An affair with sis 2.
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Linda was a nympho because she was born to suck and fuck, Al knew. Nature had generously given her all the sexy equipment in abundance – ripely curved tits, juicy plump ass, stunning legs. And the hottest, wildest pussy he’d ever fucked in his life.
Urgent moans came from Linda’s lips as he fucked her dripping pussy with a quickening rhythm. She wriggled her ass and clawed at the sofa beneath her, feeling a tremendous orgasm building up in her loins. If only her own husband could make her feel like this! Mad tingles of pleasure raced through Linda’s cunt to every silken inch of her perspiring flesh as her brother fucked her eager pussy with steady, pistoning power.
Linda knew she was going to soil the armrest of the sofa with her cunt-juice, but she couldn’t give less of a damn right now. The moaning, frenzied blonde also knew she was a nympho, but she never used the word, hated it in fact. That’s what those jealous bitches in high school used to call her behind her back when she screwed their boyfriends.
“Oooo, Al, I’m gonna come!” she sobbed, swinging her naked ass wildly. “More! Fuck me harder, faster, honey, oh, God, Al, my cunt! Unnngh! Oh, honey, ever meeeee!”
Al suddenly realized he would shoot his load at any moment if he wasn’t careful. He’d always prided himself on his staying power, and he could ever for a solid hour before getting his rocks off if he really set his mind to it.
But he’d forgotten how fantastically hot and juicy his sister’s pussy felt, how wantonly she could flex and rub her cunt-flesh over his enormous prick. Just watching her sexy golden curves in motion as he fucked her, goaded his excitement tremendously.
With an effort of will, Al ignored her wild cries of lust and the feel of her boiling tight cunt sucking madly on his cock. He always made it a point to let girls get their rocks off first, not because he was unselfish, but because they couldn’t get enough of his cock after that.
Besides, his kid sister loved to fuck in a variety of positions. Al was amazed that Linda hadn’t cheated on her husband before this. She’d tried to be faithful, poor kid, she’d really tried, but from the way she was swinging her ripe ass and screaming and pounding her fists on the sofa as she came, she really needed it.
So did he.
Al gripped her sweating ass tighter and fucked his huge prick in almost to the hilt, gritting his teeth to keep from coming. There wasn’t the slightest thing wrong with his own ravishing wife. Sandy was deeply passionate, game to try anything with him, but for sheer lusty excitement she just couldn’t compete with his madly hot sister.
And now that Al had gotten his rocks off in her blazing mouth and was fucking his cock savagely into her juicy, tight cunt, he knew what was missing from his marriage.
The magic word was variety.
Both he and Linda had had strenuous sex lives, with plenty of willing partners, until they were married. They were both used to a great deal of variety. His blonde, frenzied young sister was the perfect counterpart to his stacked brunette wife. As Al fucked Linda to a brutal rhythm now, listening to her screams of ecstasy, feeling her hot naked ass wriggle deliriously in his hands, he knew he could handle them both on a regular basis.
Or even together.
That thought made his prick quiver and throb ominously, about to explode his load of jism.
“Yes!” hissed Linda, pumping her dripping cunt with furious delight, “Shoot it in me, Al! Gimme your hot come! Hurry, honey, oh, God, let me have it! Wowwwww, oh, Christ!”
The idea of his naked, hotly curved wife in bed with his sexy, frantic, young sister sent the deepest thrill of obscene excitement through Al’s blood he’d ever felt. A vision of Linda’s tawny, silken legs wrapped around Sandy’s face while the two women thrashed in a sixty-nine flashed so vividly in Al’s mind that he felt his loins erupt like a volcano.
“Yes!” screamed his frantic sister, writhing her ass in convulsive spasms, grinding her ass against his bush savagely when he started to spurt his fuck-cream into her madly sucking cunt. “Oh, Al, we’re coming together! Ungh!” He groaned and panted as he stood behind his sister’s hot, naked ass, fucking his bursting cock as deep as his prick would go in her tender, juicy cunt, coming in great spurts of liquid fire. Like her ripe mouth, Linda’s pussy had terrific suction and Al could feel his burning jism being sucked up in a vortex of maddening desire.
