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The Nursing Facility
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For years I worked as a geriatrics nurse, specializing in
relaxation techniques. I had a wonderful and prestigious job at a
very posh facility, with patients mostly aged 70-80, (still well
enough to care about life.)

Mr. Peterson was a dear old fellow about 72 years old, who
enjoyed my company and conversation. He liked to hear about my
life, …

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Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very hot black/white sex
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This here a follow-up on me and that sweet white Maureen. I have
been seein Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very
hot black/white sex.

She just love my fat, black dick, and I can’t gets enough of her
hot white pussy. Some days we spends more time lickin and suckin
each other than actual fuckin.

Last …

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Carol’s small noises of pleasure mixed with Jeff’s deep groans
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Jeff said, “Thanks for coming over. I think I’m doing something
wrong. Can you help me?”

“Sure,” Carol replied, “What’s going on?”

“When I try to import a new document into the system, I’m getting
this weird error message. I’m not sure what it means.”

“Let’s take a look. Oh, I see what that is. You aren’t doing anything…

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My husband will love to find out what it feels like in your rear
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“You heard about Nancy Jenson, didn’t you?” I was out raking our front
yard and our neighbor Diane was talking to me. I hadn’t known she was
acquainted with Nancy Jenson and briefly wondered whether she was
talking about the one that I knew.

“You know Nancy?” I finally asked.

“Yes. You heard that she and her husband are separating, …

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Jason stood there, enjoying the blowjob
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Class had already started when they reached the gym, though just the
warmup. The Program rules allowed necessary protective gear, and the
two were allowed a white mesh jockstrap and a sports bra of the same
material, respectively.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, from Kylie’s point of view),
the bra outlined and enhanced her breasts more than anything else, the
slight …

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Free sex story – Amelia’s husband and his big cock
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Amelia’s husband smiled, he wanted her back badly. If she could excite him
like that maybe she was worth hanging on to. After all, he could make a lot
of money out of her, he reasoned. “I’ll never treat you badly again, I
promise you that.” He took a deep breath before asking her, “Are you ready
to return home …

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A businessman tries out a new “adult company” lounge and finds it very much to his liking
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I was flipping through the alternative paper, and I ran across a
coupon for a new place had opened in town, the “VIP Lounge”. No cover
charge and only $21 an hour before 10pm. I had heard something of
these places on the net but I was interested to see how they worked in
practice. It was that rarity in …

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