Stepsister fucks her boyfriend in front of her stepbrother

The thought of watching his step-sister screw, excited Justin. She was a cute girl, blonde with big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had had sex before, and he always wondered what it would be like watching her do it. He had seen her naked a couple of times, and promptly jacked off after […]

On The Job Experience

“Brad….Brad! Did you understand the question?” “Huh? Uhh, I don’t think I did, Mrs. Gonzales. Maybe you could explain it again.” Brad felt his face grow warm as he became embarrassed. The musical voice of his favorite teacher had just awakened him from one of his recurring daydreams. The embarrassment wasn’t caused by the snickering […]

Sharing it with Juan

I just had to write you about an incredible ex- perience. Incredible, because I never thought it could happen to me! We like to go off-roading at a state park near our home, and one weekend last summer we took a friend along with us. Juan is my age, he originally came to this country […]