My Wife is a K9’s Cumhole
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My wife and I offered to take care of our friend’s apartment and dog sit for them while they were gone out of town a couple days. We’d known Chuck and Nicole for a few years now. They were good friends. I worked with Chuck but Nicole and my wife Sylvia had become close too. We’d been to their house many times and met their big shepherd dog Enzo as well. He was big and friendly and we were happy to watch him for a few days.

Of course the first thing I did once they had left was snoop through their stuff. What can I say, I’m curious. On their computer I found a folder called “xxx” and within it were over a hundred files of Nicole naked or in some lingerie or just stripping off what she was wearing. Outfits I had seen her wear before. Some had her and Chuck together, you know, standard stuff like blowjobs and fucking. But as I clicked through them, getting hard in my pants, I fell upon something else entirely. Within this xxx folder was another folder called “Enzo”.

A quick double click revealed some pictures, some video and all so wrong! I called Sylvia over to see immediately. It looked like Chuck and Nicole were in the habit of engaging in a little beastiality!

Sylvia ran over to have a look. Being my better half, she tried to pretend that she was appalled that I would pry into their personal privacy like this but soon fell silent when she saw Nicole, naked, on all fours, being licked from behind by Enzo!

I don’t know if it was the look of explicit pleasure on Nicole’s face as the dog buried it’s nose in her behind or the simultaneous shame she carried in her eyes, but my wife was entranced. We weren’t prudes by any means and certainly entertained some filthy talk in the bedroom including but not limited to Sylvia getting boned by a dog. It was one of her deepest turn ons so I knew she wouldn’t turn away now that she could see her friend getting it like that! It somehow made it more accessible and acceptable for us to entertain the idea of doing something so dirty.

I clicked through the images slowly. Nicole started off in a slutty little outfit at first. She wore her hair in pig tails on either side of her head, a cupless bra to let her ample titties hang free with little bells clipped to each pink nipple. Around her waist she wore a short pleated pink and black plaid skirt. Her hands had been taped up with black electrical tape into closed fists, making paws and her feet were strapped into impossible six inch heels that wrapped around her ankles with a locked belt so she couldn’t kick them off. Her slutty outfit was complete with a dog collar around her neck. She was delicious looking. It was shocking to see her trussed up like a blowup fetish doll but it was undeniable once seen.

The pictures continued with Nicole being led by a leash attached to her collar. Down onto her knees, Chuck’s free hand squeezing her tits and tugging the little bells hanging off her nipples and then pushing his cock into her mouth. Nicole looked like a good cocksucker. Despite not being able to use her hands she managed just fine and swallowed as deep as she could.

“That’s pretty hot.” My wife mused as we kept watching. The photos now changed into shots of Nicole on all fours, her pleated skirt rising over her bare white ass cheeks. Enzo was brought over and led to her exposed pussy for a sniff and a lick. That’s when the pictures stopped.

“There’s a video file here…” I said, prompting Sylvia who was fully engrossed now.

“Click on it!” I knew she was excited and that excited me.

The video started where the photos left off. Nicole was being eaten out from behind by the big canine brute Enzo who was sloppy with his wide tongue, deep in her pussy and ass and eliciting groans from his partner. She didn’t seem to be overly fond of Chuck’s camera but it looked like she was used to it by now. Nicole let her enjoyment be seen but there were also flashes of revulsion to her own perversion. Her guilt and shame were palpable on the computer screen. And the video was certainly more immersive than the pictures alone. It didn’t help that we were sitting the very room they filmed this video either. It was like we were sitting in the room as it happened.

Chuck ordered her around in a very condescending way, calling her names and being apathetic to her reservations, although admittedly there weren’t as many reservations as you’d think given the fact that he was telling her fuck a dog!

As we watched the screen, Enzo walked into the room. He just stood next to Sylvia silently as if he knew what we were watching. Maybe he could hear Chuck’s voice and remember what they were doing then. Neither of us said anything just in case the other was thinking the same thing. The video continued and the three of us watched as Nicole got down on her front paws and knees and made herself available as Enzo tried to mount her.

“I cant believe she did that!” Sylvia said.

I decided to reach into Sylvia’s shirt and played with her breasts. “Wanna let me film you and Enzo?”

“Shut up!” She said, not entirely turned off at the idea.

