My Husband’s Boss seduced

When I heard the downstairs door opening, I turned off the telly and with my mouth I closed the straps around my wrist, tightly tying myself down. I waited for my husband to come upstairs and find me. We didn’t do this often, just once in a while to spice things up in the bedroom. […]

The beautiful smile of my wife

It has been a long time since Anna, a work colleague of my wife Paula, wanted to organize a dinner in her country house and was finally set for a Friday a few days before Christmas. In addition to my wife, Anna invited two other business colleagues: Michaela, who is also her sister – in […]


The night shook with fury and the rain thrashed against the roof. The storm windows sounded like they were going to fly off their hinges. It was dark and cold outside as she looked out the front windows, waiting… Paula had not come home yet and was several hours passed due. Tina passed again, in […]