Barbi’s cunt for horses
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“Look at his cock,” Mona said as she caressed the powerful horse’s side. Barbi’s eyes widened as she spotted Beauty’s giant prick. She gasped as her breath caught in her throat. She gulped back her pounding heart and realized that her virgin pussy was pulsing for the horse’s prick.
“Now you know why you get hot all the time while you’re riding. It’s because your body knows more than your mind.” She stroked Beauty. “Your body has been telling you that you want his cock.”
Numb, Barbi nodded. She wanted Beauty’s cock. Every nerve in her body was tingling for the horse’s gorgeous prick.
“When can I have him?” Barbi asked, her voice laced with desire.
“Not yet,” Mona said. “First, you’ve gotta appreciate his prick. You can suck him off with your mouth.”
Barbi’s jaw dropped. She stared up at Mona. “In my mouth?”
Mona laughed. “Of course. By tomorrow, you’ll have Beauty’s cock in every hole you’ve got.”
Barbi swooned. Her cunt twitched and her asshole contracted. She swallowed hard as her mouth dried up. “My ass, too?”
“Yes,” Mona said. “But, not until you’ve sucked him off and had your cherry busted.”
Barbi was floating on a cloud of passion. She stared at Beauty’s prick and whimpered. “When can I suck him?” she asked, anxious to taste the horse’s cock. Mona eased the agitated horse down onto his side. On her knees, she calmed the black stallion, her soothing words relaxing Beauty as she caressed his flank and ogled his prick.
“It looks so big!” Barbi exclaimed. She squirmed closer. “It’s so big and beautiful.”
“Now, you know why I call him Beauty.” Mona skimmed her hands down Beauty’s flank and caressed his huge balls. “He’s got tons of delicious cum in here. And, it’s all for you.”
Barbi swayed as she watched Mona fondle Beauty’s giant balls. “Let me do it,” she whispered hotly.
“Go ahead,” Mona urged. She took away her hand and rested Beauty’s head on her lap. “Barbi’s gonna take good care of you, Beauty.” Beauty whinnied and flared his nostrils as Barbi brought her anxious fingers to his churning balls. His tail slapped at the ground and his ears flickered. Spit drooled from his mouth and soaked Mona’s lap.
Trembling, Barbi skimmed her hand along his fat hulking cock. “God,” she whimpered.
“He’s seeping,” Mona said, noticing the pre-cum oozing from Beauty’s pisser. “Taste it.” With her head spinning, Barbi smeared her finger over the thick glob of pre-cum that had seeped from his prick. She brought it to her quivering lips and shuddered.
“It’s delicious,” she moaned. “God… So delicious.” She licked her finger clean and shook.
“Wait ’til he’s squirting his jizz in your mouth,” Mona sighed. “You’ll go out of your mind.”
Barbi swallowed hard, imagining the horse spurting his cum into her mouth. “I’ll choke to death,” she panted.
“No you won’t,” Mona assured her. “It comes natural. You’ll see.” She rubbed her fingers over Beauty’s drooling lips. “I was scared my first time, too.”
Barbi stared longingly at the giant cock. She licked her lips, the taste of his jizz making her spasm. She caressed his prick and balls, working up the courage to put his prick in her mouth.
“Put his cock in your mouth,” Mona urged. “Use your lips, honey. Not your fingers.” She kept her eyes on Beauty’s raging hard-on. “C’mon… eat his cock.”
Sighing, Barbi brought her eager lips to Beauty’s thick cockshaft. She glided her lips along the length of his prick as it throbbed. She quaked then licked over his giant balls. With Mona keeping him calm, Beauty whinnied. His rump twitched and his balls swelled under the wet heat of Barbi’s sloshing tongue. He jerked as her mouth slithered up and down his prick then whinnied again as his big eyes bulged.
Barbi brought her trembling lips to the tip of his pisser. Cum seeped out and she smeared it over her lips and the head of his cock. She moaned softly, her fingers constantly caressing his prick and balls.
“C’mon, Barbi,” Mona urged softly. “Put his cock in your mouth. Give him a nice suck. He deserves it for the way he licked your pussy.”
As Barbi gained more courage, Beauty neighed. His rubbery lips drooled and he squirmed on his side. His balls ached as the child’s anxious hands caressed them. His head lifted and he twitched as his body quivered and tensed.
