Oral Camping

Try to imagine this: For some reason you’re out in the woods and its drizzling rain everywhere. Then it begins to come down very very heavy, and you’re running around looking for cover. The sky is grey, you’re cold you’re wet and the wind is chilling your face. Then you see a light just up […]


My husband and I are avid BBsers and enjoy some of the Adult stories we read on a local Adult Board we have here in Tucson. We’ve lived in Arizona for 12 years now ever since Bill (My Hubby) got transferred here. We have two kids ages 7 & 9, we’ve been married for 13 […]

Joanna the skinny whore

“Stephanie, I never said you weren’t pretty. I just said that some men prefer, well, different types of wo- men.” Joanna grunted as she lifted a sack of potatoes from the car. “You can’t expect every man to drool over you.” Stephanie continued to sort through the brown grocery bags, searching for the one with […]

If I was your LOVER

You comfortable? Do you need anything before we start? Good, just sit back and relax. Put all your cares out of your head. That’s it. I’m gonna make you feel real good. You’re sitting in front of your computer. We’re both naked already. I’m straddling you right now. Kissing you. Soft and gently. Then harder […]

Sabrina’s Sex Surrogate

Sabrina waited nervously in the reception area. The lovely young woman kept fidgeting with her long auburn hair and smoothing her pale blue sundress. She’d been building up the courage to make this appointment, now she had to keep focused on the reason she was here. The 27-year-old wife wanted to be a better lover. […]

Private Orgy

The invitation arrived with the mail on Tuesday. At first Beth dismissed it, thinking it was another credit card offer. But just as the attractive young housewife was about to toss the envelope in the trash, something about it caught her attention-there was no stamp. The expensive black envelope also had no return address; it […]

Assault Bitches From Hell

    Lieutenant Anderson waited outside of the office of the Chief of Staff for Destroyer Squadron Two. He had no idea what the COS wanted, but he really didn’t care very much. In ten days, very much against his will, he was going to be a civilian. He planned to burn his uniforms as […]