Submission to a Slut – spanking and squirting
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I knew that there was something on Shayla’s mind when we went out to
dinner that weekend. Two glasses of wine later, she began to tell me
what she had been thinking about. I knew that she had been backing
off from her dominance in our relationship, and she admitted it when I
pressed her to talk.

“I know it’s …

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Trapped in Stone 1. – Bdsm story
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After the movie, the clutch of girlfriends decided to get a
late-night snack at a local diner. After the main course, they
sat chatting over coffee and desert.

“Guess who I saw today, Surrey?” Janice asked, looking like a
tease. Janice was Surrain’s closest friend. They had been
roomates when they were undergrads. Janice was from New York,
tall, thin, …

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Trapped in Stone 2. (humiliation)
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The next morning, Surrey was incredibly appologetic as she
washed the statue thoroughly under warm soap and water. John
had spent the night thrust deep into her ass, completely buried
from head to toe. He had come an additional 8 times that night,
as Surrey moved, rolled over, squeezed her buns or intestinal
muscles. “What kind of sicko am I?” …

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A Golfer’s Dream – A Sixty-Nine to Start
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The approach shot was long, straight and hard. Hitting a golf ball takes very
little physical effort but a lot of concentration. The ball grabbed hard and
really sucked back. Dave MacDonald was left with a four-foot birdie putt here on
the eighteenth hole to shoot 69 and set up a possible victory in the first
tournament of the year …

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Kinky squirting nurses
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“I think the patient in room 9 is waking up,” nurse
Karen said. “We probably ought to pay him a visit.”

“Hmm,” nurse Gina said. “Don’t think I’ve heard of

“Nothing much,” Karen said. “He was brought in
yesterday after a minor traffic accident. Suspected
concussion. But he seems to be okay now.”

Karen, the tall blonde, opened the …

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Have a Birthday Bash on Me – Mistress Scopilo
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The rain was pounding outside when Raul picked me up at noon and
brought me to a very luxurious restaurant. The tables were rather
large and round with gorgeous hunter green and dark blue table clothes
that draped low to the ground. The room was dark enough enjoy the nice
candle light from candle settings in the middle of the …

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Hill’s the Boss : She Takes a Licking
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I arrived at the Hotel Z, half a mile from the
Capitol, promptly at 2 p.m. The Secret Service
ushered me discreetly to her door. They knew me by
now, as I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover.

When I arrived, the Senator gave me a big
open-mouthed kiss and grabbed my already-hardening
cock through my pants.

“Same rules as …

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Watching the secretaries and making love to my boss
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You just never know what you’ll see on a sunny and cool spring afternoon
when all the sexy secretaries congregate, dressed in their sexy business
suits, or your prim, proper and very cool boss.

I admit it, I love to watch the legs of the secretaries downtown as they
take their lunch breaks. I love to watch them cross their …

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