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Desperately sucking teacher
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“Oh yes, Jack,” the teenaged girl moaned softly. “Fuck me, baby. Slam that sweet cock home.”
Connie Jackson was still wearing her uniform. They had finished cheerleading practice, and she had waited for Jack Gibbs to get done with his football workout and grab a shower. The two had then slipped back into the empty school. Now, Jack was giving …

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The lesbian high school history Teacher
By: Date: 2023.05.16. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Susan Ann Clancy sat quietly in her six
year old Ford Escort in the parking lot for Krazy
Kate’s Video Store. For the third time in the last
half-hour, the forty-six year old high school
history Teacher checked her watch. Then the
short haired redhead looked out the window to
the small sign on the store’s door that listed the…

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