Barbi was creaming as she sampled every inch of Beauty’s giant prick. She kissed the cocktip and a spasm of joy swept through her. She kissed the horse’s cock again and hot buttery pussy cream flowed from her virgin cunthole.
“Suck him,” Mona said. “Don’t tease him too much.” She squirmed on the ground, her eyes glued to Beauty’s cock and Barbi’s wet eager lips. “Suck him!”
Barbi licked his balls again and swooned. She slithered her tongue up the length of his throbbing cockshaft as she hefted his cum-filled balls. They were heavy and her throat contracted.
She gripped his prickshaft then brought her lips to his pisser again. Her cunt spasmed and pussy cream churned inside her virgin cunthole. She swirled her tongue over Beauty’s prick then gasped as the highly aroused stallion banged the head of his cock against her mouth.
Agitated, his balls sore, Beauty lifted his head and snorted. The muscles under his rough black coat rippled with power. He squirmed on his side, snorting and twitching as Barbi teased his cock with her tongue and wet lips.
Barbi became bolder. She parted her lips and brought the fat head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked and a thick clump of Beauty’s cum oozed from his pisser and trickled over her tongue. She sucked again, allowing the slimy cum to ooze down her throat.
Mona let out a gasp. Seeing the child suck on the head of Beauty’s cock made her dizzy. Her hot cunt was on fire. She stroked Beauty’s forehead then glanced over at King’s stall. She shuddered. Once Beauty got his balls drained, she would show the young girl what it was like to be fucked. She turned her attention back to Barbi.
“Go on, Barbi. You can get more horse-cock in your mouth.”
Barbi was in no hurry. She was still a little frightened. She sloshed her spit over his cock then sucked. More jizz seeped over her tongue, making her quiver.
Mona kept the horse as calm as possible. She understood. “Take your time,” she said, concealing her impatience. “Get used to it.”
Barbi whimpered. She held his thick cockshaft and shifted her fist up and down the length of it. A moan slipped from her wet drooling lips as she inched the head of Beauty’s cock into her mouth. She felt the cockhead brush along the roof of her mouth. She moaned, his cock flattening her tongue as she inched it closer to her gullet.
“Relax,” Mona said. “Relax your throat before you take him any deeper.” She licked her lips nervously, anxious to watch the young girl take Beauty to his balls.
Beauty jerked on his side. He jabbed as he slapped his tail at the ground. Drool came from his foaming mouth and his rump began to twitch.
Barbi was swimming in a sea of lust. His cock had filled her mouth. She sucked air in through her nose and pushed forward as she relaxed the muscles in her throat. She was determined to take every inch of Beauty’s prick into her throat.
She gulped, breathing hard as the tip of Beauty’s cock clogged her gullet. She sucked, her tongue swishing across his cockshaft as she felt his prick stretch her gullet.
“You’re gettin’ it,” Mona rasped as she watched Beauty’s cock disappear into Barbi’s mouth. “You’re gettin’ it.”
Barbi was encouraged by Mona’s voice. She felt Beauty’s cock throbbing in her mouth and it made her pussy spasm. She squirmed on her side, her fingers gripping the horse’s cockshaft as she inched his fucker deeper into her throat.
“Keep goin’,” Mona urged. “I know you can do it.” Mona creamed, her nails scratching at Beauty’s forehead. “Easy, boy. She’ll get you off. Easy.”
Using her tongue, Barbi whipped it across Beauty’s prick. He jabbed and she gulped as his prick fucked deeper. She sucked, felt his cock throb and stretch her throat as another jerk of his body fucked more cockmeat into her gullet.
Beauty jerked on his side. The child’s hot sucking mouth had him crazy. His mouth opened and a shrill whinny came from his rumbling lips. He twisted on his side as drool soaked Mona’s flesh. His eyes widened and his pointed ears flickered. The teenager’s mouth was making his balls ache and the cum boil. Mona’s breath hissed out. She stared at the teenager gobbling on her first prick. Her pussy ached and she glanced back at King again as he neighed and kicked at his stall.
“Take it, Barbi.” She swayed, her tits jiggling as she sucked air into her lungs. “Take him to his balls.” She scratched Beauty’s forehead and creamed.
Barbi gobbled voraciously on the horse’s fat hulking cock. She tightened her grip around his cockshaft as more thick cockmeat entered her throat. She gurgled as his prick stretched her gullet and throbbed. She sucked, using her tongue like a whip as Beauty began fucking at her face.
