Barbi’s virginity
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Barbi quivered with fuck-lust as she reined in the black stallion. She climbed off and stroked the horse’s powerful neck.
“You’re terrific, Beauty,” she said, her words coated with passion. Riding the sleek stallion had the crotch of her panties soaked and she hoped the hot buttery pussy juices hadn’t seeped through to her riding pants.
Beauty neighed and nuzzled his nose to the teenager’s neck. His thick tail swished as the young girl scratched at his forehead. Barbi shivered and led the horse into the stable.
“I’ll be back tomorrow,” she promised as she locked him in his stall. She left and walked to the office next to the stable to pay her riding fee.
Mona looked up and smiled at the dark-haired teenager. “Did you have fun this morning?” she asked, noticing the flush in Barbi’s cheeks.
“Yes,” Barbi said, avoiding Mona’s intent gaze. “Beauty was in top form, as usual.”
Mona felt a shiver skip up her spine. She studied the young girl, her pussy contracting as she imagined the child naked and Beauty fucking his gorgeous cock into her pussy.
“You coming back tomorrow?” she asked.
“Oh, yes,” Barbi said. “I’ll be here every day this week.” She felt her legs weaken. All she could think about was getting home and climbing into bed and finger-fucking herself.
Mona sensed the teenager’s passion. “Riding gets you hot, huh?” she asked, her desire for the young girl making her bold.
Barbi flushed a deep red. “No,” she lied.
“You don’t have to be ashamed of it,” Mona said. “I get so hot when I’m riding Beauty, or one of the other horses, my panties get drenched with pussy juice.” She enjoyed the surprise on Barbi’s face.
Barbi gulped. She had thought she was the only one who creamed when out riding. “You do?”
“All the time,” Mona said. “My pussy gets so hot I go crazy.” Her breath rushed out as she stared hungrily at the pretty young girl.
Barbi’s head was spinning. Her nipples swelled under her blouse and they began to ache as they pressed into the material of her bra. Mona’s words were making her hotter. She looked at the gorgeous redhead as passion surged through her virgin body. She felt the juices in her cunt bubble.
“I’ll bet your panties are soaked, right?” Hunger for the child was in Mona’s voice.
Barbi nodded, her eyes glued to Mona’s large tits straining against her tight-fitting top. “Yes.” The word came out as a hiss.
Mona walked toward the trembling teenager. Her mouth watered and her cunt was on fire. “I like to play with myself after riding,” she said breathlessly. She smiled. It wasn’t time to tell the child what she really did after riding.
Barbi gulped. “You do?” She felt dizzy as Mona approached. She flushed a deeper red.
“Yes,” Mona whispered hotly. “Do you?” Barbi shuddered and nodded her head.
“Yes,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “I can’t help myself. I just get so hot.” She didn’t understand why she was admitting her private feelings to Mona, but she couldn’t stop herself.
“It’s more fun when someone else plays with you.” Mona was shaking, her body screaming for the young girl. “Do you ever let anyone play with you?”
“No,” Barbi sighed. She licked her lips nervously. Her palms itched. For some reason she couldn’t explain, she wanted to see Mona’s large tits. She swayed. “No one has ever touched me.”
A spasm raced through Mona’s body. Barbi was a virgin! It blew her mind. “It’s fantastic,” she said, hypnotizing the young teenager with her voice. “Being played with is a lot more exciting than doing it yourself.”
“I’d be afraid,” Barbi sighed. She wanted to touch Mona’s tits. At the same time, she wanted to be stripped by Mona. She heaved a ragged sigh, her body quaking to be touched.
Mona knew what the child wanted. She sensed it with every nerve in her body. She brought her hands to Barbi’s blouse and pressed her fingers into the soft tit meat beneath the blouse. She shuddered, her pussy in spasms.
Hot contractions swept through Barbi’s virgin cunt as Mona kneaded her small sensitive tits through her blouse. “You shouldn’t,” she panted as the pleasure swept over her young body.
“You want me to stop?” Mona asked as she continued to knead the child’s tits.
“No,” Barbi sighed. “Don’t stop.” Her voice was swimming with lust. Mona’s kneading fingers were driving her crazy.
“I’m glad,” Mona purred. Slowly, she began unbuttoning Barbi’s blouse. “It feels a lot better without so many clothes on.”
