Samantha and Angela dirty punishment
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The man was reclining in his leather chair, puffing away at his cigar as he
studied the two lean dishevelled figures before him. He let the chair drop
forward again as he took the cigar from his mouth and spoke to the pair.

‘Samantha, Angela you both know that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable
and contravenes Flambardo’s company rules. You are now both guilty of a
serious disciplinary offence after not heeding several verbal warnings. The
company is also more than aware of your prior unreported encounters that went

An hour before, the two women had been caught by the M.D.s secretary,
fighting like alley cats in the ‘Upcoming Products’ display. Flambardo’s
latest range of high-class lingerie had just been put on display, and it was
natural that the company’s top two models wanted to see it first. As so many
times before with these two though, neither of them could hide the ill
feeling toward the other. They simply couldn’t resist bad mouthing each
other, and as they looked around the display the abuse eventually became
physical. When Miss Locksbridge had walked in on them, Sam was sat astride

Samantha, Sam to everyone but the boss, had her skirt riding up her slim,
stockinged legs and the top three buttons of her blouse torn away to expose
the creamy mounds of her unsupported breasts. Angela was in an even worse
state, flailing her legs wildly in an attempt to escape. This inevitably saw
her skirt scrunched around her hips, flashing her black silk panties. She had
lost her blouse entirely and her breasts jiggled uncontrollably as she
battled. They hurled vicious insults at each other, questioned each other’s
parentage, ridiculed each other’s bodies (though it was difficult to find
real fault with either!) and alleged prolific sexually deviant acts. Sufficed
to say that it wasn’t ladylike.

They both froze as the door had clicked shut behind Miss Locksbridge.
Everything stood still for several seconds before Miss Locksbridge indicated
for them to get up. She allowed them to get back into what remained of their
clothing, and led them through the packed offices to Mr Flambardo’s office.

Everyone’s heads turned to watch the battle scarred models as they went by.
It wasn’t so much to see their exposed flesh, though most of the men looked
anyway, it was more like watching the condemned’s last walk toward the
unknown. They all knew the history between the girls and that this time was
going to be once too many. One or both of them would be out of the door
before the day was done. It was common knowledge that the boss had some sort
of unique tribunal system to deal with these eventualities, but no-one knew
what it was. Not even those that had been through it, whether they stayed on
or not, ever spoke of exactly what it was. The only thing for sure was that
the girls were about to find out.


The girls shifted uncomfortably as they realised there was no escaping the
wrath of Mr F.

‘We’re sorry’ Sam said meekly, giving him her best sultry look.

He’d seen it all before and wasn’t impressed.

‘It’s too late to be sorry my dear’ he said, rising up out of his chair until
he reached his full height of around six feet four inches. He paced around
behind the girls, looking at their taut asses stretch the tight skirts.

Tears began to appear in the girls’ eyes as they realised they could be
finished in modelling if they got sacked, and the reason ever came out.

‘You have a choice. You will both be dismissed immediately…….or you can
try to retain your positions by attending a tribunal of my design.’

‘Oh, please let us try and keep our positions. We love the job and the
company.’, pleaded Angela, ‘We truly are sorry. Let us face the tribunal, I’m
sure we’ll show we want to keep our jobs very much.’

Mr F headed for his private washroom at the back of his office. He stopped as
he reached the door and turned back to the waiting models.

‘It’s your choice girls. If you want the tribunal, then sit over there, relax
and have a drink. I’ll be back shortly so we can start. If not, please go
directly to personnel and pick up your remaining pay.’

The girls looked toward his sofa and table with a water jug and glasses, in
the other corner of the office. As they turned back to look at Mr F, he had
already disappeared into his washroom.

The girls looked at each other a little watery eyed, but still with a certain
vitriolic disdain. They turned and walked defiantly to the sofa and sat as
far apart as the small sofa would allow. The poured their own drinks and
awaited Mr F’s return.

Mr F zipped his fly up and headed back toward his office. As he opened the
door again he was pleased to see the girls had decided to go to tribunal.
They were slumped into one another, deeply unconscious under the influence of
the drugs that were in the water. He really did enjoy a good tribunal!

Angela woke first, slowly opening her eyes and blinking at the intrusion of
the light. Regaining her senses a little, she felt padding below her and
realised she was lying on some sort of leather couch. She knew the feeling of
real leather on her skin from her modelling assignments for some of the more
erotic lines they’d had.

