Covid cousins 2.

During pancake breakfast, Doris explained to her grandchildren that the weeding in the vegetable garden should be done in the morning, before the heat of the day emerged. “Then, when it is intolerably hot, you kids can go swimming in the pool for the afternoon and cool off. But the pool rule is you never […]

Best cousins

The Covid pandemic changed peoples lives all over the world. The summer months of 2020 were unlike anything anyone had ever experienced. Gail and Peter Fleming were teenage cousins whose respective fathers were brothers from a large Baptist family. The two cousins had known each other from their toddler years on account of family get […]

Let’s fuck again!

“Isn’t the professor supposed to be here?” George had been expecting to find his professor answering questions about the exam. After all, he vividly remembered the professor scheduling this Sunday review session. Instead he found a room devoid of professors and students alike. Besides the one girl. She looked up from her papers with a […]

The Groper

“You know, I groped a girl once.” “What?! Tell me about it.” “I will. But I want you to hear me out first. Hear my position.” “What position? What do you mean?” George cleared his throat. “Well, I have this theory about women. But it ties to my first theory, the one about ass-grabbing. So […]

Incest party

I still can’t believe it happened. My buddies and me gangbanged my teen daughter and now I can’t decide what to do now. I guess it depends on how Candy, my daughter, reacts when she wakes up. Right now she’s still asleep in my bed on the cum soaked sheets, some of it still leaking […]