He came in torrents for almost two solid minutes this time, gasping and heaving as Linda screamed and shuddered her slit in fierce, hot spasms on his cock. If he had had any doubts as to where he was going to fuck his sister next, they vanished completely as her naked ass wriggled in lewd joy against his crotch.
They’d dock him at least a half hour’s pay for coming back late from lunch, but it was a cheap puce for Linda’s wild pussy.
He slipped his limp prick out, leaving his sister still hunched over the arm-rest of the sofa, twitching and sobbing with her lingering orgasm. He got his cigarettes from his shirt pocket and lit one for each of them. He slumped down on the sofa next to his moaning sister and handed her a cigarette. With her ass still jutting out behind her, Linda took a drag and only then did she climb off the arm-rest and sprawl beside him, cupping his long cock in her fingers.
“Oh, Al,” she murmured, stroking his cock, “it’s better than the old days! I don’t know about you, but I need this on a regular basis! At least twice a week, Al. Can you handle that? For your baby sister?”
“Baby sister, my ass,” Al chuckled, playing with one of her silky, golden tits. “I can handle it, Sis. On one condition.”
“Which is?”
Al took a drag off his cigarette, thinking about what he had in mind. He watched his cock harden quickly once more beneath Linda’s lewdly caressing fingers. The sexy blonde had a way of jerking a guy off that almost drove him crazy. She would play with various parts of his prick first, then alternate the pressure of her hot fist, slow then fast, hard then soft, always teasing until when he finally came, it was like escaping from a straight jacket!
“Well, what is it?” Linda asked anxiously. She was prepared to do anything to fuck with her brother at least twice a week. Not only would it take off the fierce pressure in her smoldering loins, but wanton sex with her hung brother would enable her to stay faithful to her husband. Linda really didn’t consider fucking with Al a form of cheating. They’d been so close since he took her cherry that wild summer night years ago, they were more like man and wife than most married couples.
Except they were each married to someone else.
“Let me think a minute,” Al said. He chewed his lip, teasing his sister’s pink, juicy cuntlips to make her moan and squirm her naked ass restlessly beside him.
The idea was wild, crazy in fact, especially in a small town like this where everyone knew almost everyone else.
The obscene idea that had flashed in Al’s mind earlier began to take concrete, exciting form. He’d never seen two sexy women make it, except in films. For some odd reason, it turned him on deeply. All those tits and asses, sweet lips and silken legs locked in passionate embraces. Like doubling your pleasure, he thought wryly.
The prospect of his own gorgeous wife going down on his sultry blonde sister, while he had his choice of either one of them, sent obscene tingles through Al’s blood like wildfire. They would do it for him, too.
Because they both loved him. What good was love if he didn’t use it?
“Ever make it with another girl?” Al asked Linda softly.
Her fist stopped stroking his hard prick and her eyes grew wide.
“Of course not, Al! I’m as straight as an arrow!”
“Would you like to?” he asked her, his prick leaping in her fingers.
“Well, if you wanted me to, I guess, well, I guess I would, honey. But I don’t think I’d enjoy it,” Linda said, baffled by this new aspect of her brother’s personality. “Who did you have in mind?”
Linda stared at her brother, her mouth slowly dropping. Her lips were like her pussy, small but sultry, obscenely inviting, bright pink. Al had once read that a girl’s cunt was almost exactly the same size as her mouth. Thinking back on all the pussy he’d had, he decided it was true. So whenever a girl smiled at him, he carefully noted her mouth.
“You mean Sandy?” Linda whispered, her face flushing. “Your wife?”
“None other,” Al said in a hoarse voice.
“Christ, Al, I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Linda murmured. Hot tingles raced over her silken flesh as she thought about Al’s lusciously curved wife, about the three of them fucking together.
“I thought she was straight, too,” Linda said. By now, Al’s prick was quivering with power again, a long crimson cock-shaft in her caressing fingers. Linda loved to watch her brother’s huge hard-on ooze jism and throb under her eager touch.
“She is straight,” Al said. He cupped Linda’s hot pussy in his hand, tickling her tiny asshole with his fingertip to make her squirm with excitement. “She doesn’t know what I’ve got in mind – yet.”
