For Those Who Think Young

A man somewhere in his mid thirties is standing by the side of the busy city street watching traffic go by. He pulls his cellular phone out of his mid priced dark gray business suit and begins talking about plans for the afternoon meeting with the owners of Steinberg Holdstrom Institutional Technologies. An interviewer approaches […]

The Pleasures of Fellatio

Men like a woman to play with their penis. To them it is their most important appendage and needs lots of attention by their lover. If you’ve never just taken the time to look at the male member, I suggest asking your man to get naked and lay on the bed while you inspect it. […]

Sally and I pick rent a limousine and pick up men at bars so she can suck and fuck them

I am in love with my wife Sally. I am also in lust with her. She is the only woman who truly turns me on and I have no interest in other women. But, for some reason I cannot figure out, I get even more turned on when other men are attracted to Sally. When […]

The Holiday Goes With A Swing

After their flight from the UK and the journey from the airport both Beth and James felt tired and weary and were glad of help. As it was their first visit they had been met at the airport by a representative of the Time Share Company and they found Giselle Wixforth extremely helpful and attentive. […]

Sex Lottery

“Ted, I heard you’re having trouble paying your bills. Is this true?” What could I say? Kate was the girl of my dreams and I didn’t want her to think I was a bum. But at the same time, I didn’t want to lie to her either. “Oh come on Kate. You know how it […]

My mom’s pussy

I was 16 when I found the sex education books in my mom’s night stand. The books showed sketches of the male and female reproductive organs. I had never seen anything like that before. Growing up on a farm I had seen animals mating all the time. (I really liked watching the bull breed our […]