Sara At The Center

Alone they could each be considered daring, but together they were just plain dangerous. The words of a toast and not his words, he thought, but true enough. Clearly his best man knew a little something about he and Sara. This, a second time around for both of them, was a merging of two who […]

An African pimp puts his latest sweet white conquest to work

Vicky sprawled on the satin sheets as the waves of pleasure from her orgasm receded. Her senses were returning and the hot throb in her loins included an aching rawness. She had been fucked! It had been far more exciting than her fevered teenage imagination had led her to expect. The orgasm more intense than […]

The slut name was Lily

Her name was Lilly. We were the same age, and ever since we hit puberty, I’ve been fascinated with her body. I never told her, of course, at least not before that day. Lilly was gorgeous; she was arguably the best-looking girl in the high school, and she drove me crazy. She boasted perfectly shaped […]