A Spurned Boss

Allison was a pretty girl, a young newlywed enjoying herself at my party with her uncouth husband. I had hired her as a receptionist just two months before. She was a natural: a woman with a pleasant phone voice, a good personality that worked well with others and who was always bright and cheerful. Sure, […]

The Rain Dancer

I had owned and operated my little bed and breakfast, “The Spanish Bull” on the coast of Lake Erie for 5 years. People of every size, shape, color and persuasion have passed through my door. There was one women however that I will never ever forget. The season was summer and the weather had been […]


Monday evening I’m setting in my hotel room watching some skin flick on the tube and gently stroking my hard on. I always take baby oil with me on these trips so I can sit and play with myself for a good long time before I come. At home it feels so rushed. Wouldn’t you […]

A Moment in Vietnam

I’m not sure how this started but the incident sticks in my mind because of the gecko–you know, that little lizard in Asian countries… Well, there I was, knees on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass to get a better look at my cock, which was completely embedded balls-deep and unmoving in […]

Tales from the Late Night Library

The sounds, panting, grunting, screaming, the slap of wet flesh against wet flesh and of bodies against a surface, grew still louder. But raucous as the sounds were, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I stepped around the last corner. From where I stood, all I could see was the back of a […]

Jenny Becomes A Stripper

I like a lot of men, fantasize about my wife Jenny having sex with other men. She has a fantastic body. She is 5′ 5″, 115 lbs, Blonde just longer than shoulder length hair, very firm boobs, only 34 C and that is being generous. She is a very proportional 34-25-35 body. Jenny is 22 […]

Wendy’s blacked

My name is Wendy and I was born and raised in a medium- sized town in southern West Virginia and still live there today. I’m 38 years old and have a 13 year-old daughter. I’ve never been married. I work in the EMS field and due partly to that I’m fairly active and in pretty […]