Caught In The Act

Mickey glanced up and down the hall checking to make sure that the coast was clear, and when he was satisfied that no one was around, he slipped into the furnace room and made his way over to a step ladder that was leaning against the back wall!!! After making sure that the ladder was […]

My fetish had killed a highly promising relationship

My fetish had killed a highly promising relationship. There was no escaping that conclusion. Sherri never returned my calls. The day when I was going to toss all of my pictures and videos loomed larger on the horizon, and finally, I swore that I would just learn to ignore it. After all, most of the […]

The Sinner

It was a May, Sunday afternoon in the 80 s years before x – rated, online material irreparably damaged the Spicy Adventures Adult Bookstore s business and Odyssey Express, a swingers mag, was still in circulation. However, the submissive, black – haired and 25 – /o Susan wasn t aware that Troy, her dominant, white […]