The Passing of Seasons
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I sat down in the chair facing my dresser with the
brush in my hand. Making eye contact with her face in
the mirror, I watched her slowly move toward me. After
handing her the brush I placed my folded my hands
abruptly into my lap and smiled just to let her know I
was ready.

Actually, I was more than ready. I was ready for more.
More of whatever she wanted. I felt her hands on both
sides of my face, gently pushing downward, ready to
take the brush to me. Feeling my nipples pressing out
against the soft fabric of my dress was enough make me
even more excited.

Starting at the top of my head, the brush moved slowly
through my hair, sending warm shivers to every part of
my neck and back. All I could think about was how much
I wanted to surrender to her touch, to give myself
completely over to her. And how I wanted to give her
those same delicious sensations too. The brush seemed
to glide through my hair a little more with each

“It’s *really* soft and shiny. Mmmmm…Mmmm. I’m just
falling in love with your hair!” She put one hand under
my chin and rubbed her face on the side of my hair,
lightly kissing it. Making me feel even weaker still
as my limp head dangled in her hands.

“I feel so tingly all over.” I blushed at my own con-
fession. Was this getting her excited too? I wondered
again. If so, there was no indication yet. And those
guilt feelings of mine would still come and go, just
when I was enjoying Jenny’s touch most.

Then she slid her hands up my neck, taking almost every
strand of hair with them. “Oh! Don’t we look so *cute*
with our hair up,” She gushed, trying out some dif-
ferent styles. For the first time that day I could feel
myself getting wet from all the attention and pampering
Jenny was giving me. I wanted her to prepare me for
whatever she wanted, to make me beautiful for herself.
I felt totally lost in those delightful feelings of
femininity. Like I was falling through space into her
loving arms.

It seemed to go on forever before she finally starting
braiding my hair. First my long locks were brushed back
and tied into two sections. Each section was then
separated further into three and braided, one section
over the other. She smiled at me in the mirror, closed
her eyes, and teasingly kissed into the air. I felt
like I was going to go crazy with desire while feeling
helplessly under her command. I anxiously awaited her
every move. When the braids were done, they were
fastened above my ears with clips.

She admired her work in the mirror gently turning my
head from side to side. “You look so lovely with these
braids, very attractive.”

Then she started massaging my exposed neck, making me
melt into her hands.

I had to talk about my feelings with her. “Jenny?” Our
eyes met. “I’m having a lot of feelings right now? It’s
a little confusing, I’m really sorry. I hope you don’t
think I’m… Well, this is making me kind of…”

“Excited?” She apparently knew what was going on with

“And guilty.” I added.

“I have to admit, this *is* very exciting for me too.”

“It is?!” It immediately made me feel better to hear

Jenny’s look told me she was up to something. “And you
know what else…”

“No.” I answered, feeling all pins and needles.

“I’m not done *yet* making you excited!”

With that her lips dove into my neck, kissing it up and
down and up and down some more. “Mmmmmm-HHHMMM. Don’t
you simply *adore* having your neck smooched?!” Jenny
had both her hands tightly woven into my hair, making
it impossible for me to move as she nibbled ever so
gently on my ear lobe. I felt completely helpless.
“Let’s see how these ears taste. Oh aren’t these
*delicious*! Yummy yummy!” Suddenly she went into a
feeding frenzy on my ear, making my whole body break
into goosebumps. Then I found out why she was holding
my head so tightly. She knew I would try to get away
when she shoved her tongue into my ear. It damn near
drove me crazy.

“Stop it!” I giggled, weakly attempting to escape.

“Stop it some more!” She teased with a momentary pause
from her meal. My chance came when she relaxed a little
and put her hands on my shoulders. In one smooth motion
I grabbed Jenny by the wrists guiding her hands under
the front of my dress. There would be no doubt what I
wanted now.

Precariously slumped over my chair, she struggled to
gain her balance while I directed her fingertips to
their intended target: my erect nipples. It almost
made me jump out of the chair when they were grabbed.
I felt a surge of blood make a beeline for that
excitable spot between my legs. She tweaked my small
breasts like radio knobs, desperate to find a station.

“Oh!!!” I moaned, writhing in the chair as Jenny
twisted, turned and pulled on my nipples making me
squeal in ecstasy.

Then I realized that the door to my bedroom wasn’t
locked! A terrible thought came into my mind. What
would happen if mom came in and saw this? What would she
think? I knew the answer to *that* question. She would
think that her daughter is a *lesbian*, that’s what
she would think!

“Jenny, I think we better lock my door just in case.”

