Filipina Sandwich

Alma and I have been happily married for five years now. I met Alma on an internet dating site for Asian women looking to for a western husband called Filipina Heart ( I had actually been looking for a Thai girl as I had visited Thailand and fallen in love with the country, its language, […]

Pregnant! #2

Mmmm… the bathtub called to me, inviting me to sink into the warm water and give my aching back a break. “One day, when I am rich and famous, I will design my own bathtub,” I muttered, wishing the tub to be twice as large as it actually was. Oh, to have the warm water […]

A1 Wife Conversion pt 3.

As she was cumming, Kathy was screaming, “No more. No more. Please no more.” My wife was screaming at the top of her lungs. Jim barked an order to Pat, “Shut her up. I’ve got fucking to do and she’s ruining my focus.” Pat leaped off the sofa and while still facing me, her lips […]

A1 Wife Conversion pt 1.

I think I’m a typical married guy. My wife and I would have sex maybe once a week if I was lucky and hadn’t done something to cause her to withhold sex. She was strictly missionary or maybe if she was really randy cowgirl. But all that changed with an accidental cum blast. My wife, […]