‘On my skin!’ she thought, realising for the first time that she now had only
her panties left on. She pulled herself up to see where she was and why she
was naked. She pulled her head off the couch about 3 inches before finding
that she couldn’t get further. Trying to move position so she could try
again, Angela suddenly realised that her whole body was immobilised and she
screamed in horror. There was no noise though, only a muffled sound as the
gag in her mouth did it’s job. She thrashed about trying desperately to move,
but in vain. Out of breath from her exertions, she stopped her struggle and
craned her neck to see how it possible that she could be stuck.

She was indeed on a padded couch, with several important additions. Her hands
were strapped together above her head, and attached to the end of the couch.
Each ankle had got it’s own strap attached to a couch leg at the bottom,
spreading her wide apart and exposing her most private parts. Across her
shins, lower thighs, waist and shoulders were four wide straps of leather
which held her down while the other’s kept her in position. She was hardly
able to move at all except for her head being left free.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement, and twisted her head.
Somehow she was not surprised to see Sam in an identical position on a couch
next to her. The only difference was the table was facing in the opposite
direction. She derived some satisfaction from Sam being in trouble too, and
the fact that her enemy was struggling more than she had done, and was in
tears as she did so.

Just as Sam was starting to calm down just a little, a familiar voice echoed
in the room.

‘Ah girls you’re awake’, Mr F boomed over a PA system fitted high in the
ceiling. ‘Welcome to your tribunal. I am the only judge here and the system is
a simple one. This hearing will be lasting four hours, after which time you
will have either earned the right to stay, or be dismissed after receiving a
punishment. The are only three rules and they are as follows :

1) A person shall be deemed unfit for work if they are found to be unconscious
at any time during the hearing, and they will be dismissed immediately.

2) The person who achieves the fewest orgasms during the hearing shall be
deemed fit for their job.

3) Refusal to fully participate with the hearing will result in immediate

The girls listened to the rules in slight confusion. How were they going to
be able to cum like this ? Why would they become unconscious during the
hearing ?

A door at one end of the room opened and Ms Locksbridge entered through it.
She walked and stood in between the girls, looking down at their prone
bodies. She gently stroked each of their pussies in turn causing their
nipples to reluctantly become erect. She smiled broadly, noting her handy
work before speaking.

‘Ladies, look what you’ve gotten yourself into. Now at this point most people
have some questions about exactly what Mr F meant by his rules. It’s my job to
put it a bit more plainly for you….and also to prepare you.

OK, you’re going to be strapped to those beds for four hours, during which
time you will cum many many times. If you pass out due to exhaustion or
pleasure, you’re finished. If you both last the four hours, whoever has cum
the most is finished. So the only question you’ve got now is how are we going
to make you cum ? Well I’ll give you a start, and then you’ll figure it out
on your own.’

With that Mr Locksbridge again began to stroke both stretched pussies with her
expert fingers. She had obviously done this many times, because despite their
fear and humiliation, both Sam and Angela soon became very wet. Their hips
begin to rock slightly under the restraints matching the fingers rhythm. Once
Ms Locksbridge had them wet and horny, she felt for their clits through the
fabric of the sodden panties. She again showed her experience and found them
instantly. Two loud muffled moans could be heard as the girls groaned into
their gags. The young secretary closed her eyes in obvious delight as she
quickly frigged the girls to the edge of orgasm. Her nipples were clearly
visible through her white blouse as she felt both pussies begin to twitch
beneath her.

She gave their clits several final hard grinds and watched as their bodies
tightened completely, watching intently as they both came together. She loved
this bit so much. As the girls moaned, groaned and squirmed their way through
their first orgasm, Miss Locksbridge quickly removed both gags. The room
filled quickly with the sound of subsiding orgasms as she rushed to the door.
She pulled down an electronic board, exactly like a basketball scoreboard and
started the clock counting down from four hours. Before leaving the room, she
clicked a button on either side of the board and a big ‘1’ appeared on each

‘When you’re both past 10 the panties will come off if they’re not already
gone. This tribunal is in session!’, Ms Locksbridge shouted before leaving the
room and locking the door behind her.

Both girls lay humiliated, wet with sweat and breathless. Just as they were
recovering enough to think about what had been said (…cum many many
times….you’ll figure it out….both past 10…10?!.), they felt the tables
jerk beneath them. The sound of motors could be heard, and the couches started
to move.

