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Suzanna my wife fucks for cash
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The sun gradually dipped below the horizon, imparting first an inky twilight
upon the landscape and then a humid darkness. Mosquitoes, which were
particularly heavy this season thanks to a wet winter without many frosts,
made their appearance as well, feasting on the legs and arms of the guests.
The temperature dropped from the low nineties to the low eighties …

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Trapped in Stone 1. – Bdsm story
By: Date: 2024.04.11. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , ,

After the movie, the clutch of girlfriends decided to get a
late-night snack at a local diner. After the main course, they
sat chatting over coffee and desert.

“Guess who I saw today, Surrey?” Janice asked, looking like a
tease. Janice was Surrain’s closest friend. They had been
roomates when they were undergrads. Janice was from New York,
tall, thin, …

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Sammy and a Mother’s Plans
By: Date: 2024.03.17. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , ,

By now customary, Sammy awoke with his member in Kate’s mouth. He
stretched languidly, feeling her pleasing tongue but unlike the first
time, not yet ready to climax. Daylight streamed in the windows. Fully
clothed in her maid’s uniform, she bent over the side of the bed,
studying him from the corner of her eye.

The pleasure ended as she …

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Another true story of satisfying my nympho fiances sexual needs
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I thought for a couple of days about Nadia’s fantasies trying to decide which one to make happen for her. I wanted to keep it as much of a surprise for her as I could. I was enjoying the thoughts of watching my fiancé live out her nympho dirty fantasies. Then I decided when I looked at the calendar. I …

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My Mom’s Boyfriend fucked me hard
By: Date: 2024.02.20. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Boarding flight 253 for Denver, the loudspeaker
screamed. I hurriedly gathered my things and moved
toward the gate. It had been 5 years since I had seen
my Mom and her husband. I had been studying in Hawaii.

My longtime dream had finally come true of becoming
doctor. I had completed my residency and now I was a
full fledged …

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Shauna, Lisa’s mom is a blonde bombshell, looking as good as Lisa does for her 36 year age
By: Date: 2024.02.10. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

My name is Amie, and I’d like to say I’m your average all-American teen, but I’m not. At you might say I’m sexy as hell, with a body that will make anyone get wet. I have spectacular breasts, and I love to walk with my chest pushed out, like I’m clearing the way as I walk for everyone to stand …

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Relentlessly, the vibrators and clit tickler pummeled at her
By: Date: 2024.02.03. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Eva watched her parents’ car disappear as it turned the corner. She
stepped away from the window and drew the blinds, blocking out the
sunlight. Her parents had just left on a weekend getaway to northern
Minnesota, leaving her home alone for the next two days. It had taken some
pleading because her parents were understandably reluctant about leaving
their …

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A husband becomes disenchanted with his pretty wife
By: Date: 2024.01.30. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , , , ,

“DON”T leave the kitchen sink in such a mess like

“What mess? Its just a few leftover soap suds.”

“It drives me nuts.”

Well, she drives me nuts, too.

Once again, I couldn’t get anything right. Why can’t
she just chill out, lighten up, stay cool, or whatever
slang the youth of today would use to describe it?

It …

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Just be a Good Girl
By: Date: 2024.01.23. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , , ,

I was blessed in life. I had a beautiful wife, Ashley, and she gave me
a gorgeous little step-daughter when the two of us were only twenty-one. Like
her mother, Emma had light brown hair, blue eyes and a thousand-watt smile.

My perfect world ended ten years later when Ashley left us without
warning. Part of the reason I had …

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Ebony Confessions – The Black Experience
By: Date: 2024.01.20. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

I recently had sex with someone other than my husband for
the first time. What bothers me is that it was by far the most
exciting experience of my life.
I am a forty-year-old mother of two sons. I have been
married for nineteen years to a wonderful, caring and loving man.

Before we had children, Frank liked to take …

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Kathy echoed, suckling down her good husband’s dick
By: Date: 2024.01.17. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

“How did the interviews go?” asked Kathy, unbuttoning her blouse.
Sitting on their bed, Jeff looked up, still lost in thought. “Did
you find someone to help you?” “Nope,” he said, watching calmly as his wife unclasped her bra.
“Tomorrow will be looking at four more applicants.” Caught
boyishly by the sight of Kathy’s naked breasts, Jeff smiled slightly. “That’s …

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Debra Fucks My Car
By: Date: 2024.01.10. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

I was living in northern California and attending college when I
met Debra. I was thirty-five, having gotten a late start on academic
life, and she was ten years younger. She was tall, athletic, and
adventurous; she also had a curvaceous body, slim-waisted with
proudly jutting, firm tits, and a truly delightful pussy with the
fleshiest lips I had ever …

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We become swingers 2.
By: Date: 2024.01.02. Categories: Just Swinger Stories Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

I couldn’t move for a moment as I looked up at Peter.
(By the way, Peter looks just like Chuck Norris to me,
except his hair is a reddish-blonde color and he’s
much younger. He even wears a closely cropped beard
just like Norris.) Then I realized that I had my boy-
friend’s erect cock in my hand and that …

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