Gladiator xxx

Thousand upon thousands of feet stomped on the ground above. Titan could picture the huge dust cloud that must be covering the landscape above as hundreds of men and women struggling to push against the tide entering the colosseum. The shouts of the crowd outside travel down into the pits below. Titan eyes the fresh […]


It was an October Friday evening when the white, 18 – y/o Larry and his 20 – y/o brother, Stefan. came home for lunch from the college they attended and found Gale, their divorced, 37 – y/o mother s open laptop in the kitchen with the following on its screen: – Considering I m masochistic, […]

A Halloween Sex Story

Author Notes: “Aoife, the Queen Maker” is the story the pixies told me when I wanted to write something else. Sometimes I write a story with a theme and plot that I have created; sometimes I just tell a story as it unfolds in my mind. The story I originally intended to create was a […]