Slowly the tables tilted sideways on hydraulics. If it hadn’t have been for
the wide straps, both girls would have slipped on to the floor. As it was
their bodies turned on the side as they moved with the table. The motors
stopped as the girls bodies now faced each other, both now at 90 degrees to
where they began. The girls were about 3 feet apart still, and neither of
them had grasped quite how they were going to cum so much. It suddenly became
evident as another set of motors started up, and the tables quickly closed
together. As they shut off again, the gap had reduced from 3 feet to 3
inches, and they were able to smell each others recent flow of cum juice.
They both knew at that instant they would be making each other cum for the
next few hours, and they simply had no choice. They were both out anyway if
they didn’t, and both knew that the other wouldn’t let them have the upper

Sam, who’d once had a lesbian affair to get a job she wanted from a top female
photographer, made the first move.

‘Fuck you bitch, I’m not losing my job because of you.’, she said vehemently
before closing her eyes and flicking her tongue against Angela’s wet, panty
covered pussy. The wet silky black material was moulded to the contours of
Sam’s pussy and she could feel every detail of her enemy’s cunt.

The taste of cum juice was still strong after the recent orgasm, and it bought
memories flooding back of Angela’s domination at the hands of her lesbian
mistress. Being the slave of a lesbian for nearly a month had an influence on
Sam that would never be undone, and she felt her pussy tingling and wet again

Angela gasped with pleasure as her clit was wonderfully licked and caressed
through the wet material. All thought was gone from her mind as the sensation
of a woman licking her out for the first time swept over her. The fact she
hated this woman and the situation became incidental to the overwhelming
feeling she felt inside. Her panties were completely soaked now rendering them
virtually useless as any form of covering, allowing much easier stimulation of
her pussy and clit. Before she could react to anything that had happened,
another orgasm swept over her. She screamed with delight and strained against
her bonds as she released another stream of cum. The advantage was definitely
with Angela now and she pressed it further.

While Sam was still cumming, Angela used her tongue to lift the edge of the
sopping wet panties to directly lick Sam’s pussy. She forced the panties over
to one side and completely exposed Sam’s convulsing snatch. She licked and
slurped the wet hole, lapping up cum juice as it poured from Sam. As the
spasm’s died away, she again began to lick at Sam’s hole, bottom to top
tickling her clit each time. Sam’s squirming orgasm turned quickly back into a
steady rhythm as she matched the tongue strokes on her pussy.

‘2 – 1’ boomed a voice over the speaker system. It was Miss Locksbridge
watching the live video feed into the viewing room, and she was making sure
they remembered the scoring.

This bought Sam back to the reality of the situation and the fact that she
had to start licking Angela out before she was too far behind. Nervously, she
stretched out her tongue and tasted her first pussy. It wasn’t anywhere near
as gross as she had expected, and it actually tasted a hell of a lot better
than all the sperm she’d ever swallowed. She felt Sam twitch slightly as she
ran her tongue the length of the clingy material covering the pussy in front
of her. Sam was slowly getting adjusted to the task in hand, or should that
be ‘in mouth’, and reluctantly built up her licking action.

She wasn’t yet as good at this as Angela though, and before Sam had chance to
catch up, she felt a tongue penetrating her pussy, and couldn’t help but cum
again. ‘Ohh god…..NO!!!’ Sam cried as she pulled away from Angela’s cunt to
get breath as she began to shudder once more.

‘Oh yes!’ shouted Angela triumphantly, thinking she had this thing won.

‘3 – 1’ the voice boomed.

Angela dived back to Sam’s pussy and continued to fuck it with her tongue.

Sam concentrated hard now, trying desperately to ignore the fantastic feeling
in her cunt and decided she needed to try something to catch up quickly. She
gripped Angela’s thin panties with her teeth and began to bite and pull at
the flimsy material. After only a couple of moments the scant material
submitted and ripped apart. Sam grasped the torn edges and pulled away as
much as she was able until Angela’s pussy was completely exposed. The elastic
of Angela’s panties was still in place, but all the material at the front had
been shredded away.