“Fuck her, Beauty,” Mona wailed with excitement. “Suck him, Barbi! Suck him!”
Barbi wanted to please Mona. She relaxed her throat completely and shoved forward. At the same time, Beauty lunged. She gulped, his prick fucking deep into her tight gullet. Her lips touched her fingertips. She pulled them away and pushed forward, taking his prick to his huge balls.
Mona gasped. The child had taken every inch of Beauty’s hard prick. “Suck him, Barbi. Suck out his fuckin’ balls.” She swallowed hard, her cunt contracting wildly. “Chew him up! Bite him!”
Barbi’s head was swirling. She had taken Beauty’s prick to the hilt. She felt his cock throb deep in her gullet and it made her pussy spasm. She moaned and eased back as spit drooled from her clinging lips. She gnawed on his blood-engorged cockshaft as she slowly inched his fucker in and out of her throat.
“You’re doin’ great,” Mona said with enthusiasm. “Fuck your face with his cock! Make him whimper!” She squirmed on the ground, her tits heaving.
Barbi pulled back, leaving only the head of Beauty’s prick in her mouth. She whipped his pisser with her tongue as her spit glistened on his cockshaft. She grabbed his hulking prick and jerked her fist frantically up and down. Soft moans escaped her wet drooling lips as she met her shifting fist with her mouth.
“Fuck her, Beauty,” Mona rasped. “Fuck her mouth!”
Beauty snorted and jerked on his side. His rump twitched as he fucked his cock in and out of Barbi’s greedy mouth. His flanks heaved and his nostrils flared. The child was churning the cum in his balls. He neighed, his body twisting as one hard cock-jab after another filled Barbi’s hot sucking mouth.
Barbi kept her mouth drenched with spit. She shuddered each time Beauty lunged at her face. She pulled her hand away and took his cock into her throat again as his cum-filled balls slapped against her spit-soaked chin.
“You’re gonna get a load of cum soon,” Mona announced. “Suck harder! Chew him!” She scratched her nails down Beauty’s powerful neck. “Ram her face, Beauty. Rip her fuckin’ throat open.” The teenager feasting on Beauty’s prick had Mona shivering with joy. “God, what a cock-sucker! What a cock-suckin’ little kid!”
Beauty was agitated and highly aroused. His balls rumbled and he humped wildly. His bloated cock fucked into Barbi’s face and he whinnied as the heat from her mouth churned the jizz in his huge balls. Neck straining and muscles rippling, he fucked Barbi’s throat.
Barbi, gurgling on her first prick, slammed her head forward. His cock speared her gullet and she creamed. Using her teeth, she eased back. Sucking, she jammed forward again, fucking her throat with his hulking prick.
Neighing, Beauty lunged forward. His rump jerked and he fucked violently at her greedy mouth as his thick cock swelled and throbbed. He twisted, his long legs stiff and his tail slapping at the dirt as the young girl brought him toward the peak.
“Cream her, Beauty,” Mona rasped. She squirmed her ass into the hay-strewn floor and spasmed. She gulped, her eyes glued to Beauty’s driving prick as he fucked it into Barbi’s mouth. “Cream her, Beauty. Cream her fuckin’ mouth.”
Cum seeped from Beauty’s cock, oozed over Barbi’s tongue and trickled down her throat. She gulped, the taste of horse-cum exquisite as she took another deep suck on his prick. She caressed his balls and shuddered as they contracted in her hand.
“Come on,” Mona urged. “Suck him off.” She swayed, anxious to watch Beauty cream the child’s mouth.
Barbi was out of her head. She sucked, chewed and whipped his prick with her tongue. The seeping cum made her crazy, and she couldn’t wait until he was spewing his cum-load in her hungry mouth. A soft moan escaped her wet drooling lips as she took his prick to the balls again. The swelling of his hard cock told her she would get what she wanted at any second.
Beauty neighed as his balls swelled. His body lunged and jerked and his shrill neighing filled the stable as Barbi gobbled on his prick. He snapped his head up and whinnied as his dark eyes bulged. Spit drooled from his rumbling lips and he jabbed, fucking his prick deep into Barbi’s mouth. His head dropped back to Mona’s lap and he raced toward his orgasm.
