Bestiality Woman

Except for minors and bodily – harm, the red – haired, 32 – y/o Adelle was interested in anything verbally degrading, kinky and physically abusive, to the point that Kevin, her handsome, white, sexist and 30 – y/o husband, often said she was notorious. Throughout his 3 – year marriage, though, he d cultivated her […]

Imaginary Valentine

Like usual, we chat on line telling each other what we were going to do when we finally hooked up. What we would do on our big Valentine’s Day date. What we would wear. What we would eat. What… What bullshit. You are words on a computer screen — nothing more. You aren’t really real. […]

Elve’s Holiday

She could not believe that she was lost. How could she lose her group? One minute she could see them up on the snowmobile trail and the next, they were gone. She got up to a place where two trails met and she had no idea which way they had turned. Sandra was on a […]

Santa and Jenny

Jenny slipped from beneath the comforter. Immediately, the cold air made her want to dive back under them but she needed a drink of water. She quietly padded barefoot down the hallway to the kitchen. As she passed the living room, she thought she saw movement. She crept back and peaked around the corner. She […]

Frank Daly’s sex story: A woman walks into the forest

I walked down the path lit only by the full moonlight on a very clear night. I could see billions of stars in the night sky maybe even trillions. They filled up the sky and filled me with comfort in a way that could only be described as secure and accompanied. The wind was subtle […]