Debbie at the Magic Kingdom

Debbie Benson made her way quickly down the stone stairway under the sign marked WOMEN near the border between the French and the Spanish “lands” at Florida’s Magic Kingdom theme park and was thrilled that she seemed to have the facility all to herself. On this day, like most for the frisky fourteen-year- old, Debbie […]

Annie’s Pictures

“Let’s look at those pictures again,” John said excitedly. “What pictures?” Annie asked. “Of you and Phillip. You know, your honeymoon pictures.” “Of us fucking?” Annie smiled impishly. “Yeah!” “I can’t believe you like to look at those,” Annie shook her head. “You’d think after marrying me you wouldn’t want those things around.” “You’re so […]

A boy’s pretty sister uses him as a model for her human sexuality research paper

I was reading The Red Badge of Courage when my 16-year- old sister came into my room without knocking, as usual. When I wanted to jerk off I had to make sure she was not home since the door didn’t lock. “Hey dork,” she said gaily, and I saw she had her little digital camera […]