She pulled her hands out and straightened the front
of my dress. I waited until the door was locked before
attacking. Into my bed we rolled after a perfect
tackle. We wrestled on the bed laughing. Jenny soon
learned that despite my smaller size I was pretty
spunky. She spent most of the time pinned down trying
to shake me off.

Now it was my turn to have some fun with her. Slowly,
I lowered my face toward her breasts, making sure she
knew what was coming. And shaking her head *wasn’t*
going to stop me either, although she made a feeble
attempt before breaking up into giggles. I practically
inhaled those big beautiful globes ignoring the fact
that I was soaking her dress in her process. Hopefully
another spot would be getting equally soaked at the
same time!

“Oh this is *so* delicious, why don’t we try the
other!” I joked. All of her squirming did no good as
I buried my mouth into her ripe breast. She probably
could have gotten away if she wanted to, but guess
what! Besides, I had already warned her that she would
only get *more* if she tried to escape!

I gasped, trying to catch my breath. “I think we
should stop now Jenny, don’t you?”

Obviously not from look she gave me. “Nnnnt…nnnnn”
Her head began to shake back and forth with a teasing

I tried to keep a straight face. “I…I’m n..not sure
we should go any further.”

“Don’t lie to me, it will only make things worse for
you!” Threatened Jenny.

Thinking about the assortment of possible punishments
for bad girls such as myself was a major turn-on. Not
that I wasn’t *already* turned on beyond my wildest
dreams! It just made things even *more* intense.

Thinking about what she might do to me next was making
we feel weak at the knees. She was going to have her
way with me, I was sure about that. I laid my head back
off the edge of the bed, baring my neck in surrender.

Wvery inch of my body was quivering in delightful
anticipation for what was coming next. I felt like I
was in a dream state, floating on a soft cloud of love.

Jenny must have loved making out with my neck as much
as I did, it sure seemed that way with the endless time
she spent there. Telling me over and over how *cute* I
was and how *soft* my hair felt and nibbling my ears
here and there. Just when I thought that I couldn’t
*possibly* get any more excited, I would move to
another level of ecstasy.

“Can you be in love with another girl, Jenny?” I asked

She answered in a gentle whisper. “I am…in love with

A wave of tingly shivers passed over me when I heard
those words. It was so beautiful. Please last forever,
I remember thinking.

“I’m *so* much in love with you too, Jenny. My sweet-
heart, Jenny. You are so beautiful.”

That brought on another wave of neck kisses and
matching shivers. I lifted her head up and looked
deeply into those endless blue eyes of hers. Then our
lips met slowly and passionately. I never thought a
kiss could make me feel so wonderful.

A sudden knock on the door made me shutter. Jenny
reassured me it was locked as mom’s voice called
through the closed door. “Sarah dear? Would you girls
like to join me for a little tea party downstairs?”

Embarrassed, I looked at Jenny.

“I’d love to.” She surprised me. “I haven’t done that
since I was a little girl.”

I finally answered my mother. “Ok mom, we’ll be down
in a few minutes.”

Knowing mom she would go all out on something like
this: all the fine silverware and fancy china, pretty
linen tablecloth and napkins. The works. She always
did like to spoil me with nice things, not that I
minded being spoiled. I guess it’s one of the few
nice things about being an only child. And of *course*
she would expect me to be dressed appropriately for
the occasion as well, luckily I already was. She would
certainly be wearing one of her most elegant dresses.
Sometimes I got the feeling that she wanted to be my
age again. But I doubt she ever did anything like what
Jenny and I had just done. No way!

We walked done the stairs together, pretending that
nothing had happened. Jenny’s eyes lit up when she saw
my mother’s elaborate preparations. There sat my mom
in an off-white victorian gown that was just gorgeous.
I knew she had been collecting these antiques for a
while, but she hadn’t showed me this one yet. It was
a lace lovers delight, very formal with a high collar,
ruffled long sleeves, and buttons all the way down the

Mother looked just as fancy as all the petite teacups
and silver spoons that adorned the table.

We all sat there sipping tea as the sunlight poured in
through the window.

Every now and then I would steal a glance into Jenny’s
eyes, thinking about how much I was in love with her.
Usually it would make me giggle. Mom didn’t seem to
catch on.

She smiled at my new girlfriend. “So Jenny, can you
tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you from this

“I grew up here, and you? You’re accent sounds

“Quite right you are.” Mom emphasized her proper
english while watching Jenny over the top of her
raised teacup. “Tell me.” She clutched the cup with
both hands and leaned back in her chair. “Have you
any boyfriends?”

