Barbi’s Virginity – Cousin for horses
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Mona sat back on her haunches. “You ready to go out to the barn and learn why you’re so horny when you’re around Beauty?”
Barbi gulped, a tinge of fear gripping her as she ogled the woman’s large fleshy tits. “I’d rather stay here and use my mouth on you.”
“There’ll be plenty of time for you to enjoy my body,” Mona said. She stood. “C’mon. Beauty’s waiting for you.”
Slowly, Barbi got to her feet. “Don’t we have to dress first?” she asked innocently.
“No reason to,” Mona said. “I’m not expecting anyone for hours.” She took the dazed teenager’s hand and led her out of the office.
Barbi quivered with excitement as she stepped outside. Her body flushed with goose bumps as she allowed Mona to lead her to the stable.
“I’m nervous,” the girl said, a tinge of fear creeping into her voice.
“Nothin’ to be afraid of, Barbi,” Mona soothed. “Your body’s been telling you every time you go riding.”
“I don’t understand,” Barbi said as Mona took her into the stable. She shivered and looked at Beauty in his stall.
Mona dropped the child’s hand and walked over to Beauty. She scratched the blaze of white on his forehead and whimpered as the horny stallion brought his wet drooling mouth to one of her fleshy tits.
Barbi gasped. She swallowed a lump that clogged her throat. Her knees felt weak. “He’ll bite you,” she said. “Be careful.”
“He won’t bite,” Mona assured her. “Will you, Beauty?”
The horse snorted and shook his head as warm drool dripped from his slobbering lips.
Mona opened his stall and led Beauty to the center of the stable. “Whenever you ride,” she explained, “You cream. Right?” She stroked Beauty’s flank as she stared at the naked teenager.
Barbi nodded, her eyes wide as she watched Beauty gobble on Mona’s tits. “Yes,” she said meekly as a new passion swept over her. Her nipples hardened and she found that she wanted Beauty to lick her tits. “It makes me hot every time I get in the saddle.”
“I know,” Mona said. “It’s because you want Beauty. C’mere. Touch him. Rub your body against him.”
In a trance, Barbi walked to the horse. She shivered, her head spinning. “I’m scared.”
“Don’t be. Beauty loves it. He’s well trained.”
She fed the horse her tit as Barbi pressed her anxious young body against his sleek flank.
“God,” Barbi sighed as the inside of her virgin cunt became mushy with hot buttery cream. She quaked, the horse’s rough coat attacking the flesh of her plump tits like tiny needles. Her knees buckled for a moment and she grabbed Beauty around the neck, her pussy in spasms as she continued to mash her tits into his coarse hair.
Mona quivered as Beauty nibbled on the creamy meat of her tits. “If you think riding in a saddle makes you cream, you gotta ride him bareback.” She sighed hotly. “With your pussy mashed into his coat.”
Barbi trembled and grabbed his thick mane. She pulled herself atop the black stallion in one quick fluid move. Spasms raced through her pussy and she clenched her legs to his flanks.
“Mona!” she squealed as her cunt gushed with pussy cream.
Mona saw the lust on the child’s face. She smiled. “Hump him, Barbi. You’ll cream your brains out.” She jammed her tit into Beauty’s mouth as he snipped on her large swollen nipple.
Barbi, holding Beauty’s mane, jerked her hips. Her eyes bulged as the prickly hairs of the stallion’s coat bit her clit. She felt dizzy as everything in the stable started to spin. The sensations were fabulous. She jerked back, bathing Beauty’s coat with her hot pussy juices. She jerked forward again, her tits bouncing as his rough coat pricked at her swollen cunt and blood-engorged clit.
“You like it?” Mona asked, even though she knew the answer.
“Yessss,” Barbi hissed as she went wild on Beauty’s back. “It’s driving me crazy.”
Mona scratched the white blaze on Beauty’s forehead as the hungry stallion feasted on her tits. “Get yourself off,” she moaned as she looked up at the sex-crazed teenager. “Cream his fuckin’ back.” She jammed her tit against Beauty’s teeth and spasmed as the horse sank his teeth into her nipple.
