shade of one of the park’s tall trees. He released her hip and set down the bag he carried. He unfurled a picnic blanket.

“Grab the corner,” he ordered. She complied and helped him set the blanket down unwrinkled. He sat and she sat down across from him, making sure to pull her sun dress down over her thighs as far as she could. From this spot, she could see an occasional person or two walking on the path, but they were far enough away that she couldn’t make out their facial expressions. Still, she felt exposed.

She looked back from the path when she felt her Daddy grab her sandaled foot. She watched him study the length of her leg as he caressed her toes, before removing the sandal from her foot. He did the same thing with the other and set them down just off the blanket. Her legs and feet tingled at his touch. She squirmed and looked back at the path. She saw a couple passing by, a man and a woman. The man gazed at her before walking out of sight.

Amanda felt her Daddy’s hands grabbed her waist. “D-Daddy?” She looked back at him just as he pulled her toward him.

“Not there,” he said. “Sit with me.” He lifted her slightly and turned her around so she was sitting just in front of him, right between his legs. Her dress rode up, exposing the bottom of her ass to the contact from his crotch. She pulled it down again, trying to cover her panty-covered pussy. Amanda knew she was soaked.

“We can’t sit like this.” No one was around, but someone could walk by at any time and see her. “What if someone sees?”

“Then they’ll see how lovely and affectionate you are with your Daddy. They’ll see that you want to be a good girl.”

She knew she didn’t have a choice. She tried to stop squirming. She didn’t want move her ass against him. Not like this. Not where any passerby would see her.

His hand grasped her bare thigh. “You’re so pretty, baby,” he said. She felt his breath on her ear, on her neck.

“D-Daddy,” she panted.

“Shh, honey,” he comforted her. His hand was caressing her exposed flesh, up and down her thigh. “This is part of being a good girl. If you want to stay quiet and hide what you’re doing, then do it. Clearly you need to learn. Daddy is just helping you be better.”

His hand moved upwards. To her upper thigh, to the hemline of her dress. She felt her face flush.

Then his hand passed around to her inner thigh. Amanda froze.

“You’re drenching your thighs,” he growled smugly. “You like this.” His fingers were now under her dress, just below where her panties covered her.

“No, Daddy, I—ugh!” She grunted as he tugged her hair, forcing her to look up at him.

“Don’t lie.” She felt him pressing her sodden panties into her, still not right on her pussy, but so close. “A horny slut who plays with her cunt thinking about being punished I can handle. But I will not tolerate a liar.” He squeezed her thigh. It hurt. But it was the sort of hurt she touched herself thinking about.

“You’re right, Daddy, I’m sorry,” she whined. She wriggled in his grasp. She couldn’t help it. Her hips needed to move. She could feel Daddy’s cock poking at her ass.

“And you like this, too, don’t you?” He pressed against her pussy mound, spilling her juices throughout the flimsy fabric of her panties. She gasped.

“I do, Daddy. You’re right. I like it.” She rocked her pussy into his fingers, craving more pressure. She was on fire.

“Shhh,” Daddy whispered right in her ear. “You want to stay quiet, don’t you? You don’t want anyone to know what a needy whore you are.”

“B-but, Daddy,” she whined. His fingers worked her slit up and down.

“But what, honey?”

“I’m so wet. Daddy . . . Oh, please, please touch me more.”

“That’s my good girl.” He stabbed his fingers at her still-covered pussy mound, pushing some of the fabric into her cunt. Amanda shrugged forward and bit her lip, stifling a moan, as her Daddy molested her right there. It was like the dirty stories she read alone in her room.

A group of women were walking on the path near them. As her Daddy touched her, toyed with her pussy, Amanda could see that one of them said something to the other two. They kept walking, but the one woman stopped and looked right at them.

“I think she sees us,” Amanda muttered, trying not to moan her pleasure.

“I think she does, kitten,” her Daddy agreed. He was still pressing and teasing her cunt, seeming not to care if anyone saw.

