Assault Bitches From Hell

    Lieutenant Anderson waited outside of the office of the Chief of Staff for Destroyer Squadron Two. He had no idea what the COS wanted, but he really didn’t care very much. In ten days, very much against his will, he was going to be a civilian. He planned to burn his uniforms as […]

Gretchen Succumbs

Succumbing to the male who was younger and in actuality wasn’t the buffed handsome movie star male image the twenty-eight year old woman wanted as her life-long companion. Even if only for a dinner date or watching a flick from the time she was of sufficient age to date, her escort was always the muscle […]

Santa and Jenny

Jenny slipped from beneath the comforter. Immediately, the cold air made her want to dive back under them but she needed a drink of water. She quietly padded barefoot down the hallway to the kitchen. As she passed the living room, she thought she saw movement. She crept back and peaked around the corner. She […]