Angela felt the air suddenly rush around her pussy as Sam finally destroyed
her panties. She knew that Sam was seeing just how wet she was now, and her
arousal was increased by the feelings of being dominated and helpless rushing
back over her. ‘Damn the dominating bitch for making me be horny in a
situation like this!’, she thought, but became wetter despite her best

Sam had no more doubts about what she must do, regardless of whether she liked
it or not. She extended her tongue as far as it would go and dipped it deep
into Angela’s snatch. It felt warm and slick, and full of juices. She pulled
her tongue out slowly, drawing as much of the juices out as she could, and
smearing them around Angela’s clit. She repeated this several times until
Angela was moaning quite loudly into Sam’s cunt as she ate it, and thrusting
her hips with each stroke.

When Sam broke briefly to catch her breath, Angela even pushed her hips to
try and encourage her to continue. It was an automatic reaction from Angela,
and one she didn’t want to make, but Sam saw it and knew that she was still
in with a say in the outcome.

Encouraged now, Sam resumed her servicing of Angela even more vigorously. She
licked and sucked at Angela’s clit as this was producing the greatest
response. Angela was still not controlling herself very well and pushed her
cunt back into Sam’s face. Half a minute later, Sam made her first woman cum.

She felt Angela thrust her body up, and then freeze with every muscle in her
body pulled taut. She kept licking as Angela’s pussy exploded in a flood of
cum. Sam felt the tongue at her pussy pull away and the head pull out as
Angela flung her head back on to the table as she screamed in ecstasy. ‘Oh
Fuck! Cumming!’ she yelled wildly as she squirmed her wet ass around on the
leather. Sam was relieved not only to hear her cum, but also that it allowed
her own building orgasm time to subside.

‘3 – 2’ the voice stated even while Angela was still groaning loudly.

They both now had their first orgasms out of the way, and it was clear now it
was just a matter of who could do the most and who could resist the most.

As Angela’s orgasm began to lessen, Sam sucked Angela’s clit between her teeth
and bit it gently. She was shocked and more than pleased when this immediately
sent Angela plunging into another stunning orgasm.

‘3 -3. Well done Sam’ said the familiar voice.

Over the next hour, they enthusiastically licked and nibbled each other to
half a dozen more orgasms each, staying neck and neck all the way. They were
both covered in girl cum, their hair sticking together in places. They looked
like porn models now, not fashion models as they moaned and groaned, pushed
and ground their hips while being eaten out by another girl.

With the scoreboard reading 9 each, the door opened and Miss Locksbridge
entered the room again. The girls knew who had come in, but didn’t break off
from their activities.

‘Girls, you’ve got the hang of this very quickly. You’re both naturals. Shame
someone has to lose really. Anyway, I have something else for you to
consider. If you can both reach 10 together, then I will give you both a
reward, if not then you’ll just go on as you are. Let’s see you work for each
other now girls.’

She paced slowly around, stroking the girls bodies as they brought each other
to yet another orgasm. She pinched their nipples, ran her hand up and down
their upper thighs and occasionally touched their pussy lips.

‘God!’, screamed Angela, raising her mouth from Sam’s dripping cunt ‘not yet!
Don’t make me cum yet!’ Sam slowed her pace down and Angela dived back in
again. Miss Locksbridge wasn’t going to make it that easy though. Hearing that
Angela was so close, she walked to the end of her table, and plunged two
fingers deep into the gaping pussy and began masturbating Angela furiously.

Angela moaned loudly at the intrusion and tried desperately to bring Sam off,
before she was unable to hold back any more. She sucked and nibbled at Sam’s
clit, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. It was going to be too late though
as the action in her own cunt became too much. Her orgasm kicked in, her
muscles clenched and she accidentally bit down hard on Sam’s clit. The
combination of excruciating pain and incredible pleasure was enough to bring
Sam to a crescendo though, and they both came loudly and heavily together.

Miss Locksbridge smiled wickedly as she pulled her fingers from Angela’s
sopping cunt. ‘Nice work’, she said. She licked Angela’s juice from her
fingers and said, ‘Nice cum too Angela.’

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny knife which she used to cut
away the girls panties. They were now totally naked and ready for action

‘OK, as you both performed my request, here is your treat.’, she continued.

She walked to the top of each bed and undid the strap which held their hands
together, releasing one hand while leaving the other tied to the chair. As she
turned to walk out again, she spoke one last time.

‘Oh and don’t think about trying to use your hand to escape. If you do I’ll
simply strap the offender back up again and the other person gains an
advantage that has *always* resulted in them winning. A tongue is no
competition for a tongue and well used fingers. Now get on with it!’