Barbi couldn’t stop shaking. Her legs were trembling and she was sure that the juices from her cunt had soaked through to her riding pants. “I’m so hot,” she gasped as her face flushed with excitement and embarrassment. “So hot.”
“So am I,” Mona said. She slipped the blouse off Barbi’s shoulders and shuddered. “You’re beautiful.”
Barbi swayed as Mona eased off her bra and exposed her small plump tits. Her mouth was dry and she shook all over as Mona leered hungrily at her bare creamy tits.
“They’re gorgeous,” Mona rasped as she ogled the girl’s small white tits and pink swollen nipples. She brought her hands back to Barbi’s bare flesh and caressed the silky meat of her tits. She spasmed and her head spun as she kneaded the child’s virgin tits. “They’re so soft and warm.”
Barbi creamed. She felt dizzy and she was sure that at any second she was going to collapse. “Let me see your tits,” she asked, her passion erasing her shyness. “Please.”
Reluctantly, Mona released Barbi’s tits. She eased off her top, displaying her large fleshy tits for Barbi’s pleasure. “You like them?” she asked as the child’s eyes bulged.
“They’re so big,” Barbi moaned. She quaked, her mouth drooling and her palms itching to touch Mona’s huge creamy tits.
“Touch ’em,” Mona panted. Her tits rose and fell rapidly with each jagged breath she took. “Touch ’em, Barbi.”
Hypnotized, her eyes glued to the dark rosy nipples, Barbi brought her hands to Mona’s fleshy tits. A soft whimpering gasp escaped her mouth as her fingers sank into the pliable meat of Mona’s tits. Spasms attacked her virgin cunt as Mona’s swollen nipples burned into the palms of her hands.
Mona creamed as the innocent child fondled her tits. “Take off the rest of your clothes,” she gasped. She brought her hands to her own jeans and frantically tore at the top button. “Take off all your clothes.”
Barbi was out of her skull. Passion ran rampant through her young virgin body. All she wanted to do was exhibit her naked body for the beautiful redhead. She pulled down her riding pants and kicked them off over her boots. Her juice-drenched panties clung to her slim hips. Her breath hissed out.
Mona dropped to her knees. “I’ll take off your panties,” she sighed. She touched Barbi’s slender hips and hot spasms caromed through her overheated cunt.
Barbi almost melted to the floor. She leaned against the desk as Mona slowly slipped off her boots for her.
The sweet perfumed scent of Barbi’s virgin cunt filled Mona’s head as she caressed the child’s long silky legs. She saw the wet crotch of Barbi’s panties and her mouth watered.
“Take off my panties,” Barbi whimpered. “Take off my panties and look at my pussy.”
Slowly, her green eyes misty with lust, Mona eased down Barbi’s panties. Silky blonde pussy hair came into view and Mona creamed. She inched the panties down farther and let out a gasp as the panties slipped to Barbi’s ankles.
Barbi moaned and stepped out of her panties. She was completely naked. Her head swirled and her nipples ached painfully as the inside of her cunt turned into a boiling inferno of bubbling juices.
Mona’s breathing was ragged as she ogled the naked teenager. “How old are you?” she rasped, her eyes fixed on the silky triangle of Barbi’s virgin cunt.
“Old enough,” Barbi whispered hotly. She gripped the edge of the desk to keep from falling. “Now, you. Lemme see you naked.”
A hot smile of excitement swept over Mona’s face as she stood. Her tits heaved as she peeled down her own jeans and panties. In seconds, she was bare-ass naked. She displayed her hot voluptuous figure for the horny teenager.
“I’m creaming,” Mona sighed as Barbi ogled her.
“So am I,” Barbi said, wanting to feel Mona’s tits again. “Lemme touch you. Lemme feel your tits again.”
“Wouldn’t you rather suck ’em?” Mona said with a hot smile.
Barbi swooned. “Yesss!” she gasped as Mona pulled her into her arms. “Ooo… yes!”
Mona crushed the child against her naked body and skimmed her hands down Barbi’s smooth back. “You’re so beautiful.”
Barbi tilted her head, her lips parted and her mouth inviting. Her tongue flicked out over her lips and her bright eyes stared hotly into Mona’s flushed face.