The woman walked towards them. She was maybe fifty feet away when she stopped. She had a quizzical look on her face. Amanda looked past her, then back at the woman, and then at her Daddy. He was smiling. Amanda faced forward again. Now the woman was smiling, too. She kept walking forward.

“We have to stop,” Amanda whined. But Daddy did not stop. He dug his fingers into her pussy harder. She clamped her lips shut to avoid letting out a moan—her Daddy’s fingers felt too good.

Amanda barely registered that the woman was about twelve feet away from them on their blanket until the woman spoke.

“Hello there,” the woman said cheerfully.

“Hello,” her Daddy said back. Amanda didn’t say anything. She couldn’t.

“Are you two enjoying yourselves?” The woman asked. There was no hiding it now. Daddy’s hand was plainly under Amanda’s dress.

“Oh, I should say so. I think Amanda here is having a lovely time, wouldn’t you agree, honey?”

Amanda was mum. She had no idea what to say. Then Daddy pinched her thigh and repeated, “I said, wouldn’t you agree, honey?”

“Yes, Daddy, it’s good!” She yelped. Then she brought her hands to her mouth. She had called him Daddy in front of a stranger! She was humiliated.

“It’s so nice seeing affection like yours,” the woman said. “Do you like getting to spend time with your Daddy?” His fingers started to move against Amanda’s pussy again.

“God, yes,” Amanda moaned. She felt weak. But incredible. Being fingered and teased right there where the woman could see elevated the pleasure her Daddy was forcing into her pussy.

“Tell her, honey,” Daddy said. “Tell her you like having special time with Daddy.”

“I do!” Amanda chirped. “Ooh, miss, I really love special time with Daddy.” Amanda felt so ashamed, but it felt too good to admit it.

The woman got closer and sat on her knees right on the picnic blanket with Amanda and her Daddy. She eyed up Amanda’s body… her sparkling eyes, her tits heaving with her breath, her barely-covered pussy that her Daddy was playing with. “My, that sure looks fun,” the woman said. “Does your Daddy have nice, strong fingers?”

“He—he does,” Amanda moaned throatily. “They feel wonderful.”

“Does he touch you out here a lot?”

“N-no,” Amanda grunted. “It’s . . . Um . . . .”

Daddy cut in. “You can tell her you’re being punished.”

The woman’s eyebrows shot up, but her smile stayed. “Was she bad? What did she do?”

“I . . .” Amanda started. “I was touching myself in my room. And I was trying to be quiet. B-but Daddy—ohhh—Daddy heard me.” Daddy’s other hand was now on her hip, keeping her rocking into his molesting fingers as she talked to the woman.

The woman laughed. “You can’t keep things from your Daddy like that. Once, my girls took one of my vibrators without asking. They were sorry after that. I tied them up facing each other and left it on both their clits. They never tried that again.” Amanda’s eyes got wide at the thought of two other horny girls being punished.

The woman looked up at Amanda’s Daddy. “Is she really wet,” she asked. Amanda felt her Daddy lift up her dress, exposing her panty-covered pussy.

“She sure feels wet,” he replied. “But get a good look and tell me.” With that, Daddy pulled Amanda’s panties to the side. Amanda could only watch as the woman gasped. She could feel a snail-trail of her own cunt juice sloshing as her Daddy bared her pussy to the woman. Daddy grabbed Amanda’s thighs and pulled them, forcing Amanda’s cunt flower to blossom for the woman’s enjoyment.

“Oh my goodness!” The woman exclaimed. She leaned forward, closer to Amanda’s now-open pussy. “She’s gushing.”

Now Daddy chuckled. “Just watch this,” he said. He sank two fingers into Amanda’s pussy, roughly. Amanda groaned.

“Oh no, Daddy!” She wailed. But she also wiggled against his fingers, helping him to push them up her cunt deeper. Her jaw went slack as Daddy rubbed the front wall of her cunt from the inside. “Oooh!”

“I can hear it,” the woman gasped. “I haven’t seen a pussy this wet in a while.” Amanda could hear her pussy burbling on her Daddy’s fingers as he hooked them up her.