I stood up.

“Take off your pants,” I said, already stepping out of my own. “I want to fuck in front of this dog while we watch the video.”

Sylvia need little convincing and quickly dropped her jeans to the floor. Her thighs are thick in a good way and her ass is round and meaty. Her eyes dart between the big dog next to her and what he was doing to Nicole on screen. Tugging her panties down she bent over at the waist and set her elbows on the desk which brought her face much closer to the screen. Her back arched and she waited for me to mount her as well.

I stroked her creamy wetness with my fingers as we watched Enzo try repeatedly to stab at Nicole. Sylvia was dripping wet.

“You love this!”

“Yes!”, she admitted. She was already close to orgasm just like this, my fingers playing with her clit gently. I rubbed my cock across her wet lips before pushing into her. I kept my own rhythm until Enzo successfully penetrated Nicole in a series of hard slapping thrusts. I copied his pacing, rutting away in her, pound for pound. When he jackhammered away in Nicole on screen I started wildly fucking Sylvia while she gripped the edge of the desk. She climaxed right there, unapologetically and moaning like a wounded animal, while I pounded away on her saying things like, “You probably want Enzo to have you next. What do you think?”

I fucked my wife for as long as I could hold out for, at least another ten minutes, and throughout that time she came endlessly while watching Nicole build to her own apex of pleasure.

She balked at the screen, “Look at that skinny bitch take that… big… fucking… dog… meat…” And then I came inside her. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“No! Not yet…!” Was all she could say but it was too late. “I wanted you to keep going!” She whined.

“Sorry, babe. I know what would get me hard again…” I said.

She played coy. “Oh yeah? What would that be?”

“Go into their closet,” I tell her. “Put on the exact outfit Nicole has on in the video. We can make a video of our own.”

“You’re so bad…” Sylvia kicked off her pants and padded off to their closet to change wearing only her tshirt and no bottoms, cum running down her leg.

By the time she returned I had found Chuck’s video camera. It was nice and new with all kinds of digital features, crazy megapixels, optical zoom, wireless data dumping to your PC, video capability… all the bells and whistles. It was so cool! Sylvia was now squeezed into Nicole’s cupless bra and she had found their dirty sex toy box with the nipple bell clips and attached them herself. She wore the pink and black plaid, pleated skirt and matching dog collar and had even tied her hair into pony tails on either side of her head like Nicole. I was hard again instantly seeing her.

I started filming her immediately. She looked at the lens and said softly, “What do you want me to do?”

“Get on the bed.” I film her big butt as she climbs up onto the same bed from the video. “Now tell me what you liked about the video we just watched.”

“You better fucking delete this!” She warned me!

“Of course!” I said.

“I don’t want Chuck and Nicole to know we saw their disgusting porno tape! Or hear me say how many times I came watching it while you fucked me. Or see me in her little slut outfit.”

She jingled her bells as her titties heaved which got Enzo’ attention. His ears perked up and he turned to watch Sylvia on the bed. This was familiar to him. He knew what came next.

She kept talking to me through the camera. “You know what I really liked? I know it’s awful but I loved hearing Chuck talk to her like that. He was so mean to her.”

“Yeah? Why?”

“I dunno,” she said. “I just liked him putting her in her place. If you were talk to me like that I’d know that you were faking, but I get wet just thinking about him treating me like a filthy prostitute…”

I cut her off, “Put your ass up in the air. Turn around. Let him see his target.”

In the proper submissive position, it takes little to encourage Enzo to leap onto the bed and sniff at her swollen pussy lips. Sylvia shivered.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…”

“Show him what you want. Reach behind and spread yourself open for him.” I zoomed in as Sylvia put her head on the pillow and then using both hands she pulled open her labia and let the big animal start lapping her sweet nectar and massaging her clit adventurously with his big flat muscular tongue.

Sylvia was clearly enjoying herself, repeating over and over again, “Oh fuck! Good boy! Yeah, get it! Good boy! This is so fucking wrong! Oh god!”

Her thighs started to quiver and I could tell she was getting close again. Remembering what Chuck had said to Nicole in the video, I say, “You filthy bitch! Are you in heat? He can tell you like it!”

She shuddered to a full climax and kept saying, “Thank you” over and over again. I didn’t know if she was thanking me or the dog but I filmed the entire thing.

