Mean Mom
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“What the fuck are you two doing?” Susan demanded,
crashing into her son’s bedroom. Frustration and
resentment, both sexual and non sexual had festered
all morning. Frank, her husband of almost twenty years,
had fucked her that morning, and like so many times in
the last years, left her unsatisfied. Now this- Timmy,
their only son, and his best friend, Bobby, both
fifteen, scrambled wildly to hide their actions. Clad
only in their jeans, their shirts and shoes lay beside
the bed.

Susan stalked to the bed, crossed her arms under her
smallish breasts and glared at her son. Red faced, he
cringed away from her. “M-M-Mom, I-We-” THWAP! Her
right hand lashed out, stinging the boy’s cheeks and
ending his stammering.

“Shut up,” she said, pointing one slender finger at
the mountain of magazines between the boys. “I can see
what you were doing. What’s your father going to say
when he finds out that you’ve been nosing around in
his stuff?”

She picked up an open magazine. The full-page image
burned into her mind and fueled the angry lust in her
loins, hardening her bare nipples under her silk
blouse. A blonde woman sat atop a man, his unbelievably
thick tool stretching her asshole to its limit, while
her fingers spread her glistening labia. The woman was

She flipped the magazine away like tossing away a
banana peel. “We let you stay by yourself this summer,
and the first day, I come home…I find this.” She
looked at Bobby. “I guess that I’d better call Louise
and-” “M-M-Mrs. Blake!

No!” the other boy blurted out. “Please don’t call my
mom!” Bobby pleaded, almost in tears.

“Can it, Bobby,” she said, no mercy in her cold stare.
His obvious fear only intensified the growing heat in
her groin. The blond-haired boy was slimmer than her
husky son but a good looking kid whom Susan had always
liked. Her eyes fell to their crotches. Where throbbing
cocks had been, trembling hands covered open flies and
shriveled weenies.

She stood stiffly, tapping her foot, thinking. Here
was the perfect opportunity to indulge herself. Did
she dare? A second open magazine displayed a fiery
redhead stuffing four fingers into her swollen cunt,
then on the next page, feeding them into her smiling
mouth. She picked it up and threw it at her son.
“Finish it.”

“Wha–?” Timmy started.

“I said, finish what you were doing,” she snapped. If
you’re going to beat your meat to this shit, then do
it…right here in front of me. Come on. Get those
damned pants off. NOW!” she spat out, catching the
hair on their heads and yanking them back cruelly.

Like a couple of whipped puppies, they cowered before
the slender brunette, and slowly slipped out of their
jeans. Bobby wasn’t wearing underwear. Intriguing, she
thought. He sat, knees pulled up to his chest, hiding
his soft cock between his thighs, and shaking like a
leaf. “You,” she said, pointing at Timmy. “Lay down.”

Wordlessly, he lay back until his head hit the pillow,
legs stretched out. She looked at the teenage boy, a
perverse thrill racing through her body, tingling in
her hard nipples and teasing her stiffening clit, as
her swelling labia pressed against her panties.

“Bobby. Take his shorts off.”

“Mom. I can do-”

She snapped her fingers. “Hush up.” Then to Bobby, “Do
it. NOW!” The boy leaned forward, reached for his best
friend’s underwear, and tugged them down his slender

“Ohhhhh, shit,” Susan hissed, as she got her first
sight of boy meat, the patch of dark hair at its base,
the blunt tip wet with precum. “Come on. Get it hard,
it hard and jack off.”

“Mom, I can’t-”

“Oh fuck me,” she sighed, rolling her eyes toward the
ceiling then glaring at her son. She caught his soft
cock and taut balls in her long-nailed fingers.

“Owwwww!” the boy groaned, as she clamped down on his
privates. “MOM?”

“What kind of sissy kid did I raise anyway? Can’t even
get his teeny weenie hard to jack it off? Jeeeze….”

She pushed Bobby down. “Bobby will then. Oh my,” she
cooed, her mouth watering at the sight of the naked
boys lying side by side. Bobby’s thin patch of blond
hair nestled a cock that was considerably thicker and
longer than her son’s. The tip, long and smooth and
wet, poked out of his foreskin.