The door slammed and she was gone once more.

This time Sam was quickest on the ball. Hands were something that she was
definitely more used to. She wasted no time in plunging three fingers deep
into Angela, fucking her hard with them. In addition, she resumed her attack
on the protruding clit, sucking wildly on it.

Immediately, Angela mirrored the action at her own pussy by burying her
experienced fingers into Sam’s hot cunt. This time she had the advantage over
Sam because she’d already had fingers inside her once, but Sam hadn’t had that
pleasure until now. Angela left her hand shoved hard against Sam’s cunt, and
nibbled at her clit while licking the bit that she had between her teeth.

Once again Angela took the lead as Sam couldn’t deny the feelings that Angela
was giving her. She came with a shudder, clamping her pussy walls around the
probing fingers and moaning into Angela’s cunt as her whole body froze.

11 – 10

As Sam lay motionless, Angela realised that this was her chance to establish
a gap that Sam wouldn’t be able to bridge. She continued her pumping of Sam’s
wet snatch, but pushed her head a little further toward the other couch,
allowing her a little more range. She was close enough now to reach her
target so she tensed her tongue as best she could and flicked it out.

Sam had never taken anything in her ass before, and the feeling of a tongue,
a *woman’s* tongue was one of the most sensuous things she ever known. As
Angela pulled her tongue out and pushed it back it again, Sam let the red hot
feeling sweep her body. After 3 or 4 strokes like this, Angela pulled out her
tongue again, but instead of pushing it back in again, she slipped her little
finger into Sam’s little bud. She alternated between tongue and finger for 5
or 6 more strokes before Sam yelled ‘OH God!! Yes, that’s so good! Make me
cum! Oh yessssssss!’ Sam clenched her anal and vaginal muscles and came like
she’d never done before. She yelled out and wriggled all the way through, and
Angela had to try as hard as she could to keep up her movements.

12 – 10

Angela waited for Sam’s orgasm to die down and for her muscles to relax before
she could continue her plan. She felt Sam’s cunt loosen it’s grip on her
fingers and her anus release her little finger as she gasped for breath. This
was it. She pulled her fingers gently from Sam’s cunt so that she didn’t tense
up, and making sure they were well juiced up, pushed two fingers quickly and
firmly deep into Sam’s relaxed asshole.

They slipped inside Sam’s tight hole even before she had realised Angela had
pulled out of her cunt. As the fingers went in up to the joint with the hand,
it stretched Sam’s ass wide and sent her straight into another orgasm. She
writhed in pain and pleasure as Angela violated her tiny hole, once again
tightening against her digits as she came.

13 – 10

Angela began to fuck Sam’s ass with her fingers even before her latest orgasm
died away. Sam had now completely stopped any activity on Angela’s body and
was totally lost in what was happening to her and the new experiences took
over her mind.

Within Sam’s tight hole, the sensation of being ass-fucked was multiplied,
and the excitement was making pussy gush with cum. As her orgasm faded, she
felt the kick of another one follow it as slippery fingers pounded in and out
of her slender ass hole.


As Sam wriggled through her orgasm and cried out in delight, Angela shoved a
third finger into Sam’s already stretched ass hole pulling her until she felt
she’d rip apart.

Sam was completely lost in a world of delight that she never knew existed, as
orgasm followed shuddering orgasm. She came continually, time after time, for
about 4 or 5 minutes. Even Angela was amazed at Sam’s reaction as she kept on
licking up all the cum and sucking her clit while continuing the frantic
assault on her ass. She just hoped that Miss Locksbridge could keep up with
Sam’s wanton eruptions .

Angela began feeling incredibly fatigued by her strenuous efforts on Sam’s
body, and as Sam came once more, she buried her fingers deep into Sam’s ass
and left them there while she rode her climax out.

Sam convulsed one last time before her whole body simply fell limp. She was
completely exhausted, her ass ravaged by Angela’s expert hand, her pussy
dripping with cum and covered from head to toe in a layer of hot sweat.

Angela looked up at the board. It read 26-10! She could hardly believe how
much Sam had cum. It was better than she’d dare hope for, and she knew now
that she had beaten her. There was no way back for Sam, even if she could
conjure up the energy from somewhere. She felt a tinge of guilt as she
thought about how much pleasure they’d given each other. Sam was really good
at this and there was no doubting she had a fantastic body to do it with. She
felt a familiar sensation rise in her cunt. ‘God’, she thought ‘that bloody
mistress of mine really screwed me over, I actually want Sam to do me again!’

