An alien encounter creates a most interesting companion

PART 1 The phone jangled unceremoniously as dawn’s glow enveloped the flickering remains of the star studded heavens. It was Uncle Harvey, and he needed someone to watch over his remote acreage while he was in the hospital. Harvey was older than history, refusing to succumb to the trials of life and the advancements of […]

Kat the a swinging housewife

INTERVIEWER: Tell us some background information about you, what you do for a living, where you grew up, if you are married or single, your interests, hobbies, etc. I am a dancer, and a student at UCLA. By definition, I am also a slut, and happy to be one. I have been married to a […]

Coffee Break

I work with a number of attractive women. I happen to be one of only 6 males that work for this parti- cular business, and of the six, I am the youngest 25. The majority of the females that work with me are around my age and attend graduate school in similar programs as I […]

On The Job Experience

“Brad….Brad! Did you understand the question?” “Huh? Uhh, I don’t think I did, Mrs. Gonzales. Maybe you could explain it again.” Brad felt his face grow warm as he became embarrassed. The musical voice of his favorite teacher had just awakened him from one of his recurring daydreams. The embarrassment wasn’t caused by the snickering […]