“That’s nothing. Look what a whore she is,” her Daddy said. He pulled his fingers out of Amanda’s juicy quim.

“Ugh,” Amanda grunted. She could hear herself drip onto the blanket as Daddy’s digits left her. Her Daddy held up his fingers for the woman to see. They were absolutely drenched. Daddy spread them, showing how far her sticky girl cream stretched between his fingers.

The woman leaned forward in awe. “She smells wonderful,” she said. “May I have a taste?”

“Go ahead,” Daddy said. The woman dove forward and took Amanda’s Daddy’s cuntslimed fingers between her lips. Her body shuddered as she did so. Amanda could see how the woman moved her mouth on her Daddy. She heard the slurping sounds as the woman relished Amanda’s flavor.

As the woman sucked her Daddy’s fingers like it was the best thing she ever tasted, her Daddy’s other hand found Amanda’s clit and played with it. Amanda felt like she was in bliss, watching this woman feast on her while her Daddy teased her most sensitive spot.

The woman drew off Daddy’s fingers, her mouth making an obscene popping sound. “She’s delicious,” she sighed. Then, turning to Amanda, “You taste so good, sweetie.” The woman pressed her lips to Amanda’s, kissing her and sliding her tongue right into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda’s Daddy grabbed her hair and pushed her against the woman, making sure she couldn’t get away.

“Taste yourself on her tongue, baby,” her Daddy said. “C’mon, be a good girl and let her help you clean up that mess.” His finger kept circling her clit. Amanda had no choice but to let the woman tongue-feed her her very own pussy. She tentatively extended her own tongue at first before leaning in and letting her tongue spar with the woman’s. She loved her own taste, and having this woman make her taste it in a lesbian park kiss made it that much better.

The woman drew back from Amanda. “You’re such a good girl, sweetie,” she said, looking at Amanda’s fuck-drunk face, now sloppy with spit from their makeout. “Stay good for your Daddy.” The woman stood up and straightened out her own clothes. “I’m so glad I met you two. I’m Anne, by the way.”

“Randolph,” Amanda’s Daddy said. “And this is my Amanda.” He said it right as he plunged his fingers back into her. Amanda was past caring—she loved the violation.

“You two are just lovely. And now I’m flustered. I’ll be riding my girls’ faces when they get done with soccer practice today, that’s for sure! I hope to see you two around.”

“Likewise,” Amanda’s Daddy replied. “Maybe Amanda and your girls could have a park play date.”

The woman smiled and walked away. Amanda could see her rubbing her thighs together.

Amanda’s Daddy kissed her on the head as he continued to thrust his digits in and out of her pussy. “You were so good, baby,” he said. “I’m so proud of you.” How he finger-fucked her drenched cunt, right there in public, had her losing her mind.

Amanda felt herself melt into her Daddy. “Thank you, Daddy,” she sighed. She spread her legs wider. She didn’t want to misbehave anymore.

“Don’t hide things from me anymore. You’re mine.” Hearing that sent lightning down her spine and through her cunt. She couldn’t help it.

“Yes, Daddy,” she lolled, drooling on herself, as her pussy clamped down on his fingers. She came. Hard. She knew her spit was leaking from her mouth. Her stomach would’ve hurt from the strength of her cum, but the orgasm tore through her so hard she didn’t care.

“Oh, Mandy,” her Daddy sighed. He kept pumping her cunt, wringing every bit out of his little girl’s climax that he could. “You love being a molested little whore, don’t you? You deserve this, don’t you?”

“I do, Daddy!” She whimpered. “Thank you! Thank you for touching meeee!” As she came down from her orgasm, she found her Daddy’s fingers prodding her lips. She was done being bad. Dutifully, she took them into her mouth and sucked, cleaning up as much of her own cunthoney as she could.

“That’s my girl,” Daddy whispered in her ear.