And Enzo didn’t give much thought to pause and climbed up on her hips and used his paws to hold her there while he thrust at her slippery folds with his big red cock.

“Baby?” She wasn’t sure she was doing this but neither of us put a stop to it. Instead Enzo kept humping away at her trying to find his Chuck.

“Don’t fucking lie to me! You want to be fucked by this dog… Tell me!” I could see his stabs getting closer to the Chuck with each failed attempt.

Looking into the camera she admitted, “Yes, I want to be fucked by this dog!” I stayed on her face and suddenly it changed with pain, pleasure and surprise. He found his Chuck and was now humping away happily. Sylvia moaned as she let herself be defiled like this in the way she most wanted. It didn’t take very long for Enzo to cum and it almost looked as though Sylvia had timed her own orgasm to coincide with it. I beat both of them anyway and without even touching my cock, my balls tightened and I shot a wad across Sylvia’s neck and shoulder. She felt it and said, “You like watching me like this obviously. Do you want to fuck me when he’s done?”

“No way! I’m not getting a dog’s sloppy seconds. That’s gross!” It was hot but I don’t think I could fuck her after a dog did.

“Am I gross?” She seemed to want it.

So I played along, “Oh yeah. You are a dirty little fuckin pig. You are a disgusting dog fucker!”

She just smiled and agreed and enjoyed getting pounded on.

She really played up for the camera until they both came and Enzo dismounted. She just said, “You can keep this video for later, but you better delete it off their camera!” We put their stuff back and cleaned up. I copied our video to a thumb drive and deleted the it off the camera. Then I copied their archive of pics and videos for our enjoyment later and we went home. And after Sylvia had a shower we fucked three more times that night. And throughout the following week we watched the video a few more times and fucked like bunnies. But that was just the first half of our story.


Chuck texted me when he got back. A thank you for watching their place. We were going to have dinner at their place the following weekend and on Saturday we arranged to go over around five.

We were friendly even though it felt tense if only because of what we now knew about them. Enzo was very friendly to Sylvia, much more so than they’d ever seen but Sylvia played it off casually. Still I caught her eye and she gave me a guilty look.

All night Chuck and Nicole seemed like the cat that had swallowed the canary but we just assumed they had a good time on their trip. They had and told us all about it. Where they went. What they saw. What the hotel was like. What the plane was like. Bla bla bla. Then after a light dinner, when we had a couple glasses of wine in us, Chuck asked us if we had seen his new camera yet. We said we hadn’t. He got it and decided to show us some of the cool features it had.

“One of the best features this camera has is a failsafe in case I accidentally erase a file I didn’t meant to. The camera wirelessly is backing everything up all the time…”

He let the words hang in the air.

“So imagine my surprise when we found a new video on our computer when we got home…”

Sylvia turned venomously at me and gave me a furious glare. This was exactly her biggest fear.

“Don’t be embarrassed with us. We thought it was hot, didn’t we? There’s no need to pretend that you’re some uptight moral upstanding citizen… but you’re still better than Nicole here.”

Nicole just nodded obediently in a cute way.

“Yes…” she purred. “I’m a very dirty girl.”

“You mean whore.” He corrected.

She looked right at me and replied. “I’m a very dirty whore.” Her smile was so mischievous. She clearly enjoyed being somebody’s deviant plaything. I was hard already.

Chuck continued. “Whore’s don’t deserve clothing, do they?”

“No.” She said in her mousy voice.

Nicole started stripping down and pulled her black dress up over her head. Her thin white body was tight and her tits were big for her small frame.

Sylvia couldn’t stay quiet any more. She had a tendency to blurt out stuff she couldn’t take back. “This isn’t normal! I’m sorry but this isn’t the way people should behave. It’s just not normal behavior!”

“Shut up, you phony!” Chuck turned on her.

With a click of the remote control Chuck’s 50 inch flat screen filled with a looped video of Sylvia’s greatest hits all edited together. All of her most humiliating moments from last week’s adventure with no filler. Anything she said, like,

“I don’t want Chuck and Nicole to know we saw their disgusting porno tape! Or hear me say how many times I came watching it while you fucked me. Or see me in her little slut outfit.”

