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Eduardo’s Honeymoon
By: Date: 2023.11.14. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , , , ,

Eduardo Cendrars Queral paid little attention to the usual landing announcements made by the flight crew as the Cebu Pacific Air jet began its descent over Mactan Island, its colourful yellow-and-orange livery flashing brightly in the tropical sunshine.
The Spaniard was more interested in watching Mi-chan’s reactions to the sea of green that was becoming visible as the plane began …

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An Asian girl I date loves to fantasize about having sex with other men
By: Date: 2023.09.18. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , ,

This is all a true story of a sexy Asian girl I’m
dating… I started dating this hot Asian girl and at
her suggestion, posted a number of pictures of her on a
sweatergirl website which began an explosive run on her
fantasies as she saw the number of men who responded to
her photos all telling her what they …

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A strange thing happens at this parlor that Mandy will love for a life time
By: Date: 2023.07.10. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , , , , ,

Jessie went into the massage parlor in hopes of getting a few kinks worked out of a very tired body. She had been by this place several times but was afraid to go in not because she didn’t want another person touching her body, she liked that, but because of what her body looked like without clothes on. But today …

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Breakfast with Asian Kim
By: Date: 2023.03.31. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , ,

Joe knocked on the front door with an eager
anticipation. He hadn’t seen Bill in two years, and was
dying to renew their friendship. That’s the trouble
with switching jobs and relocating: you miss out on
your dearest friend’s lives. And what friends they
were. From junior high through college, they were
nearly inseparable.

The door opened, but instead of …

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Blooming Passion
By: Date: 2023.03.25. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , , ,

“Aaaargh!” forgetting she’s in class, Risuka growls loudly. “Care to share your whimsical thoughts with the rest of the class Takahashi-san?” says the teacher looking straight at her with an angry expression on his face. Hearing that the rest of the class, firstly stumped, starts laughing uncontrolably completely ruining the ,,harmony,, of the class.

“My god not another fucking detention!” …

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This one is about a guy who has a “thing” for Asian girls
By: Date: 2023.03.10. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , , ,

I’m an average looking guy from Orange County, CA who
has been reading all these stories on the net for years
and felt it’s time to finally tell my story. I should
probably mention that I had always had a major thing
for Asian women.

Growing up in California, it’s not hard to find hot
Asian girls just about everywhere. …

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Filipina Sandwich
By: Date: 2022.08.17. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies,Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Alma and I have been happily married for five years now.
I met Alma on an internet dating site for Asian women
looking to for a western husband called Filipina Heart
( I had actually been looking for
a Thai girl as I had visited Thailand and fallen in love
with the country, its language, its culture and of
course …

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