Mona, overcome by the child’s sexuality, crushed her mouth to hers. She invaded Barbi’s mouth with her tongue, exploring the wetness as she roamed Barbi’s flesh with her anxious hands.
Barbi whimpered and feasted on Mona’s plunging tongue. She slipped her hands over Mona’s full hips and kneaded the cheeks of her ass. She gurgled as Mona’s tongue explored her mouth.
Slowly, they melted to the floor. Their arms and legs entwined, their mouths plastered together, they whimpered and writhed on the rug.
Barbi, drunk with fuck-lust, squirmed on her back. Her small pulpy tits ached as Mona crushed them with her huge fleshy tit globes. Her pussy, drenched with creamy juices, overflowed. Legs spread, she humped up, capturing one of Mona’s thighs.
“Oooo… you’re creamin’ all over my leg,” Mona gasped as she pulled her mouth away from Barbi’s eager lips. “It feels so good.” She jammed her thigh tightly against Barbi’s virgin pussy and watched as the horny child humped and whimpered.
“Mona,” Barbi gasped as she ground her virgin cunt into the woman’s thigh. “Ooo… Mona. I can’t stop creamin’.” She writhed on her back, her dark eyes on fire as she leered up into Mona’s hot excited face.
“I’m gonna make you really cream,” Mona whispered softly. She brought her eager lips to one of Barbi’s small jiggling tits and sucked the pink swollen nipple into her mouth.
“Oh! God,” Barbi gasped as the pleasure mounted with each new thing she experienced. “It feels so good!” She fucked wildly at Mona’s thigh as Mona sucked and licked her sensitive nipple.
Barbi’s virgin cunt contracted with each deep suck of Mona’s hungry mouth on her tit. She combed her fingers through Mona’s thick red hair and crushed Mona’s mouth to her tit. She whimpered as her eyelids fluttered.
Mona devoured the child’s tit. The hot pussy cream bathing her thigh had her sizzling as she kept her thigh jammed tightly against Barbi’s flowing cunt. She moaned then worked her expert mouth slowly over Barbi’s tit until every creamy inch had been soaked and sucked.
Barbi thrashed on her back. Her virgin cunt contracted. Spongy cunt muscles pulsed against her empty fuck hole and cream flowed out. She mashed her cunt against Mona’s leg and shuddered.
Mona dined noisily on the child’s tit until it was blotchy with passion bites. She lifted her head. “This is better than playing with yourself, huh?”
Dreamy-eyed and flushed with desire, Barbi moaned and nodded her head. “Yessss,” she hissed. She grabbed Mona’s huge fleshy tits and frantically squeezed. “I’ve never been so hot.”
“You’re gonna get a lot hotter,” Mona promised.
“I don’t see how,” Barbi gasped innocently. She pulled on Mona’s thick hair, anxious to have her other tit sucked.
“You’ll see,” Mona sighed. She brought her mouth to Barbi’s other tit and sucked the pink swollen nipple into her mouth.
“Mona!” Barbi squealed as Mona’s snipping teeth destroyed her nipple. “Bite me all over.” For the first time in her life, Barbi was totally out of her skull. “Bite hard! I’m so hot!” Her head was reeling as each snipping bite of Mona’s teeth sent shock waves of pleasure through her young virgin body.
Mona gobbled voraciously on Barbi’s ripe sensitive tit. Her face was smeared with spit as she turned Barbi’s tit to a wet glowing pink. She jammed her thigh tightly against Barbi’s cunt and sank her teeth into the pointed tip of Barbi’s nipple.
Barbi creamed. Her hips jerked wildly as she rammed her cunt into Mona’s thigh. “Mona,” she gasped, her neck twisting as her dark eyes widened. “Mona.”
Mona quaked with desire. She had a virgin all to herself. It drove her crazy and she couldn’t wait until she took the innocent child to the stable and showed her the joy of fucking with a horny stallion.
Mona, finished with Barbi’s ripe tit meat, worked her anxious mouth down over Barbi’s heaving rib cage. She snipped and sucked, leaving a trail of passion bites in her wake as she inched down toward the creamy heat of Barbi’s pussy.
Barbi twisted on her back. Mona’s mouth had her insane. She arched her back and gasped as she lost the pleasure of Mona’s thigh. “Put back your leg!” she cried out. “Lemme hump your leg.”