Still panting, Amanda felt her Daddy lift her up off the picnic blanket. He was already standing—and she had been too fuck-drunk on her orgasm to notice he’d moved. He dragged her by her hand away from their spot. Knees trembling, all she could do was keep up. She didn’t bother to adjust her dress, which was wet in the front with her cunt juices. One of her tits was bouncing out of the fabric, on display for anyone to see.

Daddy pulled her behind some trees, where the park was more forest-like. He grabbed her waist and pushed her up against a tree. Roughly, hungrily, he kissed her. She felt the bark of the tree at her back as Daddy pressed into her, his beard tickling her face, his tongue fencing into her mouth. She couldn’t resist—she could barely stand upright.

Amanda felt her Daddy’s hands on her hips. He spun her around so she was facing the tree. She braced herself with her hands.

“Yes, that’s my girl,” he growled. He raised her dress, exposing her ass. His arm arced and pulled her sodden panties all the way down to her ankles. He forced her cunt and asshole bare with such force that the flimsy material of her underwear barely caught on her thighs. She heard an unbuckling, and then—

“Oh, fuck, Daddy! Fuck! Oh no you’re too big!” She screamed as she felt his cock tear into her cunt. Soaked and fingered, he was too thick, too long.

“You deserve this, too, honey,” he barked. However much of his cock he had in her, he drew it back, then hammered all the way in, pounding her to her cervix. Amanda felt the wind knocked out of her. “You’re a good girl, right? A molested whore who loves it?”

“I—gah—oh Daddy,” she shrieked as her Daddy deep-dicked her pussy. She felt the force of her thick ass jiggling against his thrusts. “I feel you in my stomach!”

“I bet you touch yourself to stories about little girls getting raped in the park, don’t you? You dirty whore. You dirty fucking whore!” He pulled her hair, forcing her back to arch. She didn’t know if she was about to pass out or cum again. “Teasing me by moaning and touching yourself. Daddy’s going to use you from now on, you got it?”

“I—oh fuck—oh, Daddy, please!” She felt her body quivering.

His hand found her throat. She felt him lean over her body, buried to the hilt as he pumped her slow and deep now, never withdrawing more than half his cock. “Please what, baby? Tell me what you want.”

“I—oh, Daddy . . . Wait, no!” She felt him slowly starting to withdraw more and more of his cock.

“Want more, baby?” His voice dripped with satisfaction.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Then tell me,” he growled. “Tell me you deserve it.”

She paused and panted. But she didn’t care anymore. “I deserve it, Daddy! I deserve your cock in my cunt! Please fuck me. Please use my body. Please!”

“Good girl,” he smirked, and he drove home deep.

“Oh fuck yes!” She yelled, as her Daddy pummeled her cunt. She felt like he was rearranging her insides. “I’m going to—oh—please keep—yes!”

“Cum on this dick, bitch!” He roared. “Cream my cock while I breed you.”

“Fu-uck!” She felt herself falling as another orgasm shredded her nerve endings. Her tongue fell from her mouth onto the tree bark. She didn’t care about the earthy taste. Her Daddy’s cock was twitching in her and spewing warmth inside her. She would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her by her waist.

“Every drop, princess, take every fucking drop.” He was buried so deep in her. Shot after shot of warmth pulsed from his cock as it throbbed and twitched inside her. She was taking it. She knew it. She was letting her Daddy inseminate her body, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

When she no longer felt him firing cum up her cunt, she felt him lean over and kiss the back of her head, her ear, her neck. “Good girl, pumpkin,” he said. She felt him exit her body, and immediately she felt a massive glob of cum spill out of her. But she could still feel even more inside, even as her thighs were stained with her Daddy’s load. Trembling, she fell to her knees, her hands sliding down the tree as she did.

She looked up to see that Daddy had walked around so he could see her face. His cock—barely softened from fucking her—glistened with both of their sex juices. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his dick.

She didn’t want to fight. She opened her lips and took him into her mouth, tasting the mess.

“That’s my girl,” he said contentedly. “Suck it clean. Taste your fucking breeding off me.”

As she slurped up and down her Daddy’s cock, lapping it clean, she found herself wondering if Anne would like to taste Daddy out of her.

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