And, “You know what I really liked? I know it’s awful but I loved hearing Chuck talk to her like that. He was so mean to her.”

And every time she came fucking that dog while saying thank you and good boy and encouraging him. On a fifty inch screen it was larger than life.

“Is this normal behavior? What would your friends and family and coworkers say if they saw what you really are?” Chuck teased her. I was shocked that she hadn’t run out of the room by now. I guess she was petrified by what Chuck could do with this damning evidence of her crimes against nature.

He smiled and slowly reached out a hand to caress one of her breasts and whispered, “We’re going to take really good care of you… and you don’t really have much of a choice.”

At a loss, Sylvia stammered, “I don’t know what to say!” She looked pissed.

Chuck knew exactly what to say, “Then take off your clothes, slut.”

Nicole was on the floor already coaxing the eager Enzo to mount her. Within a minute he was in and pounding away. Nicole watched Sylvia strip off her clothes and licked her lips. “Wasn’t he fucking awesome?”

Sylvia couldn’t look anywhere but the floor. Chuck corrected her. Once she got down to her panties he’d decided she was taking too long and yanked them down and stuck to fingers into her from behind. She was dripping from the shame.

“Now look at Nicole when she’s talking to you.” He lifted her chin and I could see that he was working his fingers in and out of her now and she was failing at being unresponsive. Her breathing changed and she was on her way. Sylvia sneered in defiance but it was all she could muster, her knees weak as he worked her creamy sex. She came when Chuck said, “I’m glad you like what you see, because you’re next.”

Her legs quivered as he fingered her through her climax and she met her defeat looking into his eyes. Sylvia did her best to hide her orgasm, staying as quiet as she could and looking pissed off, but the moment it rolled over her and he forced her to feel good, her face involuntarily betrayed her. It was amazing to see it happen.

“That’s a good bitch.” He said as he put his sticky fingers in her mouth. She let him. “Now go into the closet and put on your breeding costume and come back in here for your turn.”

Sylvia’s eyes hungrily gazed over at Nicole as Enzo did his work pounding her like a jack hammer, but she scowled, still defiant to the last. Yet without any options the daggers in her eyes were only adding to the entire perversion, her natural reluctance made it all the hotter. She might be furious but she was also committed. She picked up the wine bottle off the table and started pulling from it deeply. Sylvia quickly disappeared into their closet and that was the last we’d see of that bottle for the night.

Nicole braced herself against the hammering dog cock inside her, letting out little gasps and yelps as his red cock disappeared inside her over and over again. “Don’t you fucking cum!” Chuck ordered Nicole. “You wait until after he is finished with you!”

I saw Nicole’s slight nod of acceptance. “Yes sir.” Was her reply. Enzo gave a few strong long thrusts and pumped his wad into Nicole’s quivering twat to her ultimate enjoyment. Her eyes glazed over and I knew she was cumming. His knot secure, deep inside her. Locked in, for the moment.

When Sylvia came back out, she was in the full outfit. Chuck and I got a good look at her bare breasts as she stood there dumbly watching in awe as Enzo made Nicole moan in pleasure and pain. She looked to Chuck, not to me and said, “Nobody can ever know about this, okay? What we do here, I can’t have people know about this, okay? Please?”

It was a mistake to think she could assert herself with Chuck, but Sylvia was a proud woman and she was going to try anyway. Her concerns were met with laughter.

“You’re worried that people will judge you? Come over here right now and let me give those a squeeze.” Chuck put his hands up at my wife so he could cup each bare breast as she approached. She visibly flinched at his touch but knew better than to retreat.

“That is a good whore!” He cooed as he squeezed each full tit in his hand. Sylvia didn’t even look at me. “Are you ready to feel him inside you again?” He asked.

Sylvia nodded without smiling and said yes.


Throwing her down on her knees, Chuck pulled Enzo off Nicole and set him loose on my wife. Again he jumped up on her back, his claws scraping at her hips, trying to grip her so he could stab his big fleshy weapon at her humiliated and dripping wet snatch. After a few misfires, jabbing her in the thigh, missing by inches and pushing right over her clit, Enzo found the spot, got in quickly and started pounding on her rear end. Completely defeated of any pretense she swallowed her pride and let him work her over.

“Oh god!” She moaned.

