Wedding Tease

The sun was going down and the air was getting cool as the fairy lights above their table flicked on. Jess and Ben were sitting at a table of 8 amongst 12 other tables, all full of guests. It was Jess’ childhood best friend’s wedding – Jess hadn’t even expected to be invited, but she […]

The XXX Halloween Party

I rolled my eyes as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. “I can’t believe you’re dragging me to do this, Amy.” My bright blonde roommate gave me a grin. “I promise, we’ll have fun. You need a man, dressing in a slutty Halloween costume with me is how you’re going to get one.” […]

Bi Times in LA

I had only just turned 24 when I came across to LA to try out as a Kicker for a gridiron team. I’d been playing Australian Rules football in Melbourne and was considered one of the better kicks in the game, an American talent scout had seen me on the TV and made me a […]

Cum medicine

My wife Kellie and her sister Kristin sat in the doctors office waiting for him to return with results for Kristin’s recent blood work. She had been losing weight recently which wouldn’t be a big deal if she wasn’t already so petite. Kellie was worried enough that she had demanded that Kristin see the doctor. […]

Confessions of a Schoolgirl Slut

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Louise . I am only about 5ft tall; slim with lots of dark hair and hazel eyes. I look a bit like Christina Ricci I’ve been told. I have quite pouty lips. I used to hate my “fat” lips” but have since learned that they have their […]

Another Time and Place

Elize McCoy sat at the breakfast table playing with her sausage and eggs and trying to listen to her father who was going on about marriage. “But I have a whole year, Daddy. I’m only fifteen you know?” He smiled and lit his first cigar of the day. “True, true, but remember you are promised, […]