Cock Magnet Kimmy

Hi, my name is Kimmy. I’m probably the clumsiest human alive. I’m 5ft tall, slim, short red hair, perky C cup boobs and thick geeky framed glasses. I’m 19 years old and still live with my parents. They treat me like a child, probably because I’m a bit dim, gullible and massively unreliable. I have […]

I love having sex with an audience

In a recent story WATCH AND ENJOY I described how my man and I had Janet and her man for dinner with the intention of seducing both of them – which we did. On the way out Janet whispered to me, “Next Thursday afternoon, just you and I if you are free. We could have […]

At a Jimmy Buffett Concert

This is a truer story than you might think. It really happen, and believe it or not I add nothing to it that didn’t happen. Several years ago, I held a summer job at an amusement park. I was a local college student home for the off- season, and lived near the park. In addition […]