Fuck my ass, Billy !

It was Saturday morning, and I was just getting home from spending the night at a friends. My parents were out of town for the three day holiday, and I was supposed to stay at Tim’s the whole weekend, but I decided against it Tim’s girlfriend showed up and decided she wanted to go out, […]

A Spurned Boss

Allison was a pretty girl, a young newlywed enjoying herself at my party with her uncouth husband. I had hired her as a receptionist just two months before. She was a natural: a woman with a pleasant phone voice, a good personality that worked well with others and who was always bright and cheerful. Sure, […]

Principal’s Office

Your mind drifts back to when you were 16 years old and still in high school. You were well developed for your age. Your pretty athletic figure coupled with your large firm breasts made you one of the most attractive girls in your school. On this day in particular, you remember being in school on […]

Barbara’s orgy

The morning practice ride with Annette had been uneventful. No, it had been boring. They only did six miles, because Annette’s husband had to leave early, some meeting or something. Barbara did not listen as Annette had given her the details. They had passed numerous youths on their way to school as they peddled along. […]

Oh, God .. It’s so big

It was near Thanksgiving that Betty and Jean both invited Heather to join them over the holiday at their Mom’s house. Their mother was divorced and lived alone in a big, rambling house. Neither Jean or Betty knew that Heather had slept with both of them and Heather, in her usual private way, did nothing […]

Paper Man

I was trying to work my way through school so I took this job selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. It was a Friday evening and I was getting pretty tired when I knocked on a door in this apartment building. Well when the door opened I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. This […]