“You can hump my mouth,” Mona rasped as she lifted her head for a moment. “After I’m through chewing the rest of your beautiful body.”
“Oh, God,” Barbi moaned, not really believing that the woman would put her mouth on her pussy. Yet, the idea still blew her mind. She sucked in her breath as Mona’s snipping teeth attacked her jerking hips.
Mona’s nostrils flared with the aroma of Barbi’s cunt as she worked her experienced mouth over Barbi’s hips and taut stomach. The sweet scent of the child’s cunt had her head reeling and it took all of her willpower to keep from plastering her mouth to Barbi’s pussy and sucking her off.
Mona battled her desires as Barbi squealed with joy and writhed maniacally on her back. There would be plenty of time to eat the child’s pussy. First, she wanted to taste every inch of Barbi’s virgin body before the main course.
Barbi squirmed and twisted on the floor. Her dark eyes were dilated and her hips constantly jerked. The inside of her cunt bubbled and the pussy juices flowed like a river of creamy milk. Mona worked her mouth up and down Barbi’s outstretched legs. She nipped the child’s flesh from her toes to her wiggling hips. Finished, she grabbed Barbi and rolled her to her stomach.
“What are you gonna do?” Barbi gasped with innocence. She twisted on her stomach, her sensitive nipples rubbing against the nap of the carpet.
“I’m gonna eat your ass,” Mona said huskily. “Then I’m gonna suck your cunt until you cream your brains out.”
Barbi squealed. Mona’s words bombarded her skull and made her dizzy. She thrashed wildly on her stomach as Mona brought her hungry mouth to the cheeks of her virgin ass.
“Yesss!” Barbi squealed as Mona nipped at her ass cheeks. “It feels so good!” She rolled her hips, her blood-engorged clit brushing against the rug. “I’m creamin’! I’m creamin’!”
“Not yet, you’re not,” Mona sighed as she devoured Barbi’s ass. She spread the ass cheeks and leered drunkenly at the puckered ring of her asshole. “God, will Beauty love this hole.”
Barbi heard, but didn’t understand. She humped back as Mona plastered her mouth to her wrinkled asshole. “Mona! Mona!”
Mona licked the asscrack, soaking it with warm drool. When it was drenched, she fucked her tongue into her asshole and gurgled as tight ass muscles gripped her tongue with greedy enthusiasm.
With her asshole stuffed with Mona’s tongue, Barbi went crazy. She thrashed on her stomach and slapped her legs at the rug. “I feel your tongue! It’s inside my ass!” Her body convulsed. Pleasure ran rampant through her little body as Mona treated her to an ass-tonguing that drove her insane.
Mona tongue-fucked the child deep as she clawed her jiggling hips and the creamy meat of her ass. She soaked the narrow asshole with spit then nipped at the tender meat around the puckered ass-ring. Finished, she moved away as Barbi squealed with joy.
“Get on your back,” Mona gasped huskily. “I’m ready for your pussy.”
Out of her skull, Barbi rolled to her back. She stared at Mona, her eyes glazed. “You gonna eat my pussy?” she panted as she tried to keep from twitching.
“Yessss, baby,” Mona sighed. She rubbed her hands over the squirming child. It was time to tell her a few things about horses. Mona rubbed Barbi’s pussy. She shivered as the sizzling cunt cream drenched her fingers. “You know why you get so hot when you go riding?”
“Nooo,” Barbi moaned, wondering what this had to do with anything. “Eat me. Eat me!”
Mona ignored the child’s ranting pleas. “You get hot because you want Beauty. You want his cock.” She pinched Barbi’s clit and sent the child swirling into bliss.
Barbi heard. The words shocked her. She gulped. “It can’t be,” she gasped. “It can’t be.”
Mona smiled. “You’ll see. After I suck out your cunt, we’ll go to the stable – and I’ll prove it to you.”
“Okay,” Barbi moaned. “Eat me. Please! I need it so bad.”
Talking was over. Mona knew that once the horny child saw Beauty’s cock hard, she would want it. She brought her mouth to the juice-stained meat of Barbi’s thighs and sucked.
