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I quickly discovered that my woman was more adaptable
than I ever imagined. She has been great fun to play
with ever since I opened up. I think it allowed patty
to honestly look at her own leanings and admit she was
into the power. She was an insecure young girl when we
met but has turned into a power house of a woman.

I was equally hesitant to reveal myself to the public
via my blog and Kristin Archives stories but that
concern has proven miss-placed. I receive many letters
from men who secretly harbor the same fantasies that I
do. Patty hears from many women who want to know how
they can turn their hubbies into cuckolds. Most reveal
that know their hubbie secretly want to be cuckolds.

They want their wives to treat them like cuckolds. They
want their wives to have sex with well endowed men
whose dicks will drill deeper than they can. One man
wrote saying that while he was taking a shower at a
local gym another fellow entered the group shower
sporting a dick that soft was twice the size his was
hard. The nice man said it took all his power to
restrain himself from asking the big-dicked man if he
wanted to have sex with his wife. Here is the story he
shared with me and asked that I share with my readers.

Dear Etiene,

I’ve been reading your blog for several months and find
it very arousing. I never realized I wasn’t the only
one who wanted to be a cuckold. To me being a cuckold
means I can be passive, live my feminine side and just
enjoy life more without worrying about someone fucking
my wife. After all, as you have said many times, so
what if she is getting fucked by another guy. If she is
coming home to me, she must love me. Besides, who are
we to deprive our wives of pleasure. Life is short and
we ALL have to enjoy it as best we can.

Your blog gave me the courage to share my feelings with
Cathy, my wife. Cathy is a pretty woman, about 5’5″,
120 lbs and a cute face that hasn’t wrinkled much. Her
ass is still tight as is her vagina, even after two
kids. I selected a nice restaurant for our discussion.
I opened the discussion by asking her if she ever had
sexual fantasies.

Cathy admitted that she sometimes fantasized about an
unknown man having sex with her but he never has a
face. She said she has had the fantasy since she was a
young girl. We talked about her fantasy for a while and
then she asked me what my secret fantasy was. My first
inclination, as always, was to lie. I was going to say
that I had fantasies about this actress or that actress
but decided that today I was going to tell her the
truth. I calmed myself and slowly started to tell Cathy
that I wanted to watch her have sex with this guy from
the shower and than I wanted to eat her out, taking in
all his cum.

I thought Cathy would be revolted by my story. I heard
her chatting with a friend about another woman in the
neighborhood whose husband announced he was gay and
then ended the marriage. I thought Cathy might be
thinking about that right now. Instead, I was
surprised. She saw a common thread between our
fantasies. I wanted someone to fuck her and she wanted
someone she didn’t know to fuck her.

She asked me if I was serious about what I had just
told her. I replied by saying that it was a fantasy of
mine for many years and that, yes, I was very serious.
I asked her the same question to which she replied, why
not? Cathy always said that life was too short to let
pleasure pass us by. We resolved that no immediate
changes would be made to our relationship but that I
was free to speak with the guy with the big dick if I
saw him in the gym again.

I returned to the gym several days later and prepared
for a work out. I’m in pretty good condition and work
out fairly often, though not always at a gym. I really
prefer a run through the park and sit-ups in the living
room. I was lying on my back about to bench press when
the big dick guy walks over and starts to chat. He was
waiting his turn and just making casual conversation. I
learned his name is Joe. We talked and worked out
together for the next hour when we both agreed it was
time to shower and get on with the day.

Turned out we had each selected a locker on the second
row. As we undressed I again noticed the size of his
tool. Most guys are intimidated by guys with big dicks
but I have always just enjoyed looking. You see,
Etiene, like yourself I also enjoy sucking dick. It is
so soothing to the soul.

After the shower, but before we dressed, Joe looked
over at me and said he noticed I was looking at his
dick as we showered. Joe said it was normal and that
most guys stared whenever he was in the shower. To my
surprise, Joe said he was bi sexual and often wondered
why none of the guys ever asked him for sex. He said
that in the city gay guys always wanted sex but in the
burbs it was very uptight.

I told Joe that I was also bi and that I thought about
wanting to touch his penis and watch it grow to its
full size. Joe said that would be fine with him but
that the club wasn’t the right place. Next Joe
surprised me. He asked if I was married and what would
my wife say if she found me holding his dick. I knew
this was the right moment to tell him about what I
discussed with Cathy. I asked if he was available to
spend time with both of us and that Cathy had asked to
meet him after I described the size of his cock.

Two days later, at diner time, the door bell rang and
it was Joe. He was dressed very casual but it was easy
to tell his clothes were very expensive. Cathy and I
both noticed that Joe drove up in a new Jaguar.
Everything was just as it should be throughout the
meal. We were starting to enjoy an after dinner
cocktail when Joe asked if he could feel Cathy’s

We were taken aback but Cathy quickly said, yes. Joe
bent to gently cup her breast and then bent further to
kiss her. It took everything I had to not jump up but
this is what we all said we wanted. Cathy broke the
kiss and looked over at me. “Is this okay with you,
Peter?” What could I say? It was exactly what we asked
for. “Yes”, I said through the lump in my throat.

