I love having sex with an audience

In a recent story WATCH AND ENJOY I described how my man and I had Janet and her man for dinner with the intention of seducing both of them – which we did. On the way out Janet whispered to me, “Next Thursday afternoon, just you and I if you are free. We could have […]

Avery and her Boss

Good old Pocatello, Idaho is where I was born and raised. Pocatello, like every city in Idaho, was very small and very sheltered, so when my 18th birthday came around, I was ready to venture off somewhere new. I didn’t have aspirations to be an actress or a dancer or anything like that. I just […]

Loving My Slutty Babysitter

I don’t know how I ended up so lucky. Normally, I’m the most unfortunate son of a bitch you’d ever meet. “Hey, how’s Eleanor?” I asked, coming in to find two people sitting in the living room of sardine can sized apartment, not including my daughter. “She’s fine,” said Natalie, my babysitter. “We had boatloads […]

Fucking a Politician in the Arse

I’m back home after a great week last week in Canberra having fun exploring the city and being Paul the Politicians boy toy. I couldn’t post too much on my blog (Aussie Speedo Guy) because Paul is married and is a bit of a public figure here in Australian politics. But, after checking with Paul […]

FemDom with wife’s bitch friend

Julie, was my wife’s best friend from school, but I always thought she was a bitch, and we never got on. My wife suspected this, but hoped it would all work out eventually. I would always be polite when she came around, but neither of us liked each other, and it was obvious. She came […]

Asian Delight 2: Imagination

The beautiful Asian bank teller cringed as the huge black customer appeared before her to make a deposit. Being a minority herself, Cindy believed all people should be treated equally and had no hatred towards blacks, but this giant black man gave her the shivers. She cringed at this coal black monster who grinned at […]