The night shook with fury and the rain thrashed against the roof. The storm windows sounded like they were going to fly off their hinges. It was dark and cold outside as she looked out the front windows, waiting… Paula had not come home yet and was several hours passed due. Tina passed again, in […]

She Likes It Nasty

Angela really turns men’s heads without really trying. I’m proud of this fact and like her to tease men when we’re out, then I take her home and we fuck our brains out while I tell to her all the things I’d like to watch her do with other men. At this point in our […]

Hot Served Creampie

There I was in the kitchen, washing my hands, when I heard the phone ring. I didn’t know where my wife, Jill was. I had been out working on the truck. She had gotten mad at me, because we weren’t going to spend the day together. I needed the truck for work the next day. […]