Out of her mind, Barbi ground her cunt into Beauty’s back. Her cunt contracted and the juices flowed. Her ass jiggled as she worked her hips frantically.
“I’m gonna fall,” she gasped as she wrapped her arms around Beauty’s neck. “It’s making me dizzy.”
“Hold on, Barbi,” Mona urged. “Ride him.” She pulled on Beauty’s ears as the black stallion snorted and gobbled on the creamy meat of her tits.
Barbi tried. She clutched the horse tightly around the neck and fused her legs to his heaving flanks. Spit dribbled from her lips as the friction against her raw clit drove her insane. Hips jerking back and forth, she ravaged her cunt with Beauty’s rough prickly coat.
“I’m cumming,” Barbi squealed as an orgasm overwhelmed her. “Ooo… God… I’m creamin’ Beauty’s back!” Her head swirled with lust as orgasms tore through her virgin pussy. “I’m creamin’, Mona! I’m cumming!”
Mona watched as the teenager went insane on Beauty’s back. She kept the frisky stallion calm as she fed him her tits. “She’s gonna be all yours soon,” she whispered to the horse. “Every hole she has will take your cock. I promise.”
Beauty lifted his head and neighed as Barbi’s high-pitched wails of lust made his ears flicker. He pawed the earth, his drooling mouth foamy as Mona jabbed her tits against his rumbling lips.
Barbi shrieked as she smashed her clit into the stallion’s rough coat. Climaxes caromed through her as a river of pussy-cum gushed from her cunt and soaked Beauty’s back.
“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”
She thrashed on Beauty’s back. Her legs weakened and she felt dizzy. Her head snapped up and her body jerked spastically. “Help me, Mona. I’m creamin’ and I’m gonna fall.”
Mona stepped quickly to Beauty’s side. “Go ahead, Barbi. I’ll catch you.”
Twitching and creaming, Barbi slammed into Beauty’s back. Her head dropped as her arms melted away from his powerful neck. Her legs turned to butter as the spastic orgasms made her quake out of control. “I’m fallin’! I’m fallin’!”
Mona caught Barbi’s quivering body and eased her to the hay-strewn floor of the stable. She watched the child twitch then smiled. “She’s all yours, Beauty.”
Beauty neighed, his head shaking as his thick mane swished across his neck. He snorted, and his nostrils flared as he picked up the heady scent of Barbi’s turned-on pussy. He dropped his head, sniffing at the oozing cream seeping from Barbi’s hot buttery cunt.
Dazed, her body twitching, Barbi opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Beauty. “He’s gonna bite my pussy,” she moaned. She squirmed back, trying to get away from the horse’s mouth.
“Relax,” Mona soothed as she stroked Beauty’s flank. “He’ll get you off with his mouth and you’ll love it.”
Barbi gasped as Beauty’s long thick tongue slithered up through the wet gash of her cunt. “Ooo… God!” She humped, the contact electrifying. Glazed eyes stared at Mona. “It does feel good.”
“I told you,” Mona said. “After he licks you off, I’ll show you how to have fun with his cock.”
Barbi gasped at the mention of the word cock. She blinked then shuddered as Beauty’s tongue slapped across her clit. “His cock?” she gasped.
“Yesss,” Mona smiled. “His big fat gorgeous cock.”
Barbi swooned. The horse’s tongue had her pussy frothy and wet. She swiveled her hips and gave herself up to the exotic pleasure of having her pussy licked by a horse.
“Lick me, Beauty. Make me cream your mouth.”
Mona tingled as she watched the teenager relax. She continued to stroke Beauty’s flank as the hungry horse slurped noisily on Barbi’s virgin pussy. “Gobble her up, Beauty. Make her cum.”
Beauty slurped his broad tongue up through the wet sudsy gash of Barbi’s cunt. Pussy cream flowed from her cunthole and drenched his rubbery lips and clogged his flared nostrils. He snorted then attacked Barbi’s cunt again as the child squealed with delight. He whacked her clit with his tongue, sending Barbi into a spasm.