Sam made no movement for nearly 30 minutes. She simply lay in her
spread-eagled position breathing heavily, her perfect breasts rising and
falling as she tried to recover and come to terms with her impossible
position. She had seen the board and knew it was hopeless to think she could
do Angela that many times without response. Angela would probably let herself
have maybe 5 or 6 orgasms before she’d have to think about making a start
again herself.

She was bought out of her train of thought by Angela’s movements. She was
wriggling her ass into the couch, straining at her bonds. It took Sam several
moments to realise that she was trying to stimulate herself. She wanted to
get off again. Angela had obviously enjoyed herself a little too much while
she did Sam. Well at least Sam could get some enjoyment out of this turn of

‘Angela’, Sam said quietly, ‘what are you doing ?’

‘Oh fuck Sam, I need to cum again. I’m so horny….do me again.’

‘Why are you so horny ? Tell me and I might help you.’, teased Sam.

‘Oh god, you bastard……it turned me on making you cum like that….it made
me really horny to finger your ass like you were my whore….I want to be a
whore too…….I want you OK………now make me fucking cum!’ Angela yelled.

‘Well, if you want to be my whore, then you’ll have to earn it. Now beg me,
bitch!’ Sam said with satisfaction.

She had nothing to lose any more and didn’t care what happened. She had always
had a fantasy about having someone at her mercy though, and it had always made
her hot when she thought of it. And right now, she had the upper hand over
Angela. Who better ?

‘Oh no….don’t make me….not again…..’, Angela said.

Sam picked up on this and queried her instantly

‘Not again ? What does that mean Angela ? Have you begged before then ? Tell
me or you get nothing else from me.’ She flicked out her tongue and gently
tickled Angela’s clit for the briefest second. Angela gasped desperately.

‘Awwhh….oh god Sam…please…..yes I’ve begged before……I was Jo
Montarry’s slave for a whole month……I had to beg every time I needed to
cum or to be allowed to make her or her friends cum. Please let me cum Sam!’

‘Tell me more’, Sam insisted, intrigued by her relationship with the
photographer, ‘What did she make you do ? Tell me all of it….we have a long
time to wait before this is over, and you couldn’t wait that long could you ?’

‘Oh no Sam I can’t…….oh god. She made me lick her out whenever she wanted
it…..I’d do the same for her 14 year-old daughter too….she made me cum in
public places and in front of people…….I had to make myself cum every day
at noon no matter where I was or who I was with. I wasn’t allowed to wear any
underwear at all, at any time. She’d make me come to work with a vibrator
buried inside me all day. She made me walk around her house on my hands and
knees at parties, naked except for a cat’s mask, and make me do anything the
guests asked of me. She leant me out to friends for them to use at night, and
they’d fuck me until I was sore, but would never let me cum. Then when I was
so desperate to cum, we’d go to a night club and they’d let me cum provided I
stayed on the dance floor and only danced with women. Most times I could get
off by slow dancing with the lesbians and bi’s that were there, with there
hands all over me and rubbing my crotch against them, but
sometimes……….oh god, sometimes I just couldn’t manage it and I’d have
to masturbate until I came while everyone watched me. They’d often have to
hold me up as I came when my legs couldn’t hold out. It was so
humiliating…..but they were the best orgasms I’ve ever had….she was
fantastic. And now… I just feel like I need to be dominated all the
time. She used to tie me up like this a lot, but she’d sit on my face for
hours at a time, cumming so many times I lost count……she’d often do it
until I passed out, then she’d be licking me out while I was unconscious so
that I’d cum as soon as I came round. This meant all I’d get was an orgasm
that I couldn’t control or enjoy the build up to. She owned me completely,
and now all I need is to be used again. Oh god Sam I really need you to make
me cum right now, pleas let me. I’ll do anything, please. Let me cum and I’ll
be your slave from now on, just let me cum now! Please Dawn!’

Angela begged her for several minutes before Sam even gave her an answer.

‘You promise to be my slave when we get out of here then ?’ Sam asked.

‘Oh god yes please, let me be your slave Sam. I’ll make you cum all the time,
do everything you say, only cum when you let me. Please let me Sam, please!
I’ll be your slave forever, just let me cum!’

