Looking For Big Black Cock

After Marie taught Julie how to take monster cocks she has had an insatiable desire for more and different.. Even though her hubby has a sixteen incher he can’t supply her with it as often as she needs.. He knows that she fucks other guys and does so with his blessing, Even at their home […]

Sex, Lies and Videotape

“Hi. I didn’t think that you would ring, after last week…I’m sorry too….I know… (Laughter)….I was good-wasn’t I! (More giggling)…..I wasn’t THAT good… If you say so. (Laughter)…Yes, I’m wearing them…I suppose they might be a little bit wet…No! I’m not fingering myself! …. You know why! …In his office, working on that bloody computer…I […]

First Time

Being popular in a middle school is very important. Maybe not so much for guys but definitely for girls. Randi had made arrangements to meet Mike, who had many girlfriends, and was super popular at a fast food restaurant near her home. He also was in high school and had access to his parent’s car. […]