Daddy, his stepdaughter and another girl
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Daddy had asked me to go along with him on a business trip…
a busy lawyer with lots of clients in big cities, he had to travel
quite a bit, and few things were more boring than hours of dry
meetings in tall office complexes, only to have to rush to the airport
to catch a flight and come right home: no time to enjoy any of the
more pleasant distractions the city might offer. This trip was to be a
series of meetings starting late in the afternoon on Thursday, which
would spill over until mid-afternoon Friday, providing the perfect
opportunity to stay another few days and enjoy.

I had never been on a business trip with daddy before, and was
looking forward to it. It started off quietly, staying in my hotel,
waiting for daddy’s return from his meetings and depositions, and late
in the evening on Thursday he at last returned. Tired and frustrated,
the depositions not going well, I knew he would want to spend a quite
night, the meetings continuing early the next morning.

Friday… the hours dragged. Having dozed off at about 4
o’clock, daddy still not back, I was startled to awaken to darkness
and the warmth of daddy’s hand on my cheek: almost 8 o’clock and
daddy’s business was finally concluded. “Get dressed Princess… we’re
going out. Daddy had a good day in his deposition today… ”

Showered and dressed I emerged from the bathroom, and turned
for his approval as I knew I must before we went out in public. My
favorite dark green velvet dress: fitted on top with long sleeves and
tiny pearl buttons all the way down the front, a very full skirt, but
short, ending high up on my thigh… the tops of my stockings easily
visible when I sit; with black stockings, and matching bra and
panties. “Very nice… but leave the panties here.”

“Daddy… ” I started to respond, knowing that no panties with
the short dress and stockings, could expose me if I bent down or a
breeze lifted my skirt. “Princess!” was all he interrupted with, and I
knew I needed to do as he asked, not wanting to have a sore bottom
from a spanking so soon before we would be heading out for the

“Yes Daddy,” I replied, and we left. Thought the last time I
had been in that city was as a little child on a family vacation,
Daddy knew the city well from his business trips, and led me to a
beautiful, quiet restaurant. He wouldn’t say a word about the plans
for the rest of the evening, and though I trusted him to plan
something I would enjoy, I was curious and started to pout, eager to
know what the rest of the night would hold. I could tell Daddy was
getting angry: my little girl way of begging and sulking always
annoyed him, and tonight was no exception.

The meal concluded we departed the restaurant, and I waited as
Daddy hailed a cab. Once inside the cab, I was sure Daddy would warm
and tell me of out destination, but once settled into the back seat
and the cab pulled into traffic, I could tell that he was truly angry
at me being so childish, and it made me still quite suddenly. I said
nothing. I could feel him slip his arm around the back of my neck, for
an instant warm and comforting, but immediately, I could feel his
fingers grasping the back of my head, his fingers sliding into my hair
and pulling tight. I could feel his other hand encircle my thigh and
squeeze, hard, and not let go. I knew from experience, as well as the
dull pain that slid up and down my leg, that if he left his fingers
dug into my skin like that for long, there would be left bruises that
would stay for several days… just high enough not to be seen above
the hem of my skirt.

I continued to remain silent, know that Daddy’s firm grip on
me was a definite expression of his disapproval, and I did not want to
anger him further. Involuntarily I leaned my head back, in an effort
to ease the tightness I could feel in my neck and throat from the
grasp of his hand, but he only pulled it away and placed it on the
front of my neck, circling my throat. Barely able to speak, my breath
short, I knew what he wanted, and I whispered out “Daddy… I’m sorry
Daddy. I promise to be a big girl, Daddy. I promise.” For a moment his
grip tightened, restricting my breathing, and I could feel a tear
starting in my eye, knowing I had displeased him so. At last his grip
slackened, and he pulled his hands away without saying a word.

At long last the cab came to a stop, and we climbed out. I had
not been paying very close attention to our destination, being
unfamiliar with city and being preoccupied with Daddy’s unhappiness
with me. Quickly the cab zoomed away, and we were standing in front of
a club in a dense crowd of people. There were men and women of all
ages milling about, and looking up and down the street, I saw more
theaters, clubs and shops, all of the advertising “Girls,” or “XXX.”

It only took me a moment to realize we were in the less-than-
fashionable part of town, and for as far as the eye could see were
pornographic establishments and their patrons.