“Suppose she won’t go along with it?” Linda asked.
Al grinned. “She will. She’ll do anything for me. Get on my lap, Sis.”
She knew where he warned his enormous prick this time and the idea sent hot ripples of eagerness through her tawny flesh. She squatted on Al’s lap, facing him, gripping his cock in one hand. The moaning blonde teased her cunt-lips with his prick-knob, wetting his cock down. In this position, her brother could suck on her tits and play with them while they had torrid sex.
It also allowed him to rest. Since Al worked hard at his job and now had two women to satisfy on a steady basis – his passionate, wife and his fiercely hot young sister – he had no objections to letting Linda do most of the work.
He sucked on one of her tawny tits while she placed his cock-knob against her tender asshole. Linda had learned to get her rocks off with a massive hot cock up her ass, another depraved pleasure Al had taught her. Shuddering and moaning, she slid her silken ass down gently.
“Oooooo! Oh, Al, your big cock hurts! Ungh! Been so long since I had this whopper up my – ow! – little ass!”
“You love it,” he gasped. So did he. The juicy, searing pressure of her narrow asshole throbbing on his cock brought back wild memories. For a couple of minutes, the trembling blonde rammed a tit to Al’s mouth while she cautiously swung her ass from side to side, testing his thick prick up her ass-tunnel.
On his lap, her knees on each side of his hips, Linda began making slow, sensuous fucking movements. Soft cries of pain and delight rolled from her lips as his cock fucked deeper into her tingling asshole. Al’s fingers played with her naked ass while he sucked on one of her lush nipples. She hugged his face to her tits and pumped a little harder, sweating and jerking under the obscene excitement of her brother’s huge cock fucking up her ass.
Whenever his sister got aroused, her tawny skin became extremely hot and slippery with sweat. Al gripped her ass-cheeks tightly and slumped further down on the sofa, fucking his prick another inch up her ass to make her scream softly.
“I love to be fucked in my ass!” Linda cried, twining her fingers in Al’s hair and tugging. “Oh, Al, I’ve missed your big cock! Ooooo, you hung bastard, I love you!”
Another fierce orgasm was building up in her loins as her brother’s prick fucked deep in her boiling asshole. It was Al who taught her to find pleasure in pain, Al who’d raped her beautiful, tender ass, and no matter how many guys had fucked her ass since, only her own rugged brother could make her feel so lewd and deliciously erotic with his enormous cock throbbing up her ass-slit.
The blonde was biting him on the lips in a frenzy now, swinging her hips with a feverish rhythm as his cock sent tiny explosions of agony and bliss up her ass. They were both covered with sweat now, and the living room quickly became a din of gasps and cries and deep wild moans.
Her brother’s cock was thicker and longer and harder than her husband’s, but it wasn’t just these qualities that got the blonde nympho so savagely excited. Al had one of the biggest cocks in town and when he fucked his prick brutally up a woman’s soft naked ass, she felt weak and helpless and deeply feminine.
What brought wild moans to Linda’s lips and started her cunt gushing honey, in a hot spray over his lap was what he’d said to her about having sex with his wife Sandy.
If anyone else, including her own husband, had suggested a three-way, Linda would have told them to take a flying leap. If her brother wanted her to swing with a sexy girl, Linda was eager to obey. Sandy was a sharp contrast to Linda. Where the blonde was small and hotly curved and golden-skinned, Al’s wife was tall with full ripe tits and long, stunning legs and lush, creamy skin. Sandy looked like a stewardess instead of a nurse. The brunette looked, as Linda had once mentioned to her husband, like a very classy fuck.
Which she must be, thought the blonde, or Al wouldn’t have married her.
Linda’s hot ass was sparking wild jolts of excitement through Al’s cock and balls. She swung her ass furiously, biting his lips and clawing his shoulders, fucking her stuffed asshole rapidly on his hard-on. Her cunt trembled and gushed fuck-honey in feverish spasms of excitement when she felt her brother’s prick harden and quiver explosively up her tawny ass. Whenever he fucked her up her ass, his thick, sticky come flooding her bowels with wet fire, the blonde nympho went almost insane with raw excitement.