“Beat your meat, Bobby.”

Bobby shyly held his limp cock in his shaking hand.
Finally, he pulled the skin down onto the shaft to
show the bullet-shaped head.

“Well damn,” Susan said. “What’s wrong now? Both cocks
hard as rocks, I walk in, and now look at those puny
peckers. Get it hard for him, Timmy.”

“What?” Timmy’s eyes widened. “Mom, I-”

“Timmy,” Susan said, leaning down to grab the boy’s
wrist. “I said, play with Bobby’s dick.” Bobby’s eyes
closed. His boy’s cock swelling quickly with the first
feel of someone else’s hand.

“Ohhh yes,” the wanton lady groaned, seeing her husky
son stroking his best friend’s growing rod. “That’s
better…much better.” She let go of her son’s wrist
and let her hand roam up his hairless chest. Clasping
his chin, she jerked him to his knees then shoved him
forward. “Suck Bobby’s dick.” Timmy resisted. SLAP!
Susan’s open hand came down hard on his upturned ass.


“I said, suck his dick, Son!” she hissed, entwining
her fingers into his hair. “And I meant just that.
Now suck it.” She wiped his lips back and forth on
Bobby’s greasy cock knob, spreading precum over
Timmy’s mouth and cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes!” she groaned, as Timmy’s mouth opened,
engulfing Bobby’s smooth cock head. Susan fell onto
the bed beside her son, her lips pressed to his hot
tear stained cheek.

“That’s hot, Timmy,” she breathed, her fist holding
him by his hair and guiding his head. “That’s right.
Suck. Work that hot, little mouth up and down now. Oh
my baby boy, you are a good little cock sucker. That’s
it, suck his dick.”

She finally released his head and reached under his
stomach. “Oh my goodness, Timmy,” she said, as her
hand found the boy’s stiff cock. “You like sucking
dick.” Her hand, coated with Timmy’s precum, let go
of the boy’s dick and slid upwards. “Oh my, yes, you
like Mamma squeezing those balls too, don’t you. I’ll
bet you’ll even like this.” Her finger pressed into
his tight shitter. Timmy groaned loudly around Bobby’s
cock, his ass waggling in the air.

“Oh gawd, Mrs. Blake!” Bobby groaned, his boyish hips
thrashing wildly to feed more of his meaty cock into
his best friend’s mouth. “What, Bobby?” Susan’s free
hand massaged his nuts. “What is it? Tell me.”

“I’m going to-” he whimpered “I can’t help it!”

“Going to what, Bobby? Say it. Cum in Timmy’s mouth?
Shoot your jizm in there?”

“Y-y-yes, Mrs. B! I can’t stop-”

“Do it then, Bobby. Hold his head!” The blond boy
caught Timmy’s head in both hands, holding him, fuck-
ing his mouth. “Oh gawd, Timmy! I don’t-I can’t help
it! I’m going to….”

Susan again reached under her son and found his
throbbing pecker, jacking the five inches of boy meat
hard and fast.

“Timmy? I’m going to shoot!” Bobby gasped.

Susan felt Bobby’s balls tighten up then saw her son
gag. “Take it, you nasty fucker! Swallow it! Drink
his cum.” She watched her son’s throat, and as the
first blast went down his gullet, she squeezed hard
on his cock.

“Now, Timmy! Shoot your cum for Mamma! Let me feel
that dick cumming all over my hand!”

“Ummmmmm,” Timmy groaned and swallowed again, his
young rod erupting in a tremendous orgasm.

“Oh yes, my baby boy, yessss!” Susan purred. “There
your hot juice on Mamma’s hand! That’s it. Oh my

The horny woman stroked Timmy’s spewing cock and
massaged Bobby balls, until, completely spent, Timmy
fell away and lay panting on his side. Bobby’s eyes
were closed, as he too fought to catch his breath.

She picked up the phone on Timmy’s nightstand and
dialed. “Paul,” she said into the receiver. “Susan,
here. Listen, cancel my appointments for this after-
noon and get somebody over there to show the Randolph
place. “No, I have a family problem, and I’ll be all
afternoon with it.” She dropped the phone back onto
its cradle, looked at the teenagers lying on the bed,
and unbuttoned her blouse.

