My Heart Of Steel Is Like Putty In Your Hands

“Hey there! Where you at girl?” Mary asked, bringing Linda back to her senses. She had been looking beyond Mary, out into space — literally. She was looking through the cafe walls, beyond the buildings of Metropolis University, right on out into outer-space. “I was just thinking about home,” Linda said, then she laughed. “Funny […]

What the Doctor Ordered

I had been having serious trouble with premature ejaculation, and my sex life with my wife had come to a complete stand still. Each time we began to make love, an irresistible urge to let go would seize me, and I would spill my essence on her threshold, leaving her wet, sticky and frustrated. We […]

Amanda’s Park Lesson

“Do we have to do this, Daddy?” Amanda asked as they walked the paved pathway through the park. Already she felt ogling eyes fixing on her body, barely covered by the tiny sundress Daddy had insisted she wear today. She liked dressing like a whore sometimes—plunging necklines, tight gym shorts to highlight her round ass—but […]