I spit up my tea into the cup. “MO…UUMM!” I couldn’t
believe my mother. Asking such a personal question of
someone she hardly knew, but that was *her* all right.
She was very blunt, very direct, but equally as
charming. I figured out what she was doing. It was
obvious that someone as attractive as Jenny would be
very popular, and just maybe, mom could persuade her
to set up a date for me. If it wasn’t too much
trouble, of course.

Jenny didn’t seem to be fazed in the least bit by the
question. She paused for a moment before answering
with a penetrating stare.

“Actually I’m looking for a new relationship.”

“Oh?” Responded my mom. “Do you care to elaborate?”

“Yeah, the last one couldn’t keep his damn hands out
of my pants!”

Wholly crap! I thought, waiting for mom’s reaction.
If Jenny thought she was capable of making my mother
blush, she had another thing coming. And mom reacted
just the way I expected too, she loved someone who
was as tactless as herself. She laughed and nodded her
head over and over again, pointing at Jenny.

“Well dear, you *must* understand. It’s simply not
their *fault* you know. It’s those *constant* erections
that boys your age have. Are you aware that they have
them night and day?”

I reeled back in my chair from the shock wave.

Jenny wasn’t short on comebacks either. “Really! And
all that time I thought he had a big dildo or something
in his pocket!” They both erupted into laughter.

I interrupted the giggles, barely believing my ears.
“Ok!… Now that we’ve broken the ice…Hey mom, I
really love that dress, when did you get it?” Even out
of the corner of my eye I could see how red Jenny’s
face was. I was embarrassed too, but this naughty
talk was also very stimulating. I was ready for another
*session* with her in my bedroom at that point.

But to sit there any longer with my mom would have
been incredibly uncomfortable so I made up some reason
to get out of there. “Oh goodness Jenny! Weren’t we
supposed to meet your friends at the beach at 10:30?”

She looked a little puzzled until she caught my winking
eye. “Oh, that’s right, would you be so kind to excuse
us please?” A question aimed at my mom.

“Of course dear, you two have a lovely time now.”

I quietly slipped away, meeting Jenny on the porch.
Talk about being at a loss for words!

The bright sunshine made me squint. “I’m really sorry
Jenny….about my mom.”

“I think your mom is really cool. I wish I could talk
to my parents that way.”

She did have a good point, I guess. Mom had always been
open to talk about sexual things, almost too open for
me. She knew it was hard for me to talk about it with
her. But with Jenny, I felt that I could discuss
anything, no matter how personal. It was almost like
she was a part of me already, we shared an intimacy
that never could have imagined. As we walked past the
little cottages along the hillside my mind kept
wandering back to Jenny. Her special touch and loving
ways made me feel soft and warm inside.

On the way up the boardwalk steps I had to stop and
tell her. “Jenny?” I whispered. “You make me feel so
special and loved. I feel like I can’t give you enough
in return.”

With a tender gaze into my eyes, she spoke. “Oh Sarah,
you are such a treasure. I saw you when you first came
here and I watched you everyday. I knew then that you
were special. And I could sense your sadness. I wanted
so much to love you and to be loved by you. I feel so
lucky to have found you. I really love you, my darling

I reached out and drew her into a long and deep
embrace. My heart was overwhelmed with joy while we
held each other, gently rocking from side to side.
All I could think about was how much I desperately
wanted to be alone with her, but also aware of our
public display of affection and what passersby might
think. And we were both dressed up so fancy and
frilly, I could almost feel the extra attention we
were getting already. I wanted to run and hide some-
where alone with my Jenny.

Jenny’s expression changed to a frown when she saw a
distant figure on the boardwalk. It had to be her old
boyfriend by the nervousness I was picking up. Noticing
Jenny, his direction became more deliberate. Jenny’s
head fell as she turned around to leave. The brightness
of her smile, the light in her eyes, gone suddenly as
if a switch had been thrown.

I tried to attract her eyes, but there was no response.
The footsteps came closer, running now. I knew she
would need to leave me, but inside I was calling to her
“Jenny come back, please come back Jenny.” I was over-
whelmed by those same feelings of sadness and loneli-
ness that I had come to know so well. The brief moment
of what seemed like heaven to me was being shattered
as I watched them walk off together. The wave goodbye,
the smile. It wasn’t real, I just knew it. Somehow she
had changed into someone else.

Maybe they really hadn’t broken up after all, but why
didn’t she tell me? And how could I be jealous of her
going out with a guy anyway? Isn’t that the way it’s
supposed to be? Why couldn’t I just be like everyone
else and find a boyfriend?

