Desperately sucking teacher
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“Oh yes, Jack,” the teenaged girl moaned softly. “Fuck me, baby. Slam that sweet cock home.”
Connie Jackson was still wearing her uniform. They had finished cheerleading practice, and she had waited for Jack Gibbs to get done with his football workout and grab a shower. The two had then slipped back into the empty school. Now, Jack was giving Connie a workout of an entirely different sort.
The beautiful teenaged girl was sitting on the edge of the teacher’s desk. Her bright red skirt was pulled up around her waist, and her panties lay forgotten on the floor. Her white sweater was pulled high and off her arms to get it out of the way. Jack hadn’t bothered to remove her bra, only taking the time to unsnap it in front and slide the cups aside to reveal the girl’s sweet pale tits.
Connie had her long legs wrapped around the football player’s waist. She clamped him in the vise-like grip of her hot sweating thighs to pull her ass higher and give him better access to the drooling lips of her cunt. The thick black bush of the girl’s pussy was dripping and matted from the juice that streamed from her cunt gash.
Each time the boy pushed forward, Connie grunted with the sensation of his cock fucking into the depths of her pussy. Every time he slid back out, the massive slab of his cockmeat dragged the girl’s cum along with it. Thick gobs of her pussy cream left glistening trails through the curly black hairs that grew all the way down into the crack of her ass.
Connie leaned back on her hands, surrendering her body totally to the boy’s rough lust. Her tits rose high and pale. The nipples were thick and dark and stood out from the areolas as if they were reaching for the boy’s torment.
“Yes, baby,” she grunted as Jack pinched one up between his thumb and index finger, pulling the tortured flesh until the nipple stood out a full inch from the pale tit mound. “Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked in my life!”
Over and over, the boy pounded his prick deep into the girl’s wet pussy.
“Oh Christ, honey,” she moaned. “I’m… I’m cumming… again and again, like it’s never gonna stop.”
Jack slid his free hand under the girl’s pumping ass. With no warning, he shoved his middle finger up the steaming hole of her ass. Connie went crazy.
“Aarrgh!” she shrieked, nearly throwing her convulsing body off the sweat-covered desktop.
The girl thrashed like a mad thing as fuck lust consumed her totally. Her shoulder-length black hair flew in all directions as the madness of her, lust glazed her deep-blue eyes.
Finally, her orgasms died away, and the beautiful young girl collapsed back across the desk. Her breath came in panting gasps, and her body still trembled occasionally as faint memories of lust danced through her quivering pussy.
“Now,” the boy said, smiling lecherously, “you’ve had what you wanted. It’s my turn.”
Connie’s eyes opened slightly, and she smiled up at her horny lover.
“And just what might that be, stud?” she asked, with a teasing grin spreading even farther. “As if I didn’t know.”
“Let me put it to you this way,” the boy said, reaching up to twist one dark nipple back into rubbery hardness while simultaneously massaging the girl’s cunt. “What is it that you like best after having your cunt reamed out?”
“Oh, that’s easy,” she sighed as his fingers began renewing her own lust. Connie could feel Jack’s prick, still stiff and pulsing in the creamy gash of her cunt. The full weight of his balls brushed against the crack of her ass, and by the feel of them she knew they were swollen to bursting with a load of hot cum. The girl’s mouth watered at the thought of all that delicious cock cream. “What I like best after having my pussy fucked is to have a big stiff cock in my mouth.”
“Then you’re about to have your dream come true,” the boy said, stepping back.
The knob of his prick slid out of the girl’s dripping cunt with a wet sloppy sound, and in an instant Connie was off the desk and had gone down to her knees on the floor. Jack leaned against the desk, and the girl crawled between his legs to begin sucking and licking at his swollen balls.
She turned her attention to his prick. The cockshaft was long and thick, so big that Connie could wrap both of her hands around it at the base and still have lots of cockmeat left to suck on.
Jack’s cock was still covered with Connie’s cum. The girl sucked and lapped at it, hungrily licking the cream from her own pussy off the boy’s slab of prick. Looking down at the girl’s bobbing head, Jack could see a glistening sheen of cunt on her rut-maddened face as Connie smeared his greased prick knob over her cheeks and lips.
“You hungry, bitch?” he asked, suddenly taking her face in both of his hands and impaling it on his pulsing cockshaft. “Would you like a nice hot load of fizz to eat?”
“Umm-hmmm,” she sighed happily as she gobbled her way down the length of his cockmeat.
Down and then farther down, Connie pushed her beautiful young face until finally the prick knob was lodged all the way into the back of her hot throat. She could feel the coarse black hairs around the football player’s prick as they ground against her checks and nose. She felt the full hot weight of his balls as they bounced off her chin.
“Give it to me, Jackie,” she moaned, smearing her tongue back and forth across the cockhead.
Connie slid the head of Jack’s prick in and out of the wet ring of her full lips. The girl’s tongue moved over his cock knob like a dancer as she sucked and slurped at the feverish flesh.
She palmed the weight of his balls in her free hand, massaging them gently.
“Spray my face full of cream, honey.”

Before the last words could even leave her lips, the first blast of hot cum blew from the quivering tip of Jack’s swollen slab of prickmeat.Teacher Sex

“Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!” the boy grunted.
He looked down in time to see a thick gout of jism spray onto Connie’s lips and tongue. One stream of cum splashed across her cheek and into the raven black strands of the girl’s hair.
“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!” the teenager grunted as she tried desperately to capture the spurting cock knob between her cum-smeared lips.
Once his cockhead was lodged there, the girl drank and drank. The muscles in her throat worked frantically to take in the full load of the boy’s cum, but there was just too much for even her desperate hunger.
Jism ran from both corners of her cock stuffed mouth. Cum shot up the back of her throat and poured from her nostrils. Thick gobs of cock cream collected on her chin, only to drip and fall onto the pale flesh of her bobbing tit meat. One pearly drop of it hung suspended from the thick dark nipple of her left tit, and the girl smeared it over the thick nubbin and swollen areola until both gleamed with the wetness of the boy’s cum.
Over and over, Jack sprayed the girl’s mouth full of his jism. As Connie massaged his balls and milked the thick prickshaft, she wondered if he was going to drown her in cum before he finished.
The last gobs of thick cum sprayed from the bay’s trembling prick, and Connie pulled it from between her full lips and let the scalding jism spurt across her lovely young face.
“Yesss, honey… yesss!” she sighed, using her lips and cheeks to capture and smear the cum from his spitting prick knob. “Give me every single drop of jizz. Drain those sweet balls far me, baby!”
The girl milked and jerked fiercely as the boy’s prick spewed one last fat gob of cum out of the pisshole. Just as she was licking it from his cock head, the door of the room opened.

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