An intimate morning while showering outdoors

I slowly stepped into the shower, following an early morning jog and some stretching. Saturdays are a light exercise day, with Monday through Friday being more aggressive in my attempt to increase my level of conditioning rather than just maintain it. Sundays are a free day, left totally unscheduled… well, at least in theory they […]

The Making of a Hotwife, the training of a cuckold

It started from the moment I met my wife. I was happily married at the time, or so I thought, until she opened my eyes and set free the desires and passions that I didn’t realize I had. She was a new hire for the company, one of about a dozen. I first saw her […]

Interracial Girlfriend Sharing

Hi, It’s Kathy again. I’m 29 years old, with brown shoulder length hair, 5ft 7, 120lbs with the bluest eyes. My boyfriend Dave has gotten me fully infatuated with BBC. We’ve had one real BBC encounter when this took place. Mostly we’ve been playing (almost every night!) by watching tons of interracial porn and playing […]

Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek

“Oh Johnny, Johnny! Faster, please, Johnny! I’m almost there!” John Finch grinned wickedly as he plowed even harder into the writhing young woman beneath him. Annie Lynn was a sight! Her hair was disheveled and matted with perspiration; the sheet beneath her was sodden from repeated climaxes and still she was pleading for more!. John […]