“Mom? What are you…?” Timmy gasped, as her bra-less
tits came into view. Her swollen nipples stood out
from dark brown aureole and capped firm but smallish,
conical titties.

“Shut up, Timmy. Isn’t this what you wanted to see?
Tits? Nipples? A woman doing this?”

She took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger,
twisting and stretching them cruelly, making the
inch-long nips even longer. Both cocks already showed
renewed vigor. She thrust her tits out and reached
behind her to unzip her skirt, letting it fall to the
floor. Then she reached up and pulled the wooden pin
from her long hair, letting it fall out of the tight,
Schoolteacher’s bun and down her back.

Susan, clad only in dark stockings, red garter, and
bikini panties, slid onto the bed between the two boys
and leaned back against the headboard.

“That’s it. That’s right, suck those titties,” she
urged, stroking their heads, as they nursed like two
little piggies. “Bite my titties. Ohhhh godddddd!” she
groaned, her body shaking, as each boy sank his teeth
into a rubbery nipple.

“Get between my legs, Bobby,” the horny woman ordered,
tearing the smaller boy from her distended nipple.
“NOW, dammit! That’s right. Get on your knees down

The impatient woman unfastened her garter from her
stockings. “Get my fucking panties off,” she said,
rolling her slender hips up to let him work her sodden
panties off of her rounded ass. “Now…look at my
cunt, Boy.” She snatched her sodden panties from Bobby
and fingered the cotton crotch. “Ahhh fuck. They’re
soaked with my juice.”

“Sniff em, Bobby,” she said, as she wiped his nose
with the cotton crotch.

“Yeah, that’s right, you nasty fucker. Now, suck on
em. Eat my cunt from my pretty panties.

“Oh shit,” she laughed. “Don’t you look just so fuck-
ing darling with those red panties hanging from your
slut mouth.” She tossed her panties to the floor and
wrapped her fingers behind his neck. “Now eat me.”
“Oh-h yesssss!” the horny woman groaned, as she
plastered his young mouth onto her steaming cunt.
“Kiss me, Timmy.” Moaning into Timmy’s mouth, he
fucked her cunt wildly on Bobby’s face. Her tongue
snaked out, forcing its way into Timmy’s hot mouth.

“Uh. Uh. Uhmm,” she groaned around the boy’s tongue
before pulling his mouth from hers. Stomach taut,
knees high in the air, thighs open wide, she caught
Bobby’s head in both hands.

“Oh godddd yesssss!” she grimaced, her body shaking,
as she raped his mouth. “I’m going to cum! Eat me,
Boy. Eat that hairy cunt till I cum off all over your

“A-h-h-h-h!” she grunted, juice pouring from her
steaming cooze. “That’s it! Right there! Suck that
clit, Bobby Boy! Get me off!” The woman held his head
still, his lips around her distended clit, her hips
quaking, as her overheated cunt climaxed. Girl-cum
ran down the boy’s chin to soak the bedspread.

Finally, she relinquished her vise-like grip on his
head and fell back onto the bed, laughing. “Oh god-
damn!” she groaned. “Oh shit. Oh fuck, I needed that!
Soooo damned good!” The boys lay down on either side
of her, their stiff cocks pointing toward the ceiling.
Satiated, but far from finished, Susan slid down on
the bed, making room between her head and the head-

“Come here,” she motioned to Bobby. “Get on your knees
up here. Straddle my face. Let me see that cute, little

Susan pushed his knees farther apart, opening his ass
wider. She stared at his crinkled hole, as her nails
dug into his taut buttcheeks and pulled him down. Bobby
jumped, as her pointed tongue speared his sensitive
hole. “Be still,” she said. “Let me tongue that

She rolled her eyes until she spotted her son above
her, staring at her, his hand pulling on his stiff
cock. “Watch me, Son. Watch what I do to his ass.”
Susan licked up and down Bobby’s asscrack then fucked
her tongue into his rectum, working globs of saliva
deep into his virgin hole.

