Hairy Mary and Trixie the College Girl

A mature, hirsute lesbian cleaning woman lusts after the young college girls that she sees every day at work. Then before she knows it, she’s experiencing a lustful love session with an 18-year-old freshman lesbian. Mary pulled her beat-up old car in front of her house and stepped out. It had been a long day […]

Cum medicine

My wife Kellie and her sister Kristin sat in the doctors office waiting for him to return with results for Kristin’s recent blood work. She had been losing weight recently which wouldn’t be a big deal if she wasn’t already so petite. Kellie was worried enough that she had demanded that Kristin see the doctor. […]

Sex with my gorgeous neighbour

Hi dear sir, this is Raj from Belgavi (North Karnataka) I am a regular reader of these stories here, I am narrating a story which happened a month back during lockdown. I am 37 separated and living alone I am self employed, I am 5.7 feet tall not very fair but normal complection with a […]

Old Acquaintances

I always hated shopping for clothes. I always seemed to come back with something I didn’t want. Perhaps this was because I went about it as fast as I could, which was a direct result of hating shopping so much. But here I was in a men’s clothing store looking through a rack of pants […]

Play Eros 2.

Life was busy with new work for the both Sue and me. Her big sexual experience with the Englishman had begun to fade and we didn’t have any new experiences for sometime. Sue was dressing as sharp as ever, complementing her petite 5’4″ body. Her skirts were well above the knee, and most always, those […]

Confessions of a Schoolgirl Slut

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Louise . I am only about 5ft tall; slim with lots of dark hair and hazel eyes. I look a bit like Christina Ricci I’ve been told. I have quite pouty lips. I used to hate my “fat” lips” but have since learned that they have their […]

Cindy Goes Black

As we had discussed and planned, I am sitting silently in the hotel room awaiting Cindy’s return from the hotel lounge. The emotions racing through my mind and many and varied. Among them are fear, jealousy, excitement, disbelief and surprise… but most of all… arousal. Fear that we have stepped headfirst into a fantasy that […]

A 30-year-old divorced woman ventures out to a local Honky-Tonk

One night when I was living in an apartment in Mobile, in my early 30’s, I decided I wanted to go out. I didn’t want to go by myself so I called Rose and Betty and got them to go with me. We went to get a bite to eat at what used to be […]