Harassment Backlash (FF, MF, interr, BD, spank)
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Wendy woke as a voice called. “Wakie, wakie Wendy, your
body is needed for someone’s sexual gratification.” Wendy blinked
at the bright screen above her and saw Judy’s face smiling at her.
“Turn off the lamp your pussy must be hot enough by now.”

“What time is it Judy how long before I get out of here?”
The screen went …

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Our Good Neighbor Policy – [MF/MF exhib, voy, etc.]
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It was 6:00 p.m. when the two couples stepped from the pool. Barb
and Emily made sandwiches while Ken and Ted removed the cover
from the hot tub and adjusted the temperature to a soothing 99
degrees. Then, they sat nude around the deck table eating their
quick dinner, munching chips, and sipping more wine.

“I never thought that watching …

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Bride to Be (MF, cheat, oral)
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Alicia and Kim made their way from the crowded dance floor to the bar of the
local nightclub, they ordered two of the biggest cocktails on the menu and
laughed together as they sipped the creamy mixture. It was Alicia’s last
night as a single girl, tomorrow was the big wedding she and her fiancé had
been planning for the …

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Porn Shop Orgy by David Lavenham
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There was quite a crowd gathering now. I could see the manager of the store
looking nervous. He was enjoying the show along with everyone else, and I
guess it was good for his business, but what we were doing in his porn shop
could get him in trouble.

I turned my attention back to Kate. She was on all …

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Consequences (M/F, cheat, flash, caution,hawk tuah)
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When the door burst open, Frank was hanging onto the doorframe one eye
swollen shut. Angela didn’t know what to think. She got up to rush to him but
he said, “Don’t! Just sit back down, I don’t want you touching me!” Angela’s
heart started pounding in her breast, and she thought, ‘he can’t know’. But
that look in his …

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My new pervert family
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It was working out quite well. I had hired Niki for
one of my staff positions a couple months before. She
was a little light on experience but made up for that
with maturity and attitude. Since I couldn’t get my
boss to pay market wages, I was quite happy to have

Niki was divorced and trying to build …

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Rendezvous With Serendipity Ch 3 – by bonkgirl (M/f, blackmail, humil, nc)
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The door to Steve’s shed was unlocked and ajar when I
gently pushed it open. “You’re late,” he said, without looking
up from washing his hands in an oil and paint-stained stainless
steel laundry tub just inside the door. I started to apologize
but he cut me short, telling me to “strip!” He sounded definite
about it and I immediately …

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The Purple Candle #4 (M/F, Fetish)
By: Date: 2024.06.29. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Detective Lansing removed his black hat and lightly knocked on the
apartment door. A few moments later, the door slowly opened.

“Can I help you,” a girl behind the door asked, suspiciously.

The detective noticed that she had a cute face. She looked to be a
woman of about twenty years old with shoulder length brown hair and
stylish eyeglasses.…

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