“My pussy!” Barbi squealed as she twisted on her back. “Lick my pussy!” Her back arched as Mona’s mouth inched toward the sizzling gash of her virgin pussy.
Mona chewed her way to the pink slit of Barbi’s cunt. The scent overwhelmed her and she moaned as her lips touched the puffy folds of Barbi’s wet glistening cunt.
Barbi spasmed violently as contact was made. She humped up, mashing her cunt against Mona’s face as the woman tortured her with her tongue. The pleasure was intense and she shuddered as Mona’s mouth brought her toward the peak.
Mona licked, her tongue slithering up through the seeping gash of Barbi’s pussy. Cunt cream flowed over her tongue and into her mouth. She moaned then glued her face to Barbi’s pussy and sucked the puffy folds into her mouth.
“Yesss,” Barbi squawked as the suction on her cunt sent her reeling. “Yesss!” She thrashed, her eyelids blinking rapidly as each suck sent tremors of pleasure through her young body.
Cunt cream drenched Mona’s face as she dined ravenously on the child’s pussy. She skimmed her hands under Barbi’s humping ass and kneaded the soft pliant asscheeks. She gurgled as pussy cream flowed into her mouth and trickled down her throat. She sucked hard then chewed on the velvety meat of Barbi’s pussy as the child screeched with joy.
Thrashing and bucking, Barbi went crazy. She humped up, grinding her cunt into Mona’s face as the pleasure carried her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.
“Make me cum,” she cried out. “Make me cum!”
Mona kept the child swirling in bliss. Her expert mouth chewed and sucked. She tongued the teenager’s fuckhole, hitting cherry skin. She shuddered, knowing Beauty’s cock would soon be ripping away the thin skin of Barbi’s virginity.
“Make me cum!” Barbi wailed deliriously. “Make me cum!” Her ass thumped against the floor and Mona’s kneading fingers. She swiveled her hips and bathed Mona’s face in a deluge of pussy cream. “Make me cum! Please! Please… make me cum!”
Mona sucked hard then chewed. She swirled her tongue over Barbi’s clit, making the child howl. She quivered then sucked her pulsing clit into her mouth. Holding the clit between her lips, she lashed the tip with her tongue.
“I’m there!” Barbi screeched. “I’m there!”
She bucked violently, trying to get more friction on her clit. She needed it to cum. “Bite! Bite! Please!”
Mona sank her teeth into Barbi’s clit, taking the howling teenager into her orgasm.
“I’m cumming!” Barbi screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming!” Barbi’s ass came off the ground and she jerked her hips as orgasms ripped through her virgin cunt. Pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her cunt. Cum filled her cunthole and flowed out over Mona’s face. She lunged hard. “I’m cumming! I’m creaming!”
Mona gnawed viciously on Barbi’s stiff clit. She clawed the cheeks of Barbi’s humping ass. Sweet milky cum flooded her mouth and washed over her face. She swallowed and continued to beat Barbi’s clit with her tongue as the child shrieked with joy.
“I’m creamin’!” Barbi screeched as orgasms swept through her young body. “I’m creamin!” She rocked her hips and arched her back. Bucking and twisting, she screamed as her frantic action almost tore her clit from her overheated body.
Mona sucked harder, cum flowed like a river. She swallowed greedily and chewed on Barbi’s clit as the child went berserk.
Wild-eyed, Barbi thrashed on her back. Her mouth opened and a shrill cry rushed from her throat. Her head snapped back and forth as spit drooled from the corners of her mouth. Her hips jerked and she fucked her cunt blindly into Mona’s face as more orgasms caromed through her twisting body.
Raking the child’s ass, Mona devastated Barbi’s clit. She chewed her clit, sucked it and beat it with her tongue. Her reward was a never-ending flow of pussy-cum which she greedily devoured.
Barbi’s back arched. The intensity of her orgasm almost snapped her in two. She crashed back to the floor, her body shuddering violently as the last of her orgasms swept through her.
“Mona! Mona!” she cried deliriously as her body twitched. “No more! No more!”
Mona eased the pressure on Barbi’s clit. She licked gently until Barbi’s body was still. Slowly, she lifted her head. Her face was drenched with pussy-cum.
“How do you like it?”
Barbi caught her breath. “I loved it,” she said, her tits rising and falling with each deep breath she took. “I loved it.”

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