Wife wants husband to eat her after he cums in her but he is reluctant

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Madge said. “I didn’t say it did,” said Everett. “But you don’t object to eating me out,” she said, “and you even seem to enjoy it.” “I wouldn’t put it that way,” he said. “To be honest, what I taste and smell down there are not pleasing to me. What […]

A man takes a trip on a private plane and gets to enjoy the stewardess

Not long ago I had gotten a job working in public relations for a mining company… a Russian mining company. I guess they figured that, as an American, I would be better prepared to deal with the western press… Ultimately, though, after six months of being unemployed I was happy to have a job. I […]

A pretty girl asks older brother to show it to her. He does.

Billy, my lovely   sister said in her most pleading voice, “Please let me see your penis.” That took a moment to penetrate and then I stopped polishing my history paper and turned to face her. She was wearing two towels. One wrapped in her long blonde hair and the other encircling her exciting young body, […]

Asstr Tranny Show

Friday had rolled around the family was out of town and I was wondering how to pass the time. Cruising the computer porn sights didn’t do much but bore me. I looked up the local escort sight to see if my favorite t-girl was in town working. Yes she was. I called her to see […]

Nerds Orgy In Space

My name is Leonard Ruben. I’m an old time rocket scientist. It’s not my real name, of course, but if you are reasonably familiar with the NASA lunar program, you can probably figure out who I am. Not that you would want to. The events I will describe took place half a century ago and […]