The memories of Nebraska started coming back again.
There was mom’s unsuccessful attempts to set me up
with dates, and there was the barn dance that everyone
*else* got asked to. Oh yes, and the teasing that I
endured in school about being a “tom-boy”. I *had* to
be tough, just to survive. I never let anyone get close
enough to hurt me. But I was hurt now. It was hard to
hold back my tears as I walked back up the hill.

The house was empty when I got home. I trudged up the
stairs after grabbing a few crackers to eat. The only
appetite I had was for Jenny. But now, the feelings
had turned to anger at her for leaving me. Betrayal,
that’s how it felt when the tears started pouring out

I cried myself to sleep on my bed, waking to the ring
of the telephone. Oh my goodness! My mind raced while
still half sleep. Could that be Jenny? I stumbled down
the stairs, hoping to grab it before the last ring. But
the receiver was dead as my luck that day would have
it. Even if it was Jenny, there would be no way for me
to call her back because I didn’t have her phone

It was that time of day again when I would go to the
boardwalk. To watch the tiny sailboats come into the
harbor. To listen to the roar of the waves crashing
into the beach. To meet Jenny. I wondered if I should
take the chance and risk more disappointment. But her
warm voice seemed to be drawing me there. I could hear
her as if she was with me. That soft gentle whisper
telling me I was so precious and special, so beautiful
to her. Her delicate touch stroking my hair with little
kisses here and there. Those wild distant eyes of hers.

Somewhere within those thoughts of Jenny, my decision
was made. I jumped into my favorite pair of overalls
and was on my way. Life was going to go on for me in
any case. The same strength that been had there to
carry me through in times past seemed to surge through
me again. Growing stronger with each step.

I scanned across the boardwalk as I approached, hoping
she was there. The place appeared deserted with the
incoming fog and drizzle. I shook off a chill, refusing
to let it get me down.

I thought I recognized a lone figure crumpled up on a
beach towel, wasn’t that her? Could it be? As I slowly
made my way over to her I could hear the sobs. It was

“Are you OK?” I called, startling her momentarily. She
nodded sadly and made a some room on the towel for me.
A moment passed quietly while I watched those teary
eyes stare out to sea.

“Can I hold you Jenny?” I knew the answer before
asking. She felt like a wounded animal in my arms,
needing to be nursed back to life with my love. She
would talk when she was ready and I would be there for
her. It felt so wonderful to give back what she had so
freely given to me. With my arms wrapped around her
tightly, I wanted to protect her from every hurt. My
precious Jennifer.

“Well, Sarah. It’s over now…my boyfriend and me.”
Her tears were leaving.

“I’m sorry.” I consoled her with another squeeze.

“He kept saying that I was teasing him sexually with
the way I dressed and acted, getting him excited then
pushing him away. I kept trying to tell him that I
didn’t want to go any further, but he just kept on
pushing me, making me even more afraid of him.”

Maybe a walk down the beach would help get her mind
off him and keep me from getting frostbite, I thought.
I stood up and offered her a hand. The joy that I had
felt was quickly returning, hoping that she would be
all mine now. It was so good to have her back, but I
wanted those feelings to last forever. With arms
around each other we watched as the waves tumbled
ashore. The fog muffled their sound like a soothing
autumn wind.

I flashed back to my bedroom and our playful adventures
there. Would I see her there again? The memories of our
kissing and touching began to flood my mind.

“Let’s walk back to my house, Jenny.” I suggested. “We
can warm up and get into some dry clothes.” She felt
more wet than I was, shaking from the cold. Her sad
face made me wish that I could warm her up on the
inside too.

Then I remembered that my parents were going out
tonight with some friends and mom said they wouldn’t
be back until late. We would have the house to
ourselves though Jenny obviously wasn’t in the mood
for anything sexy.

It was almost completely dark when we got to my house.
Suddenly I realized that the days had gotten shorter.
And that meant school again, boy was that a depressing
thought. I put some soup on the stove and looked over
at Jenny.

“Do you know what I could use right now?” Her eyes lit
up just a little when she asked me. “A nice, long hot
*bubblebath*. Like to join me?”

“Oh yes! I’d love to!” I answered excitedly.

It felt so nice when my nipples reached out and
brushed against my shirt. It was going to really be
hard to leave her alone, but I would have to, remem-
bering what she had said about her boyfriend. Of
course it wouldn’t hurt to try getting her in the
mood, would it? I had plenty of ideas for that. Just
thinking about it was making me feel all soft and
feminine inside. And the idea of taking a bath with
Jenny. How delicious. Luckily we had a big tub.

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