“Cathy,” Joe said, “your husband isn’t the only one
that needs to consent.”

“What?” Cathy was surprised and bit distracted by Joe’s
hand that was slowly moving between her legs. “It’s
true”, said Joe. “Peter and I also have plans for each
other. He wants to suck my cock and drink my cum as
much as you do. What do you think about that, Cathy?”

“I say it doesn’t surprise me,” said Cathy. “From what
I’ve read, men who want to watch their wives have sex
with other men most often want to have sex with the
same men. In one article the writer said that the
husband wanting to watch the wife having sex was just
pretense, just a way to introduce a man into the
relationship so the husband could have male-male sex.
What do you guys think about that? It makes perfect
sense when you think about it.

“Peter is obviously bi but he would never admit it to
me before. I also don’t think Peter is that open to
having sex with another man unless I’m present and
giving my blessing. I don’t think Peter deals well with
guilt. Peter thinks that it would be okay if I had sex
with you first. Then he could suck you or suck your cum
from me. Peter has the potential to be a great cuckold
husband. He doesn’t enjoy the responsibility of being a
man. For Peter having a big dick like you fuck me
relieves him of the pressure of having to be a man.”

It was like they were a million miles away. Cathy was
psychoanalyzing me and Joe was enjoying it. After
several more minutes of watching them play with each
other, Cathy broke the embarrass and instructed me to
undress and get naked. They both undressed and in a
second Cathy was impaling herself on Joe’s dick. I was
instructed to stroke my member as I watched them fuck.
Cathy wanted all off us to cum at the same time.

At first she allowed him to enter very slowly but then
she became acclimated to the size. She rode him for all
he was worth. She muttered something about feeling him
hit at the back of her cervix and that she had never
felt this sensation before but it was great. I watched
as Cathy spasmed through an orgasm and then through
another and another.

After 30 minutes or so Joe’s body convulsed and I saw
his cum start to flow out of Cathy’s vaginal lips. Joe
rolled over exhausted by the long effort. I was still
dripping cum having shot my load several minutes

Cathy leaned up on her elbows and motioned for me to
come to the bed. It was the first time either of them
acknowledged I was still in the room since Joe placed
his dick in her. Cathy kissed me and said she loved me
for being so giving and that she wanted to give me
something she knew I wanted for a long time, a cream

Grabbing hold of my hair she gently placed my lips on
the lips of her soaked vagina. Cathy instructed me to
clean her up for round two. I was only too happy to
accommodate. I started sucking her vagina and clit and
my mouth filled with Joe’s cream. After 20 minutes or
so Cathy, looking over at Joe, said that I should clean
him up and fluff up his spent penis.

They were right, I enjoyed being a cuckold. I didn’t’
want to be a man who dominated his woman. I wanted to
be the boy dominated by the woman and her lover. I took
Joe’s tool in my mouth and gently started to suck. I
tasted the residue of Cathy’s juices mixed with his
cum. Cathy watched as I sucked Joe saying that it was
so erotic to watch her husband suck Joe’s big dick. I
have to confess to being a bit embarrassed but it
didn’t stop me. Cathy said she like me better as a
cuckold and that it would be good for me because I was
usually too uptight from work.

The whole scene played out several more times that
evening. Cathy, my usually prudy wife turned out to be
a sexual dynamo. When it was over I expected Joe would
say good-bye just like in the stories and that would be
the end. Cathy and I would have the memory to spice up
our sex life but that would the extent of the fantasy.

Instead, Joe asked if he could visit with us the next
day. I was about to say once is enough when Cathy asked
what time he would be coming over. Cathy said she was a
little sore but that Joe might want to condition my ass
to accept the size of his dick. Cathy said she had a
dildo she could use to get me stretched and ready. I
couldn’t believe my ears.

Etiene, it has been several months and Joe is over most
every night. He has become a part of our family and is
even talking about moving in permanently. Cathy wants
Joe to live with us and told me she didn’t think she
could be entirely happy without his dick inside of her
several times a week. Cathy made it very clear that we
are still husband and wife but we were going to expand
our relationship structure to accept Joe because he
would bring us both great pleasure. I never planned on
changing the relationship and marriage this much and
I’m a bit freaked out. What should I do?

Freaked Out and loving it in Denver…

Dear Freaked Out,

Many guys soon discover that their cuckold fantasies
lead to a change in the marital arrangement. I
recommend you sit back and enjoy the ride. Joe will
probably want to move on eventually leaving you and
Cathy with great memories to spice up your sex lives
for years to come. If you pressure Cathy she will
probably decide to be with Joe since he is still
providing her with the sexual excitement she craves.

Besides, why not just enjoy yourself. You get to suck
your wife’s cream filled cunt nearly every day and you
have a big dick to play with. You can suck dick, take
it in the rear or simply watch. According to many of my
readers you are complaining about having too much fun.
My advise: get with the program. When you feel like it
isn’t working: smoke a joint and suck your wife’s
creamy snatch or Joe’s hard dick. It will calm you and
make you feel complete.

Try to remember there are thousands of guys that would
trade places with you in a second.

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