Spanking Michelle

It seems so long ago now. But it was only 1974. When Michelle was just sixteen years old. A shy, somewhat mixed-up girl, attending the Notre Dame du Lac convent school in Montreal. She was a little confused at still being in a church school, after all the trouble she’d caused at the last one. […]

First love, first time

Stacey looked at herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. She had just stepped out of the shower and was admiring her naked, young body. She had just turned fourteen two weeks ago. She ran her hands through her long, wet, red hair, feeling it’s squeaky cleanness. Her breasts were perfectly round […]

Hot Slut, Very funny

I sat down on the park bench, the sun beat down, it was too hot. England August 2022. Far Far Far too hot. “It’s hot,” an older woman said as I sat on the opposite end of the bench to her. “Yes,” I agreed. “Too hot, I don’t like it so hot, Eric my late […]


It had been a particularly good night at the Peach Pit After Dark Club. Valerie Malone was more than pleased as she tossed the wad of cash into the safe. A few more nights like this and the place might actually start turning a profit. She smiled a broad smile as the safe slammed shut. […]

Yesssssss, fuck me harder

“…in lechery there is at least something permanent, something that is truly founded upon nature and is not subject to the imagination, something that is present like a constantly live coal in the blood…if I didn’t have that, I’d probably have to shoot myself.” -Crime and Punishment “Hope all is well. Working in Boston for […]


Cassie had her last relatively good day in mid-October. She loved her job; it was modest but she did it well, and the feeling of competence and cameraderie she got there was rare and heady wine for her. She was the third daughter of a rich businessman, an embarassment and a blot on the family […]