“Gonna shoot!” Al gasped, seizing her hips tightly and jerking hard. “Oh, shit, Linda, oooooooo, honey, your hot luscious ass! Wheeeeewwwww! Oh, angel, work it!”
Hunched over his long hard-on, Linda hissed and cried when his thick stream of jism exploded in wild spurts up her feverish ass. The fuck-cream tickled and stung and soothed all at the same time, making her throbbing asshole shudder with intense delight.
Satisfied that she’d milked every last creamy drop, Linda cautiously eased her asshole off his thick cock. She cuddled her brother for a minute, panting, catching her breath, while he did the same.
“Good as ever?” she whispered.
“Better,” he grinned, patting her ass affectionately. He glanced at his watch and almost flung her off. “Shit! I’m gonna be docked an hour’s pay!”
“Damn, I was hoping we could take a quick shower together,” Linda said. But Al was already dressing, feeling sticky and sweaty, but deeply satisfied. His kid sister was still the hottest piece of pussy in town.
They stared at each other in silence as he dressed. They both knew what had happened. They were hooked on each other all over again, resuming their torrid affair for good. The blonde nympho was the perfect counterpart to his wife, small, deliriously hot, unable to get enough of his massive cock.
“I’ll call you,” Al told her as she rushed out the front door.
Linda sighed and reached for a cigarette, still slumped on the sofa. Her asshole throbbed deliciously and her pussy glowed with profound satisfaction for the first time in months. There were a lot of things she and Al had to talk about, because they were brother and sister, they could meet under almost any circumstances to fuck without arousing suspicion. Linda’s neighbors were snoops, for one thing, but in this quiet, peaceful town they would never suspect Al was picking his own sister.
But if Linda’s husband Jim ever found out, zap! The fact that Jim was Al’s best buddy, had gone through school with him, drank beer and shared eager girls, swapping dates at drive-ins, made it all the more hairy.
Linda idly teased her glowing cunt as she smoked on the sofa. She decided to go to the beach this afternoon. That was one of her problems, too much time.
Linda didn’t work for a very important reason. She was lazy. She’d always been that way, preferring to fuck rather than study when she was in high school. Why slave to death on a beautiful summer day like this over a dumb job, when she could flaunt her golden curves in a bikini at the beach?
Her husband didn’t mind, since he made good money driving a truck for a local firm. He spoiled his sexy-hot blonde wife to the hilt. Which was why Linda married him.
All the more reason to be careful with Al. If Jim ever left her, Linda would have to find a job and the mere thought sent shivers of repulsion up her spine.
Linda took a quick shower first, getting wildly aroused all over again when she thought about Al’s depraved idea. Once in a while, when she’d been feverishly horny, Linda had considered making it with another girl, just out of curiosity. She couldn’t imagine what could be more exciting, more deliciously satisfying than a huge cock in her mouth or pistoning deep in her hot pussy or up her tender asshole.
Still, you never knew until you tried.
She dried herself down, put on her yellow bikini, slipped on a summer dress and started walking to the beach, six blocks away. Wherever she went, the tawny blonde was followed by sudden, urgent hard-ons.
She lay on the sand, feeling sensual under the blazing sun, thinking about Al’s ripely curved wife. She wouldn’t mind kissing Sandy’s luscious, creamy tits, just to see what they tasted like. Or caressing her hotly curved ass, maybe dipping a finger into her wet cunt.
After a few minutes of fantasy, Linda was intensely aroused again, but not for her brother. For his gorgeous wife. It was only curiosity so far.
But in the near future, her curiosity would turn into something else, something much more bizarre and obscene.
There was something deceptively quiet and tranquil about Sandy, Al’s wife. She was like the beach town itself, sunny, peaceful on the surface, but with a strange undercurrent of secret violence.
Before a week had passed, the blonde nympho would fulfill her wild erotic fantasies with Al’s sexy wife.
Linda would also be plunged into a nightmare of sucking, fucking, spanking, teasing, raping, whipping, and almost every conceivable form of sexual torment.
She would learn to love it, too.
So much she wouldn’t be able to live without it.

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