“Mona!” Barbi squealed. “His tongue is driving me crazy!” She humped recklessly at the horse’s snout, jamming her virgin cunt against his swiping tongue. “Beauty! Beauty! Lick me! Unnn… Lick me!”
Beauty snorted and drooled as he jammed his mouth against the bubbling gash of the young girl’s virgin pussy. His thick tongue fucked into her cunt-slit, the tip hitting the thin skin of her cherry. He jerked his head and neighed, his eyes blazing as Barbi humped up, greedy for his slippery tongue.
“Beauty!” she cried deliriously. “Gimme back your tongue. I want your tongue!” She thrashed wildly on her back, her hips swiveling as her heart-shaped ass rubbed into the hay-strewn floor. “Gimme back your tongue.”
His eyes rolled as the child’s screaming voice aroused him. The tip of his hulking prick poked from the thick skin of his cocksheath. The cocktip seeped and his balls rumbled. He snorted then dropped his mouth to the delicious ooze of Barbi’s hot bubbling pussy.
“Yesss,” Barbi hissed as Beauty’s tongue made her cream. “It feels so terrific!” She humped up, grinding her overheated pussy against the stallion’s greedy mouth.
“Just cream his mouth, honey,” Mona said. She quivered. The sight of the young girl in the throes of passion was making her cunt ache for Beauty’s magnificent prick. “Ride his face, Barbi. Ride his face like you rode his back.”
“I am,” Barbi wailed. She squiggled on the ground, her ass mashed into the hay. Her head came up and she stared at the horse lapping noisily on her pussy. “God!”
Barbi’s head dropped back with a thud and she lunged up, grinding her cunt into his mouth.
Beauty chomped on the teenager’s pussy. His tail swished across his rump. His thick tongue lashed at her cunt and cream flowed into his mouth. He jammed his snout against her humping cunt as his balls rumbled and more of his thick cock meat became exposed.
Tits flopping, Barbi jerked her legs up from the ground. She latched them to the side of his head, holding him captive as she swiveled her hips and fed his hungry mouth her hot sizzling pussy. “Eat me! Eat me!”
“Christ,” Mona gasped. She leaned against Beauty, her legs weak as her green eyes smoldered. “Cream him, Barbi. Drown him with your cum.”
“God,” Barbi panted. Her thighs were clamped to his head and she mashed her cunt into his mouth. “His tongue is driving me crazy.” Spasms ripped through her virgin pussy as the horse’s greedy mouth brought her closer and closer to creaming. “Bite! Bite!”
Holding tight, the black stallion trapped between her quivering thighs, Barbi raced to the peak.
“I’m gettin’ there!” she cried out deliriously. “I’m gettin’ there!”
Beauty’s nostrils filled with pussy cream. He jerked his head as the muscles under his sleek coat rippled with power. His powerful neck twisted and he dragged Barbi’s humping body across the hay-strewn floor. He jerked his head up, taking Barbi with him as he snorted. Eyes glowing, tail swishing, he twisted his neck as he brought Barbi toward an explosive orgasm.
Thrashing on her beck, Barbi quaked. Her eyes widened as she realized she was going to cum. Moans escaped her open mouth and her face twisted with lust. She humped up, holding Beauty a prisoner with her clinging thighs.
“I’m ridin’ him!” she squealed with joy. “I’m ridin’ his fuckin’ mouth.”
Beauty jerked and shook his head. The action dragged Barbi back and forth across the floor as if she were a feather. His prick throbbed, growing longer and thicker as the child’s screams enraged him to a feverish pitch.
“I’m gonna cum, Mona!” Barbi squealed. “I’m gonna cum!” Her back arched and her tits flopped as she reached the peak and hovered for a long torturous minute. “I’m gonna cum!”
Mona stared, her own body on fire. She fed on the child’s passion, her cunt contracting as if she were climaxing. “Cream him, Barbi. Cream him.” She quaked, anxious for Barbi to enjoy Beauty’s cock. “Cum! Cum!”