Barbi was out of her head. She loved the steady pounding and hard cock-thrusts. She absorbed them, her head shaking as his balls collided with her chin. She sucked hard then chewed as he fucked forward. His whacking balls against her chin made her quake and she wriggled her ass as the inside of her cunt turned to fire.
“Cream, Beauty!” Mona screamed hysterically. “Suck him, Barbi! Suck him!”
The deep sucks and gnawing teeth took Beauty to the peak. His balls ruptured and he lifted his head. His entire body shuddered spastically as the hot cum rushed through his fat cock and squirted into Barbi’s hungry mouth.
“He’s cummin’!” Mona squealed. “Ooo… God. Suck him, Barbi. Suck out his cum!”
Barbi gurgled as the first spraying wad of horse-cum splashed over her tongue and flowed down her throat. He was cumming! It drove her mad. She sucked hard, the tangy taste of Beauty’s spurting jizz making her cream.
“Suck him!” Mona shrieked. “Fuck her face, Beauty!”
Barbi quivered. She was sucking him and Beauty was fucking her face. Her mouth filled with the thick gooey jizz of Beauty’s balls and flowed down her throat. She sucked harder, drawing wads of his jizz from his pisser as he fucked at her mouth.
Gulping and gagging, she drew in her cheeks as Beauty fucked violently at her face. She used her teeth, gnawing on his swollen cock as cum filled her cheeks and oozed from her clinging lips.
Beauty’s balls exploded again and he thrashed wildly on his side. His shrill neighs agitated King, causing the white stallion to kick at his stall. He snorted and fucked Barbi’s face as he drenched her mouth and whitewashed her throat with his spewing jizz.
Barbi was in ecstasy. Cum spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. She choked. His pounding thrusts and squirting wads were too much. Cum gushed from her lips and nose, but she didn’t stop. She choked, her head bobbing as she continued to drink from his erupting prick.
Spit drooled from Beauty’s foaming mouth as he fucked hard into Barbi’s face. Hot thick jizz shot through his cock, flooding the teenager’s mouth as he fucked into her throat.
Sucking wildly, Barbi gulped frantically on his cum-spewing prick. Thick clumps of horse-jizz spattered her throat and washed over her tongue. She gnawed on his cockshaft, her greedy lips flying up and down his erupting prick as his balls collided with her cum-drenched chin. Beauty twisted and jerked harder. His front legs stiffened and his tail whacked at the ground. Using all of his strength, he jammed hard, fucking his prick to the root as a stream of horse-cum spurted directly into Barbi’s tight gullet. Beauty’s cum overwhelmed Barbi. She gagged and jerked back. Her face turned red and her eyes bulged. She gulped then shoved her head forward as a stringy lump of jizz squirted into her mouth. She swallowed and bobbed her head as the last of Beauty’s cum splashed over her tongue.
“He’s finished,” Mona gasped as she watched Beauty twitch on his side. “Stop suckin’ him.”
Barbi was in a trance. She kept the horse’s cock in her mouth, sucking and chewing frantically as Beauty whinnied and twisted to be free.
Beauty jerked back, his slimy cock popping from the teenager’s cum-filled mouth. He staggered to his feet and tossed his head. Tail swishing, chest heaving and nostrils flaring, Beauty pawed the ground.
Barbi sat up. Cum dripped from her lips. A dreamy smile spread across her flushed face as she licked the horse-jizz from her mouth.
“It was so fantastic,” she panted. “So utterly fantastic.”
“I told you,” Mona said. “Horse-cock is the best in the world.”
“I thought I was gonna drown.”
“You’ll never drown on cum,” Mona said as she glanced over at King’s stall. “No matter how much the horse cums.”
Barbi giggled. “When can I get fucked?”
“Right after me,” Mona said.
“Great,” Barbi sighed. She was as anxious to watch Mona get fucked as she was anxious to get her own cunt fucked. “How you gonna get Beauty hard again?”
“I’m not.” She pulled herself up. “I’m gonna fuck King.”
Barbi looked over at the giant white stallion. “God, he’s bigger than Beauty.”
“And just right for my cunt,” Mona said as she walked slowly toward the stall. “Put Beauty away.”
Barbi pulled herself to her feet. Her legs were shaking and the inside of her virgin cunt was bubbling. “C’mon, Beauty. You can have my cherry later.” She led Beauty to his stall as Mona brought King to the center of the stable.

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