“Daddy?” was all I said as I felt him take my wrist and lead
me into the club. I had never been to a place like that, and though I
had seen places sort-of similar in movies and on TV, I was unprepared.
Men, and a few women customers, of every shape, size, age and race
were packed around tiny little tables, and loud rock music was
blaring. A huge, well lit stage dominated the room, with a long cat-
walk protruding deeply into the crowd of onlookers. There was a half
dozen or more women dancing on the stage, and even more girls
strolling through the crowd, wearing nothing on top and tiny little
g-strings. All I could do was hold tightly to Daddy’s hand. I couldn’t
think why he would bring me to such a place.

Finding a small table off to one side, Daddy motioned for me
to sit on his knee so that we could both watching the beautiful women
dancing on the stage. I could not believe that these pretty girls
would get up on stage in front of this crowd of strangers… pinching
their nipples… sliding their fingers in an out from between their
legs… licking the juices off.

It frightened me to watch the reactions of the rowdy men
watching the girls play with themselves… even in the dim darkness I
could see that many of the onlookers where touching themselves…
their cocks hard at seeing the pretty girl expose themselves. I did
not say so, but I was glad that Daddy’s arm was firmly around my
waist, holding me close, as I watched the girls dance.

It was not long before one of the young ladies approached the
table, and inquired of Daddy whether he would be interested in a
private dance. I only glanced down, waiting for what I would be sure
would be “no thank you,” from Daddy to the girl, but he did not say
it. I could only feel Daddy push me from his knee to make me stand,
grasp my hand, and follow the girl as she crossed the crowded room. I
thought still for a moment, for sure that Daddy was mistaken, but when
he pulled my arm again, I stepped forward and allowed him to lead me
through the crush of patrons through a doorway in the back.

The room in the back was not unlike the one we just left,
except there were many fewer customers, and the tables were booths,
with high backs. We were seated at one, and the young girl removed her
top and g-string and placed them on the table. Daddy quickly peeled
several bills out of his wallet and she took them, and immediately
started to dance, just like the girls in the other room on the
stage… except she was there just with us… me sitting on Daddy’s
lap, and her just inches away.

From up close I could tell that she was older, perhaps in her
late 40s, though her body was nearly perfect, and if she hadn’t been
but inches from me, I would have thought her in her 20s. Despite my
fear, her beautiful body as it moved was a pleasure to watch, and I
found myself relaxing just a little. After a while she leaned down
and whispered in Daddy’s ear, and Daddy smiled and shook his head yes.
I turned to look at his face, but he said nothing… he enjoying
watching her as well.

“Well Princess,” she said, shocking me that she knew Daddy’s
name for me, “I have tiny little breasts, but they are soft and
sensitive. I wish I had big tits like yours Princess. They are very
pretty. I love little girls with big soft breasts Princess.” At the
same moment that Daddy reached up and took both my wrists into his
hands, I could feel her reach forward and un-do the buttons on the
front of my dress. I was shaking, but I could tell by the even pace of
Daddy’s breath on my neck, that he did not object to what she was

“I love little girls with big breasts Princess. I want to see
and taste your pretty breasts. Can Karen taste your pretty titties,
Princess?” she asked as the last button came undone and the dress slid
off my shoulders. I wanted to say no, but I could feel Daddy’s grip on
my wrists tighten, and knew that he wanted me to say yes, so I only
silently nodded my head. I could feel her slide her fingers onto my
shoulder and ease my bra straps down, the thin covering quickly
falling away and revealing my rock hard nipples.

“I knew Princess would have big beautiful nipples. Karen is
going to taste Princess’ sweet breasts… ok?” I was speechless as
this strange women kneeled down, and slowly leaned forward, touching
my breast at first with her tongue and then enveloping it with her
mouth, her other hand raising to pinch the other nipple. My body was
shaking at the contact of this woman’s warm mouth on my nipple, and I
could also feel Daddy’s cock getting harder and harder against my ass
as he watched her tease me.

All too soon, she pulled away from me and rose, whispering in
Daddy’s ear, and his only response, again, was a smile. She started
dancing again, becoming closer and closer to my face, her breasts at
last rubbing against my cheek. Cupping her breast with one of her
hands, Daddy whispered to me “open your mouth,” and I did as he asked.