Enzo was at it relentlessly. The slapping sound of his balls smacking her clit was enough to make me hard but seeing Nicole all splayed out on the floor, dog cum running out of into a sticky pool in front of her was too much.

Chuck could see it too. “You’re welcome to help yourself to Nicole, you know. But then you’ll get that sloppy seconds from the dog…”

Nicole’s mouth hung open slightly in a smirk. She knew what I wanted and simply beckoned me with one finger.

I stripped off and sat on the couch. Nicole got up and climbed onto my lap, her cunt still dripping the dogs ball jism. She held an eerie sexual confidence, that the more debauched her acts, the more alluring she would be. My dick couldn’t argue.

She giggled as she saw how much I was enjoying myself. It stood straight up and without my moving a muscle, Nicole simply maneuvered herself above me and slowly lowered herself onto my pole.

Wherever I looked was perfection. My wife was going to be knotted by her bull, much to her maximum shame which made her so uncontrollably wet that it was running down the inside of her thighs. And riding my lap was the used dog cum cunt Nicole with her titties bouncing in my face. Perfection.

Nicole might have been insane to go along with all this. She seemed detached from reality and unmoored from morality or conscience. It worked for her, or it worked on me as she bounced up and down in her own world, servicing me like I had pumped her full of quarters.

Chuck watched as Sylvia got closer and closer to a shameful orgasm and when he felt she was ready he would grab a handful of her swinging teets, give it a good strong squeeze like they belonged to him and say, “who’s a good bitch?”

“Oh fuck!” Was all she could manage as the pounding canine behind her, beating his balls against her clit with every rapid thrust, worked her orgasm out of her. Not even sure he noticed or cared. Her thighs shook as waves of pleasure rippled through her body, spasming, groaning from the bottom of her soul. It came out in grunts and snarls but it was undeniable that she had just cum again. Enzo had just geared down but was still knotted inside my wife while she hung her head in shame, panting and unable to move.

Then, all of a sudden, Nicole was pushed forward onto me. I had forgotten about Chuck who got behind Nicole and started pushing at her backdoor. She unhinged her jaw a bit but other than that Nicole was used to taking it up the ass and made herself available. She was incredible.

I wasn’t prepared for feeling another guys cock fighting for the space in her tight body, his balls slapping against mine as he plowed into her again and again. I tried to distract myself by sucking on Nicole’s tits hanging right in front of me, but it was a sensory overload I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t even moving now, Nicole being rocked up and down on my cock by Chuck slamming his hips up into her loose asshole.

There was no escape from all the perverse thoughts in my mind! Nicole’s tits, her slack jawed face in total submission and pleasure, Chuck’s big bone pushing it’s way past me to get at it, Enzo’ cum mixed with her own lubing my cock and when I looked away it was only to lock eyes with Sylvia still knotted on all fours, contempt in her eyes hatred even. It was involuntary. I came. I couldn’t not. It was out of my control. Wad after wad deep into Nicole like the dog had before me.

Chuck sped up, so even when I went still, his hard bone was pushing past my softening prong. I was still pinned under Nicole as her man rooted her ass deeply, able to do nothing but watch. That’s when I noticed that while he was pounding Nicole’s ass loose he was glaring at my wife, still knotted, whose eyes were glued to his cock.

Pulling out, he stepped over to Sylvia who was somewhat trapped. A sneer curled into a cruel smile and he put his cock to my wife’s lips. Straight from Nicole’s dirty asshole to my wife’s lips. When she tried to pull away, Chuck grabbed her by the hair, not to force her, but to stop her while he made eye contact.

“Slut, you’re not better than this. This is what you are secretly.” He was blunt.

She started to say no but before she got to O he said, “I saw you cum with that dog in your cunt. This is what you want.”

With nothing left to say, Sylvia opened her lips and let Chuck go ass to mouth on her. She went to work polishing his scepter like a pro, taking it deep inti her throat and running tongue up and down the shaft, cleaning it thoroughly. The rocking back and forth finally worked the softening knot from her pussy and there was an audible plop followed by her gasp and then the splats and drip of dog cum running out of her.

A little drunk on wine and very drunk on cock, Sylvia just kept sucking Chuck off, ignoring what had to be her most embarrassing moment of her life. Chuck wasn’t going to let it go at that though.