Sam looked at the juices leaking from Angela’s pussy and knew she was for
real. No-one flowed like that without being fantastically turned on.

‘Well……’, Sam teased, but didn’t finished the sentence. Instead she
plunged three fingers deep into Angela’s cunt, making her cum instantly. She
leant forward and nibbled firmly on Angela’s enlarged clit, making her
wriggle as she came again. When that orgasm began to subside, Sam pulled one
of the three fingers out, and inserted it into Angela’s ass along with her
little finger. Angela could feel her clit erupting while two fingers plunged
in and out of her pussy, and another two in and out of her ass. Sam quickly
produced another orgasm as Angela surrendered her body to her new mistress.

‘Angela, frig yourself off, now, I order you.’ Sam said breaking her suction
on Angela’s clit.

In a split second Angela’s fingers appeared at her pussy, and she frantically
began rubbing her clit which was extra sensitive now from all the attention it
had received.

Sam pulled her fingers from Angela’s ass, making her new slave shudder with
pleasure. In their place she put her tongue and began to push her wet muscle
into Angela’s pulsating butt hole. Angela wriggled wildly as the new sensation
hit, and her masturbation was a little too good as she came once more. Sam
couldn’t believe it, Angela was cumming at every new thing she tried. Her new
slave must love being dominated like this, as the was much harder to bring off

‘Don’t you dare stop masturbating slave’, Sam said, noting Angela’s slowing
pace as she came. The pace immediately resumed with Angela groaning in
pleasure once more.

Sam pushed four fingers hard into Angela’s cunt, stretching her open, and
began to masturbate her steadily. After about 10 minutes of this, and another
Angela orgasm, her cunt was starting to stay gaping open each time Sam pulled
out of it.

Sam knew Angela was now ready for her big finish, the one that her last
boyfriend had shown her. It had blown her into an extraordinary orgasm so it
would be interesting to see how the over-excited Angela would react.

Sam tucked her thumb underneath the four thrusting digits and slightly
increased the force of her pushing. Angela moaned deeply as she felt the
extra pressure stretching her a little further. When Sam pulled back, she
waited for Angela’s pussy to relax slightly. As it did, she caught her new
pet off guard and with all the strength she could muster, shoved her hand
hard at Angela’s pussy.

For a split second Sam’s hand paused on it’s journey, and she thought she’d
failed. But with half her hand inside Angela, Sam gave a slight twist and
Angela’s pussy yielded. Sam’s entire cum covered hand suddenly disappeared up
to the wrist into Angela’s pussy, straining it to the limit.

Angela screamed with pain and delight as her pussy felt ready to rip apart. It
was one of the most painful things she’d experienced, but it sent shudders of
pleasure through her that she’d never dreamt of. She came once again as she
tried to accommodate the huge invasion of her cunt.

‘I told you not to stop masturbating didn’t I ? Well don’t stop then’ Sam said
when Angela’s fingers froze as she came. They immediately jumped back to life,
heightening Angela’s orgasm even further.

Sam let Angela’s orgasm fade before continuing. Slowly, she pushed her
fingers as far apart as she was able within the tight surround of Angela’s
cunt, opening the stretched cunt just slightly further. When she could open
them no further, she pulled her hand back out of Angela until the widest part
of her hand was at Angela’s entrance, causing spasms and wild moaning. She
held it the for several seconds before burying it deep back into Angela’s
ravaged cunt.

Inevitably Angela came as Sam entered her again, now unable to control her
body in any way. Sam repeated the operation again, with the same results. On
the fourth time Sam made her hand into a fist before pulling out. Angela
yelled in surprise at this change, as she felt it pulling out of her. Her
head began to swim with unveiled pleasure and delirium. Sam shoved her fist
hard back into Angela’s cunt. This time, Angela’s orgasm was enormous. As she
hit her climax she noticed a greyness surround her as she screamed in
pleasure. She felt Sam’s clenched fist pulling out of her as the greyness
swamped her mind completely.

Sam pulled her fist from Angela’s pussy with deliberate twisting to push her
orgasm further. It was only when her hand was entirely free, and Angela’s cunt
was gaping before her, that she noticed Angela had passed out.
‘………..unfit for work if they are found to be unconscious ………’ She
realised immediately that she’d beaten Angela by making her black out.

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