A program that teaches teens about safe sex, the hard way

“I just don’t know what to do with Dickie,” said Mrs. Plymer. “I’m at my wits’ end.” “Don’t you fret, Mrs. Plymer,” said Mrs. Roberts. “You’ve come to the right place. We’ll solve your problem this afternoon.” “I just don’t see how,” said Mrs. Plymer. “Look at him sitting there, all sullen and rebellious. He […]

This is a straight forward anal rape story

Heather sat at the bar, sipping on her cocktail. She was nervous. She hadn’t been out to bars much, she was never really into partying. Her friend, Amy, dragged Heather along due to her recent messy break-up… A man had been staring at them for a while. Amy pointed him out to Heather. He was […]

The Degradation of Elaine

“When are you coming to one of my parties,” asked Edwin Field. His secretary Elaine smiled back at him, “I know what goes on at your parties, I’m a married lady,” she replied. “But your husband is a fucking wimp. You can’t be getting enough cock from him.” “I get enough thank you, now do […]

My drunken sister

My sister, a year younger than I, had always been a social butterfly. She always had a boyfriend, even if only for a week at a time. She never dated the jocks or preps but was always hanging out with the Goths and skaters and had a sense of fashion most chicks could only dream […]

Where Witches Walk

They stood on wet ground as the cool breeze of their darkest hour swept past. Most of their numbers were gone. The free lands in the north had all fallen, swallowed up by the black mass of the oppressive Kath’rahim army. Only York stood against them now, one final free people, stretched fabric-thin against a […]