The first of my collection

It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine. Leslie had taken them from her but had seemed to have let her fingers linger on her […]

Jenny Becomes A Stripper

I like a lot of men, fantasize about my wife Jenny having sex with other men. She has a fantastic body. She is 5′ 5″, 115 lbs, Blonde just longer than shoulder length hair, very firm boobs, only 34 C and that is being generous. She is a very proportional 34-25-35 body. Jenny is 22 […]

On The Job Experience

“Brad….Brad! Did you understand the question?” “Huh? Uhh, I don’t think I did, Mrs. Gonzales. Maybe you could explain it again.” Brad felt his face grow warm as he became embarrassed. The musical voice of his favorite teacher had just awakened him from one of his recurring daydreams. The embarrassment wasn’t caused by the snickering […]