Tammy in Trouble

I’m not usually one to worry, at least not about Tammy Ng. With a good head on her shoulders, a black belt and a marksmen’s certificate, on a rational level I’ve assumed that she could take care of herself in the two years we’ve been partners. Even for a dame, she’s downright dangerous. But there […]

My mom new girlfriend

I wish he would just go the fuck away somewhere, I said to myself as I cleaned up assorted beer cans, and candy rappers off the living room floor. I regarded the face of the sleeping giant sprawled out on the well worn couch that was the focus of my rage . Drunk again, I […]

Sweet Payback

The drunken young blonde gyrated in front of the hotel mirror, squeezing her breasts together with one hand as she gulped the tequila-laden drink. Eddie sat at the edge of the bed, whiskey glass in-hand, his hungry eyes, stalking her every move like a tiger ready to pounce. His plan was going as scheduled and […]

Lisa’s sexstory

I’d said it. We were past the point of no return, so I told Jennifer everything. I told her that about a year ago Matt had broken his leg, and since he couldn’t bathe properly with the cast, I had started giving him sponge baths. He was embarrassed of course. No eighteen-year-old boy wants to […]

For the Love of My Lady

Aev and Elloniel reached the lake, the warm water heated the air around them making it very cozy standing in the open air. Taking Elloniel’s pack and blade he placed them under a tree with his own away from the shore before stepping back to her. He took her hand in his own and kissed […]

Tennis 30/Love

Kim and I had been friends for a couple of years. Not real close friends but we did play tennis 4 or 5 times a summer. We had always kept it real friendly. We had begun to make small bets before each game just to make it more interesting. We usually played for the cost […]

Dod’s Mum

I arrive at my friend Dod’s house but he’s not home, and his mum answers the door, who I’ve always sort of had a crush on, secretly. She lets me in and tells me that Dod will be home in about an hour, but I’m welcome to sit and wait and watch some TV with […]