I could feel her nipple against my tongue, and almost
involuntarily I closed my mouth around it… astounded that another
woman was close… but even more astounded that I liked the feel of
this woman’s breast against my tongue; the way it felt to suck it
between my lips, and swirl my tongue around the hard nipple. I closed
my eyes and enjoyed the sensation: this woman moving her body, Daddy’s
hand clamped around my wrists, and his ever hardening cock pressing
into my ass.

Without warning, she pulled away, and my eyes shot open,
frowning slightly at the withdrawal of the sweetness of her breast.
Put before I could speak, the woman was on her knees before me again.
“Karen liked the taste of your pretty titties, Princess. They tasted
sweet. I’ll bet that your little pussy tastes even better Princess.
Karen wants to taste Princess’ little pussy. Can Karen taste your clit
and your juices Princess?”

My whole body started to shake, at the boldness of this
woman’s suggestion, and at the thought of the beautiful woman tasting
me. I could only look at her and then at Daddy, and before uttering a
response, her hands were sliding up my thighs, spreading them apart,
massaging the soft skin at the top of my stockings. I could hear a
small sound come from her lips when she saw that I was wearing no
panties, and only a second later I felt the first touch of her fingers
plunge between my thighs. She only let her fingers remain long enough
to spread my pussy lips apart, and instantly her tongue replaced them.
Her hands pushed my legs so far apart, I was glad of Daddy’s tight
grip for stabilizing my balance. I could feel her tongue plunging in
and out of my hole, my juices running down my thighs, her whole
heading shaking back and forth as she stimulated my clit. Her tongue
darted in and out, circling my clit and then reaching inside and
moving back up.

It took only moments before the caress of her tongue and the
warmth of her lips brought me to an orgasm… thundering… I could
feel her last burst of eagerness to lap up all that I could give her
as my breathing calmed after I came.

Standing up once again and whispering yet again into Daddy’s
ear, she continued her dance and her talk. “Princess’ pussy is so
sweet and hot. Karen loved her taste. Daddy is very lucky to have such
a little Princess.” She then reached forward and took my face into
her hands, and I could feel Daddy let go of my wrists. She pulled me
up to my feet, and I looked back at Daddy, to make sure all was ok,
and he smiled. Reaching out to kiss me once on the lips, she quickly
pushed me to my knees in front of her as she slid onto the table,
perching her feet on the chair and spreading her legs apart. I could
feel Daddy reach out again and grasp my hair, pushing my head toward
her crotch. She was already fingering herself, and I could see that
she was glistening wet, and I knew what both she and Daddy wanted me
to do.

“Daddy… please… ” Not wanting to do as was expected of me,
never having done it before. I could see by the frown growing on his
face, that Daddy would not stand for it, and I slowly moved forward,
more frightened than I had ever been.

When I was close enough, she removed her hand from her
slippery pussy, and placed it onto my head along with Daddy’s, forcing
my mouth to her hole. I gingerly reached out with my tongue, amazed at
the soft slippery feel of her cunt, and how wet and sweet she was.
With Daddy’s and her hands forcing me harder and harder into her, I
eagerly lapped at her dripping pussy, amazed at how enjoyable and
tasty I found it.

It only took me a moment to find her hard clit and tease it,
being able to feel her body move just slightly as I rubbed over and
over it with my tongue. Spreading her legs even more, I buried my
tongue in her hole, enjoying the feeling of her pussy lips against me
as I buried it as deeply into her as possible.

I could feel her pushing into me harder and harder, and soon
she turned slightly so she was almost on her side, he ass now exposed.
I had never tasted another woman before, but I had tasted Daddy’s ass
with my tongue many times, and was eager to taste hers. I heard her
gasp as I worked my way up her slit, at last resting my tongue around
her butt hole… swirling my tongue around and around what I knew from
experience was a very tender spot. I could tell from her sounds and
her movement that she was close to orgasm, and I continued to move my
tongue up and down her ass as quickly as I could, feeling he own hand
leave the back of my head and move to her own clit to heighten her

At long last I heard her cry out, and could feel all her
muscles twitch and clench, her orgasm rolling over her like a flood.
In a moment she pulled my head away, her whole body tender from her
orgasm, and she stayed perched on the edge of the table for a moment
and only smiled before hopping off and reaching for her top, g-string
and the money. “Mmm… Princess. And Daddy. You come back and see
Karen the next time you have business you need taken care of. Ok?”

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