Barbi twisted, her legs locked on Beauty’s head. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!” Orgasms caromed through her virgin pussy and spread to every tingling nerve in her thrashing body. “I’m cumming! I’m creamin’, Mona!”
The scalding depths of Barbi’s virgin cunt exploded. Pleasure engulfed her as the milky cum flooded her pussyhole. She jerked violently, mashing her climaxing cunt against the horse’s teeth.
Beauty snorted. The teenager’s shrieks and her battering pussy aroused him more. His cock throbbed and his huge balls churned. Snorts came from his flared nostrils as pussy-cum clogged them. He latched his nibbling teeth into Barbi’s pulsing clit then chewed.
Barbi went out of her mind. Hot caroming orgasms tore through her virgin cunt. She rolled her hips, grinding her clit between the horse’s gnawing teeth.
“I’m creamin’!” she screeched as her back bowed and her tits flopped. “I’m creamin’!”
“Bite her,” Mona rasped as Barbi climaxed, “Bite her fuckin’ cunt, Beauty!” She clawed Beauty’s flank, her eyes misty as she watched the naked child twist and churn against the horse’s mouth. “Bite her cunt!”
Barbi clawed the ground with her nails. Her head snapped from side to side as spit dribbled from her panting mouth. She ground her cunt into his teeth and looked wild-eyed at an enthralled Mona.
“More! More! I can’t stop!” Barbi balled her fists as Beauty’s powerful head lifted her from the ground. “Mona! Mona!” Her hips jerked and she clamped her thighs even tighter to his head. “I’m cumming again!”
Beauty, his head shaking, pawed the ground. His snorts and whinnies were lost in the virgin meat of Barbi’s climaxing cunt. He jerked back, dragging Barbi with him as the muscles under his sleek coat rippled and tensed. He jerked his head up, pulling Barbi with him as his rump twitched and his thick tail swished.
Moaning and thrashing, Barbi continued to grind away at Beauty’s mouth. She grabbed her small plump tits, mangling them in her hands as the nipples swelled to the point of bursting.
“I’m still cummin’, Mona!” she screeched as one orgasm after another swept through her young body. She smashed her clit into Beauty’s teeth as her head started spinning. “He’s biting so hard!”
Mona watched, happy that she had selected the young girl to share the pleasures of her horses. “Cream your brains out,” she moaned throatily. “Then you can have his cock.”
Barbi swooned and her eyes rolled. The mention of Beauty’s cock sent another orgasm whipping through her pulsing pussy. “Mona! Mona!”
Beauty, enraged by the child’s lust, reared up on his hind legs. He took Barbi with him as if she were a rag doll. His head shook. The violent action jerked the screaming teenager’s body back and forth. He dropped back to all fours and snorted as he jammed his mouth against her cunt and pushed her across the floor.
Barbi screamed. Her body convulsed as the intensity of her orgasms sapped her strength. Her thighs ached and her vision was blurred. A low gurgling moan escaped her mouth as she twisted her hips and ground her cunt into Beauty’s mouth for the last time.
She smashed her cunt hard against his teeth and screamed. The next second, her legs melted from his head and she dropped back to the ground with a thud. She was at the mercy of the still-aroused horse.
Beauty, his balls rumbling and his cock aching, continued to feast on the twitching child’s pussy. He sloshed his tongue up through her gooey cuntal ooze then nibbled on the puffy meat of her cunt. He snorted and jerked his head, banging his snout against her sensitive clit.
Dazed, Barbi lifted her head. Weak, she stared at the stallion as he continued to torture her pussy. “Take him away,” she moaned. “God. Take him away.”
Mona, coming out of her sexual trance, pulled on Beauty’s mane. “C’mon, boy. She’s had enough for now.”
Beauty reared his head. Cum frothed at his mouth and dribbled from his lips. His eyes glowed and his flanks heaved as his lust raged violently throughout his powerful body.
“How did you like it?” Mona asked as she calmed the horse. She stroked his sweaty flanks as his muscles quivered. She smiled at a still-dazed Barbi. “Well, how did you like it?”
“Fabulous,” Barbi panted. She sat up, still tingling from her orgasm. “Fabulous!”

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