Me and my Ex-wife at the ABS

It all started when the ex-wife was looking through my phone, I had recently snapped a picture of myself sucking cock at the ABS and she saw it. She didn’t bring up the subject for a few days probably pondering her play. One Friday evening we go out for drinks and after a round or […]

Confessions of a Schoolgirl Slut

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Louise . I am only about 5ft tall; slim with lots of dark hair and hazel eyes. I look a bit like Christina Ricci I’ve been told. I have quite pouty lips. I used to hate my “fat” lips” but have since learned that they have their […]

Zoe Discovers How Good Anal Is

This is the story of an experienced loving man training an inexperienced woman about the joys of anal sex. If anal intercourse is not your thing, please move on. If you like the story, and you think I did a descent job, I welcome all comments and positive ratings. Thanks, and enjoy. Hi there, my […]

Power to the Pussy

She had been working for the Deveraux family for more than a year now. She wasn’t enthusiastic about her position as their part-time nanny, but it was her way through college and she refused to be a stripper like some of the other girls in her classes, she couldn’t dance one bit; so she did […]