Amateur night in Amsterdam
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I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist. What I
mean is that I don’t go and look for opportunities,
although I have enjoyed girls sitting next to me on the
bus when the vibrations make me get hard. I am sure a
lot of you know the feeling, wearing sweats and boxer
shorts can be a deadly combination. And maybe see
glances over sees your tent.

Anyway, I had an experience that I really enjoyed when
I was in Amsterdam. I have a friend whose name is
Alicia and she goes to school with me here in
Connecticut. She’s Dutch, however, but speaks English
well enough to attend college in the U.S.

Well, she’s just a friend and all, but we are close. No
sex, mind you, but just various “experiences shared”.
One of them was at her apartment, when she meant to
flash her boyfriend by raising her shirt but actually
flashed me instead. She has very nice tits. Very big
and her nipples are nice and dark… and big. When she
did that she didn’t flinch, she just laughed it off and
went on with getting ready to go out dancing that

Then once later on, on one of those nights when Alicia
and I and a friend were all too drunk to go to our own
individual homes and we decided to spend the night our
mutual female friend’s dorm room. This girl and Alicia
somehow decided that since I was basically passed out
that they would make me comfortable.

They took off my shoes (and woke me up but I didn’t
open my eyes) then started to take my pants off. And
again, I don’t know if this happens to you too, (if you
are male) but sometimes, with boxer shorts, you sort of
just, you know, hang out. So, when they took my pants
off they sort of exposed me.

God! What was going through my mind at that moment. I
had let them do it, it was just so exciting. I had no
girlfriend, there were no guys around, you know, it was
perfect. I was hoping that being drunk they’d go down
on me or something.

There was silence, then some giggly whispering and then
one of the two, I don’t know which one, took my penis
in her hand and put it back into my shorts. This got me
instantly hard, which is unusual when I’m drunk, but
hey, it happened.

By now I thought they had forgotten about me and when I
chanced to open my eyes, I noticed that by getting hard
I had poked out of my boxers again. This time I know it
was Alicia who walked up to me and took it in her hand
and put me back in my shorts again. And she took her
sweet time in doing too. But she didn’t do anything
else really. I’ve always wondered might have happened
if we had been alone… with me passed out, maybe she
could have been bolder.

But this is all just a little prelude to what happened
when my girlfriend Pat and I went to visit Alicia in
Amsterdam about six months later. Pat and I were new to
each other and were still experimenting with each
other’s bodies. But it was hard to really let it all
hang out when traveling all over Europe on a Euro-pass.
You can’t really get relaxed on a train without the
real possibility of getting caught.

So once we go into Amsterdam we decided to rent a room
along with Alicia in a motel next to the red district.
When finally we back our room after visiting all the
clubs and walking around the red light district we were
sort of on a sensory overload. I mean personally, I
didn’t find any attractive prostitutes that got me
going, but after all, I have a cute girlfriend. So none
compared to her (and she’s free, and she loves me and I
love her, cute huh?).

Alicia slept in one bed and Pat and I in another. I
figured nothing was going to happen that night and had
resigned myself to that fact. Pat was to the far side
of me and Alicia was right next to me, only about a
foot and a half away.

As I lay on my side, facing Alicia and fantasizing
about her and Pat, out of the blue an arm reach over me
and fingers sank into my boxers. I didn’t move or even
make a sound as Pat fished me out of my boxers and
started to stroke me.

There I was, only a foot or so away from Alicia with my
girlfriend’s hand jacking on my dick. I tried to see if
Alicia was awake, but it was too dark to tell for sure.
All I know is that if she were awake she would
certainly know what was happening. Finally I whispered
her name and she didn’t answer, so I let my girlfriend

Pat kept at it for a while, but when I got hard we
found it easier for me to lie on my back. Pat was now
stroking me a little faster and the covers were making
a faint rhythmic noise, so I kept looking over at
Alicia, but she was on her side and was facing away
from us now, so I thought we were safe for the moment.

My girlfriend had lost her virginity to me. She’d never
had sex before, but she’d had boyfriends and knew how
to keep them happy, so she was a master at handjobs.

One of Pat’s gifts is to know when I am close to
cumming, and somehow she is able to stop me by slowing
down or stopping so that she can prolong the agony, so
to speak. She’s good at that. Almost too good.

So, quite a while passed while I was letting my
girlfriend do this to me. I would get close and ready
and she would back off and so on. By this time I had
completely forgotten all about Alicia, I was really
into the sensations that Pat was giving me with her
expert handjob.

When I finally remembered Alicia I glanced over and I
caught her watching us. She closed her eyes really
quickly when she saw me looking, but not quickly enough
for me not to notice.

Then, for some reason, I didn’t do anything, I just lay
back and let my girlfriend continue jacking me off.
Knowing that Alicia was watching all this really raised
my blood-pressure, it turned me on to no end to know
that she was watching another woman manipulating my
cock, only a foot or so away from her gaze.

Pat would have been embarrassed to no end if she had
known Alicia could see what she was doing. (Pat was
strange about that, but still has no problem hugging me
in public, rubbing herself against me, giving me a hard
on and then walking away, leaving me standing there
with other people around.) I often wonder if this
happen to anybody else? I mean she doesn’t showoff
herself at all, she wears baggy clothes, excreta. She’s
not like Alicia who wears nothing but tight black pants
or spandex shorts.

Anyway, at this point I was so excited by the situation
that I could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer,
no matter what Pat did or didn’t do.

I could feel my cum boiling up from my depths and that
familiar tight band of numbness forming around my
forehead which happens when I’m going to have a great

Then I fit myself go. Then with a moment of inspiration
I moved onto my side, facing Alicia again and as Pat
jerked me one last time I felt my release complete
itself, and through slitted eyes I saw a great gout of
cum shoot out of my dick and I even heard it splat
against Alicia’s blanket.

Then I ejaculated in lesser spurts so Pat’s hand got
all gunked up with my cum, and it trickled down between
her fingers. All this time I knew that Alicia was
watching and it was such super a turn on. I could hear
the squelching sound as Pat’s fist continued to travel
up and down my cummy cock for a few more moments.

Then all there was, was the bleachy smell of my just
expelled cum and Alicia’s wide open eyes as she stared
at me…

Then Pat broke the spell by getting up to go to the
bathroom to clean up her hand. She brought me a towel
and I wiped myself. I glanced over at Alicia but she
had turned her face away from us.

In the morning Alicia got up before Pat and I, and by
the time we were moving around she was long gone for
the day and her blanket was folded neatly on her bed,
and I could see the big cum stain on it.

I made sure that she had a clean one before we got back
to the room that night. Pat and I didn’t do anything
else for the remaining two days we were there and
Alicia never mentioned that she had seen us.

The only hint Alicia ever gave me she knew about our
nocturnal sex act was sometime later at the beginning
of school when we were all at Denny’s talking with a
bunch of people about jogging and how some people can
just keep going and going, Alicia looked meaningfully
at me and said, “Yeah, and I am sure you can go for
hours…” And I knew she wasn’t talking about jogging.

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