The boy’s narrow hips rocked gently, as he groaned
above her. He reached for his swollen cock, but Susan
batted his hand away and motioned to Timmy. “Suck his
ass now, Son,” she said, running her nails up and down
Bobby’s back. As Timmy crawled over to her, his eyes
glazed, his boy’s dick rock-hard, Susan slid down a
little more, giving him room.

“That’s it,” she said, grinning, as Timmy’s tongue
snaked out for its first tentative stab at Bobby’s
asshole. “Get it nice and wet and slick because you’re
going to fuck that hole.”

“Noooo,” Bobby whimpered and tried to move, but Susan
quickly pinned him, pressing his cheek into her sweaty
tummy and holding his ass in place. “Oh yesssss,
Bobby,” she said. “You liked Timmy sucking your dick.
Now it’s time to pay for that head job…with that
virgin asshole. Now, suck his ass, Timmy.” Susan
watched her son learning quickly, as his tongue
slurped wetly in and out of his friend’s hole then
felt for his dick. It was hard, slick and ready.

“Now, Son, get up here.” Bobby wriggled again, and
Susan tightened her grip on his head and torso. With
both boys straddling her face, she had an excellent
view, as Timmy’s cock neared it’s puckered destination
then pressed against it. “That’s it, Timmy. Do it.
Fuck him.”

“Oh shit!” the thinner of the boys cried out, his dick
withering, as the blunt head of Timmy’s cock pressed
into his shitter. “Mrs. Blake, it hurts!”

“Shut up, Bobby! Just shut the fuck up and take it!”
she growled. “Relax. Relax that tight ass, and it
won’t hurt so badly. Now, fuck him. Son.”

“Oh gawd, Mom!” Timmy gasped, as his knob popped past
Bobby’s tight sphincter. “It’s so hot and tight in

“Don’t stop now, Timmy! Don’t stop until he’s got all
that lovely dick up his ass!” Susan, impatient with
Timmy’s pause, snaked one arm around the boys’ hips,
found her son’s buttock and pulled. Timmy’s cock slid
into Bobby’s buttery ass to the hilt.

“Owwwwww!” the violated boy screamed, hot tears stream-
ing down his cheeks and Susan’s tummy.

“Shut the fuck up, Bobby! Now hold still, Son. Let him
get used to it.” Long moments passed before Bobby moved
on Susan’s chest. “Better now, Bobby?” Susan asked,
caressing the boy. “Doesn’t hurt so bad now, does it.
Just like I told you. Now, Timmy. Fuck him, but do it

“Oh gawd,” Bobby groaned with each long, slow stroke
of Timmy’s hard dick. Then he was shoving his ass back
into his friend, his boy’s cock swelling rapidly. “It’s
OK now. Give it to me! Fuck me harder, Timmy! Do it! I
can take it! It’s starting to feel…”

“So fucking hot in there, Mom!” Timmy said.

Susan slid down farther, and with her eyes glued to
her son’s first buttfuck, popped Bobby’s cock into
her hungry mouth.

“Oh shit!” Bobby hissed, as his knob hit the back of
her throat. “Mrs. B, that feels so good.

Susan sucked on the foreskin then peeled it back and
swiped her tongue around the head before letting the
teenager begin fucking her mouth in time to her son’s
pummeling his stretched asshole.

“Ahhh gawdddd!” Bobby groaned. “I’m going to…”

The horny mother quickly wet her index finger in her
slimy cunt and found Timmy’s asshole.

“Arrrrgghhh!” the husky boy cried out, as his mother
buried her finger in his shit hole. The first blast of
boy’s cum erupted in her waiting mouth, as she watched
Timmy’s balls crawl upward toward the base of his cock.
She swallowed and wriggled her finger in his ass. Then
Timmy was clutching his friend tightly, holding him,
filling his ass with boy cum, and Bobby fired jet after
jet of hot juice into Susan’s sucking mouth.

Timmy groaned and fell forward onto his friend’s back,
spent, exhausted. Bobby collapsed onto Susan’s chest
“Fuck!” she gasped from the weight of both panting

“Get off of me, you two!” She pushed the sweaty bodies
up and off of her then stood and gathered her clothes.
“Now,” she said, threatening them. “Both of you remem-
ber this the next time that I catch you jacking off.”

She laughed and wiggled her ass one last time on the
way out of the room.

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