Shared Wife

To give you a background there are these advertisements which come out in the tabloids of dailies in mumbai. Cannot name the same for obvious reasons. It is meant for couples to come together to have a rollicking times. I am Ria, around 40 years in age. My husband is about a year older and […]

Expanded Job Duties for Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as a secretary for Nelson industries for the same boss for two or three years. Recently, the board of directors made sweeping changes in their management and Elizabeth found herself with a new boss. Elizabeth’s new boss was a very large black man, very intelligent, and very attractive. Although Elizabeth was happily married, […]

Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek

“Oh Johnny, Johnny! Faster, please, Johnny! I’m almost there!” John Finch grinned wickedly as he plowed even harder into the writhing young woman beneath him. Annie Lynn was a sight! Her hair was disheveled and matted with perspiration; the sheet beneath her was sodden from repeated climaxes and still she was pleading for more!. John […]


My husband and I are avid BBsers and enjoy some of the Adult stories we read on a local Adult Board we have here in Tucson. We’ve lived in Arizona for 12 years now ever since Bill (My Hubby) got transferred here. We have two kids ages 7 & 9, we’ve been married for 13 […]

Annie’s Pictures

“Let’s look at those pictures again,” John said excitedly. “What pictures?” Annie asked. “Of you and Phillip. You know, your honeymoon pictures.” “Of us fucking?” Annie smiled impishly. “Yeah!” “I can’t believe you like to look at those,” Annie shook her head. “You’d think after marrying me you wouldn’t want those things around.” “You’re so […]

My Cheating Wife

This is a factual account of how I first discovered that my wife had had sex with another man. I was on a business trip, (in fact we had not seen each other for several months), and agreed to meet my wife at the airport in another town whence we would travel on together for […]

A respectable young wife is pleased to coke

“Hey Danny, do you remember that broad that stopped by our table last week? As I recall, you were pretty impressed at the time.” Nick Caluso was calling from his well appointed office, one befitting the owner and operator of, “The Club”, the coolest spot in town, attracting both the “hot” crowd and Yuppies alike. […]