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Slut Wife Pleases Her Wimpy-Dicked Hubby’s Young Boss
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The sexy 37-year-old South Indian porn actress let the
young stud, her husband’s 28-year-old boss
pull off the saree she wore, tied low, an inch or so above
her sweet pussy, to reveal her large milkpots and her
excited, swollen nipples.

Lying face up on the young stud’s office desk, she said,
“Oh! Yes!!! Boss… Please fuck me with your …

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Free sex story – Amelia’s husband and his big cock
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Amelia’s husband smiled, he wanted her back badly. If she could excite him
like that maybe she was worth hanging on to. After all, he could make a lot
of money out of her, he reasoned. “I’ll never treat you badly again, I
promise you that.” He took a deep breath before asking her, “Are you ready
to return home …

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A TS Cinderella Story
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“Wanna hear something really funny?” I asked Mike, looking at him
over my fourth rum and coke.

“What’s that?” he smiled at me, shuffling a deck of cards just to
keep his hands busy while we talked. He’d been teaching me how to play
cribbage and I’d been losing.

“I never knew Evelyn’s last name,” I said. “Isn’t that weird?”…

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By: Date: 2023.11.28. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Danni didn’t know whether to be upset or angry about the remark made
by Karl, the oddly eccentric old man who was a regular visitor to the
small library where she worked. She should have been used to his lewd
comments and the uneasy knowledge of how he secretly ogled her as she
went about her duties between the shelves, …

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The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels – Teen Slutpuppy 3.
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I came home late one night and was heading up to bed
when I heard the soft sound of crying coming from my sister
Kim’s room. I knocked and she asked me to come in.

Kim was a beautiful girl, just turned eighteen. Her
hair is golden blonde, and it falls down to her shoulders in
these big girls. She’s …

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Desperately sucking teacher – orgy in the school
By: Date: 2023.11.08. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , , ,

Vivian Glenn walked rapidly back toward her classroom. Her heels clicked loudly, sending echoes through the deserted halls.
Damn these late meetings, she thought to herself as she glanced hurriedly at her watch.
Her kids, Andy and Christy, were probably already home. Andy would have gotten out of football practice by this time. He might have stopped off at the …

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Next door swingers 2.
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“You poor honey,” Pat said.
Lauren and Pat were in Pat’s living room and Lauren was complaining about her problems with Jim.
“It’s awful,” Lauren said. “I mean, he raped me.”
Pat chuckled. “Well, not quite, darling.”
“He did something hateful to me.”
“Like what?”
Lauren blushed. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
Pat chuckled again. “All right, I can …

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Janet has a great job, one she really likes a lot
By: Date: 2023.10.01. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

My whole body tingled with excitement as I removed the
robe in front of the class. The eyes of twenty young
students, both male and female absorbed every inch of
my body. I searched out the ones that looked at me with
lust in their eyes. That included most of the men. A
few of the men were serious artists …

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