“Turn around.” He ordered her. “I’m going to blow my nut inside you like Enzo.”

Sylvia dutifully hopped up and around and positioned herself for his easy access, on all fours in from of him.

I was starting to get hard again but Nicole had her own ideas and straddled my face so I could eat her out while she watched her husband and my wife finally fuck. I tried to see when I could but it was difficult from under Nicole and I was acutely aware of all the sounds and voices. Nicole faced them with her knees pinning my arms for some reason and her reverse cowgirl on my face. Her hand would brush against my hard cock but not really stroke. It was intentional but not entirely satisfying but any more and I would probably just cum again right now.

Sylvia made a slightly wounded sound, deep and accepting, not in protest exactly.

Then Chuck said, “You didn’t expect me to get a dog’s sloppy seconds did you? Especially when you love to get it in the ass from what I hear.” I couldn’t see his smile but I knew it was there. I couldn’t see the look on her face but I knew she hated me right now. I was so fucking hard that a single good stroke from Nicole would do it.

Instead I got something else.


I think Nicole slapped my cock. Hard. Hard enough to hurt and it hurt enough to distract from cumming. Still I was no less hard and probably deserved it given thus was all my fault.


Again Nicole held the base of my cock so I was straight in the air and then gave a full force slap hard across the entire shaft. In the background I could hear the painful groans of Sylvia becoming the insatiable gratitude of her next impending orgasm as Chuck plowed her ass open like he owned it.


I ate Nicole furiously hoping to satisfy whatever cruel impulses she might have with pleasure. Didn’t seem to be working. I never knew she had this kind of meanness in her. It was a turn on for some reason.

We mass fucked liked this, lying next to each other on the floor of their apartment for a few minutes, Nicole’s hand slapping me more and more and she and Sylvia’s pitches raised together and Chuck’s frantic slapping of his hips against my wife’s juicy ass cheeks as he drove into her repeatedly like a road rage accident on replay became unbearable.

At the peak Chuck spit out, “We are going to do this every weekend. You’re going to fuck my dog and then I am going to fuck your ass. Maybe you should just leave your husband and move in with us for a while. Yeah, yeah, yeah…” he was fucking her in a hard rhythm, and hearing for her to break and it was happening now, “That’s it. That’s happening now cunt. Cum. I know you love it.”

Sylvia came. Just like that. Nicole started cumming on my face and Chuck yelled out in angry grunts that he was pumping his seed into Sylvia’s now well loose asshole. Nicole went psycho slapping my cock but also threw in a few strong full length shaft strokes, tip to root. I thought this was a perfect merciful end to her torment but the moment I started to cum, Nicole slammed her fist into my balls repeatedly. I tried to clench up and also finished cumming what ended up being, surprisingly, even more cum than the first time. I didn’t really know what to feel, pinned down and useless but painfully satisfied and damn the consequences.

Once Chuck had cum, it was pretty much over. He unceremoniously pulled out of Sylvia’s ass and told Nicole to clean his cock off before his shower. As Nicole diligently and eagerly sucked and licked his hog of a cock of any of my wife’s ass juices, Chuck leered at Sylvia as we dressed. Sweaty, smelly and still out of breath, Enzo watching from the corner, we got on enough clothing that we could leave.

Chuck said we were allowed to leave but told Sylvia not to be rude and give Nicole a kiss goodbye. Nicole stayed on her knees attending Chuck’s thick meat. He of course wanted that last bit of control, making her drop to her knees and kiss Nicole with his cock between them. Sylvia was stiffening up a little again, now that the heat of the moment had passed, this was obviously awkward now, but Chuck didn’t care. He pet her hair as he talked.

“You go home for now. But we’ll see you next Saturday for more fun. You’ll come earlier and we’ll take our time with you, break you open a little, you’ll love it.”

I could hold several truths in my head at the same time. My wife was furious with me. She had cum tonight and submitted to him. He wasn’t even referring to me anymore. Like I wasn’t even there until he said, “and bring your punch pig for Nicole to play with.”

I had no idea what Sylvia would say to me when the door closed on our way out finally, but I knew that she would be coming back next Saturday using the video footage as an excuse, saying she had no choice thanks to my stupidity and I will go to watch even if Nicole is going to punch me in the nuts while I do. I think I would still cum.

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